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I promised if the story published that when you read this you are paints or panty will be wet just touch it and feel it after the study the best experience I had with my EX college. I am Yash and a regular reader of Free sex stories on and am 29 years old. I would like to share the best and first sex experience I had with my colleague.I am working as the sales manager of a computer software company there are some 9 engineers working in my company out of which 5 are girls because of my ceo’s preference. He already has one of my colleagues as his keep and everybody in my company is unhappy about it. Without elaborating much about me I am coming to the point. I used to interview new people before selecting. There came my partner stunning Sindhu. sex with colleagueAlso read – Client’s accountant – AnjaliShe was the much much beautiful than anyone in my company with large boobs and a wide thighs. She is having big lips resemble to strawberries and a very attractive eyes which is longing for some one always. I was amazed by this beautiful queen. She was very smart and brilliant also. I couldn’t make much friendship with her at the beginning as I am being the manager. I was afraid of losing my reputation in front of my team.One day I and she were going to itpl for attending a customer support issue in her Kinetic Honda. As the road was a bit rough I used to slip forward and touch her thighs. Initially she didn’t care much about that and I was slipping forward intentionally. I was rubbing my cock into her butt as if I am not doing it intentionally. My dick started growing and I was afraid whether my brief will tear off. sex with colleagueOn our way back I couldn’t control my self and I put my hands on her thighs. She turned around and told me “Yash I am not that bad okay. I was afraid and didn’t tell anything back. Then I couldn’t face her properly for 2-3 days. After some weeks she became close to me and during one of our conversations she told me about her boyfriend and that’s why she is always busy on holidays. Once she was caught with her boyfriend at her house and her parents started objecting her. sex with colleagueAlso read – My Innocent MotherI was the emotional support to her during that time. Within a few weeks she got married to that guy and very next week of her marriage she went to US for an official assignment. The project was for 1 year so couldn’t do much about her. He just threw a lighted match stick into her burning sexuality and escaped. Even then I was not that happy because of my previous kinetic Honda experience. As soon as her hubby left to US she used to call me every evening and used to meet at a restaurant in between her house and mine.Our relationship grew during this time and started talking about sex also. One day she asked me when I am going to get married. I told her that when I feel settled I will marry and won’t leave my wife without attending her needs like your hubby. She was so happy about my statement and told me that she wish to have a hubby like me. I asked her how she is managing her sexual desires. She didn’t tell anything and became pale.I felt sorry for my comment and she said it was okay and it’s her fate. Then I told her as I don’t have any other friends I took a bit more freedom that’s Y I am telling all these. She told its okay and she wanted to tell all her worries to some one and she feels me as the right one. As we were chatting it became 11 O clocks in the night and she asked me to go along with her to her residence.Also read – Fuck fest with FILAs we both went there her mother in law was not there as she has gone to one of her daughter’s house for a month. She didn’t tell this to me before going. As we reach there, there was no power supply in her flat so she invited me to go inside and help her out. Some how she managed to reach her kitchen to find a match box and a candle. As she went inside she yelled for me calling sane. As I went inside she just touched my firm breast muscles as if she doesn’t knew. sex with colleagueThen we found the candle and lighted it up. By this time it was 12.30 and I told I have to go. She told san I am very afraid to stay alone without power please be here for some more time. I asked her don’t you be afraid as people can tell bad things about you. she told who cares as nobody will know. Then we were sitting in the Sofa and started talking many things. Suddenly she asked about my love affairs and I told her I was having one and she got married.She sympathized on that and asked me whether I had sex with her or not I told I never had sex in my life. She asked me why I told I was afraid to do so because I was concerned about sin. She told nothing wrong in it as this is a basic instinct of any animal and man is also an animal. Then she told she used to have sex with her boyfriend from the age of 18 onwards. She told me if I don’t mind we can have sex tonight. sex with colleagueAlso read – Luck favors sometimesI told her I have no issues if you don’t consider it as a wrong thing. She told I am not concerned about him I am more concerned about my feelings now. Then she started kissing me with her tongue was deep inside my mouth. This was the first ever French kiss I am making. I also pushed my tongue inside. We started sucking each others lips and it stayed for almost 5 minutes. And by this time my dick grew to its full length of 9 inches.I slowly started unhooking her buttons and with my tongue inside her mouth. My tongue was playing inside her mouth and licking each part as if he is searching for some one. Then she moved a bit back ward and removed her salvar. Again she came forward and we started kissing again and this time my right hand was on her left boobs and my left hand on her nice butt. Both of us closed our eyes in ecstasy during this time..And when we were back into consciousness power came back. So we just distracted for a moment and she removed her kameez also. I removed my T shirt and pants and asked her to lie down on the sofa. She was lying down on the Sofa and I just went and sat by the side of her. Then I started licking her necks then down to her boobs. Then I slowly removed her white Bra. It was one that I‘ve seen on TV in lingerie. I didn’t stop by then I started sucking her boobs very hard.Also read – Seducing friend’s wifeI was pulling her nipples with my lips to the maximum extend I can by this time she was moarning hhhhhhhh in great pleasure.and started yelling yash please do it harder. I was doing the same for some more time. I spend some 2-3 minutes in her nice boobs. Then I moved slowly into her belly and I was sucking her belly button very hard. Then I slowly removed her panties then started licking it. Now my hands are on her both boobs. sex with colleagueNow she asked me to move my hip a bit closer to her hands and I adjusted a bit. Now she removed my Brief and my throbbing dick was 9 inches. I spread her legs apart and placed my lips and tongue inside her triangle. While I spread her legs her juicy cunt was visible and I was amazed by its beauty. That tongue inside her vagina drove me crazy and I stated sucking it very hard. Now she is moaning ah-aah San don’t stop aaahhhh suck hard aha like this.Her throbbing wet pussy started gushing out with her tasty juice. I was experiencing its taste for the first time. I sucked very very hard and the more I sucked the more juices gushed out. She cried in great ecstasy grrrr suck me hard ..hhhhhhh grrrr. During this time one of her hand was in my dick and the other on my head. At this climax I thought she will pluck all my hair away. But that pain was also very very enjoyable.I think there was not even a drop of juice left out again even then she was crying very much not to stop. How can I stop when my beautiful colleague is crying for my tongue deep inside I couldn’t stop. I was experiencing her cunt and pulling it with my tongue. Again some more juice gushed out and I drank the whole juice. She was again crying in great joy that ahhhhhh my dear don’t stop please more..Also read – My first fuckMore aaaaaah like this then she experienced one more climax and asked me to stop I slowly withdrew my lips and tongue from there. She then got up from there and asked me to lay down. She started kissing my breast muscles and down to my belly. I asked her to take my dick inside her mouth. She told she doesn’t feel like doing so then I told no problem. She started masturbating my dick with her right hand as it progress it gushed out within 2 minutes as it came out.. She really surprised me. She grabbed my dick with her both lips and started drinking my Semen. She moved her hand into the root of my throbbing cock and tried to extract the maximum possible. I was exhausted by this time and she just got up and went to toilet.She switched on the geaser and came back.We watched TV for some time and then went for bathing. Inside bath room I tried to insert my dick inside her pussy but it was so tight and I was experiencing pain on the back skin of my dick then she told She also don’t feel like doing so and if I do intercourse today with pain then we cannot do it for a week.So told she will get some Lubricating ointment next day and then we will have Sex. She doesn’t want to miss my dick for a week as she never had such a wonderful Sex in her life. sex with colleagueI thought that’s the good Idea. Then we went to her bed there we had one more anal Sex.Then we slept peacefully.