my house servant fucked me

Friends, today I am going to narrate my true story of true sex to all of you on Non Veg Story dot com. My name is Payal, I am a resident of Banaras city. My father, mother and I have a younger sister live in my house. We are a little rich people, that’s why the servants do all the work in our house. I will be around 21 years old, my height is 5.6 feet. I am very cheeky and very naughty type of girl. Once whom I want to fuck, I am not one of those who believe without having sex. Let me tell friends, my breasts are very big, and soft, smooth like marble. Talking about my pussy, I always keep it clean because I do not like dirt. I have had sex with my boyfriend and his friends many times in my life, but what is real sex, I came to know when I was having sex with my servant. A boy named Amit works in my house. He drives my father’s car. His age will be 23 years and height will be 5.11 feet. He is very smart looking, his body is very muscular looking. , I wanted to fuck since then when he new came to work in my house. Amit’s job was only to drop and pick up everyone. When my college was open, my father used to come to college to pick me up after leaving office. Two months back, Amit was taking me home from college, I was not wearing seat belt, and suddenly on the way I got a puppy. Amit put the brake of the car very fast, I came near Amit’s feet from behind and my hand fell on Amit’s cock. Don’t know why Amit’s cock was erect. I saw that Amit was looking at my half hanging teat. I straightened up but I was wondering why Amit’s cock was erect. Maybe he was thinking about fucking someone? Amit asked me – “you are fine madam” I replied – “yes I am fine” Amit you don’t call me madam my name is. How did Amit know that I wanted to fuck him. I was thinking only about Amit’s cock, how big his cock was. It was not coming in hand from above, I had become crazy about Amit’s cock. Me and Amit had become friends while taking him to college everyday. When we would come home from college, both of us would eat golgappas at a golgappa shop and then come home. This went on like this for many days. One day Amit was bringing me home from college, I asked Amit to say one thing, Amit said – speak. Will you do it?” Amit didn’t say anything for a while first,- “Then he said I am your house servant and how can you love me” I thought in my mind how to tell that I die for your cock more than you. Amit stopped the car at a deserted place after a while. As soon as the car stopped, Amit folded the front seat and came back to kiss me. Amit said to me – “I have been loving you for a long time but I was afraid that if you get angry and tell your father then I will lose my job”. Then Amit put his hand on mine. And started moving towards my lips to kiss me. As soon as Amit placed his hand on mine, lust rose inside me. He started drinking my lips by joining his lips with mine. I was getting very sensual, I also stuck to Amit and put my arms in his arms and started sucking his thin, soft and juicy lips. My enthusiasm was increasing so much that I started drinking by biting Amit’s lower lip. A flame lit up inside Amit as well and Amit also started drinking my lips by biting them with his teeth. When Amit was drinking my lips, his hands could not stop. He was being mashed by my big, big round and soft mamma. I was becoming uncontrollable, it seemed that I would go mad. Both of us were constantly licking each other’s lips. I was enjoying a lot. Both of us were so excited that it was not possible to know who was sucking whose lips. I was so excited that I started drinking Amit’s rough tongue as well. Amit kept licking my lips for about 40 minutes, after a while I told Amit to go home now. Me and Amit left from there for home. I took Amit’s phone number. Now me and Amit started talking on the phone. We started talking dirty on the phone all night. Every day while returning home from college, Amit used to stop the car at a lonely place and we used to kiss each other a lot and Amit used to kiss me and also my teat with great love. Used to rub When I started caressing Amit’s cock while kissing, Amit used to become uncontrollable even more. Like this a month passed, both me and Amit used to kiss each other everyday at the same place. I wanted to fuck Amit too, but Amit didn’t say anything about sex even once, I don’t like how to say it first. One day I was talking to Amit on the phone at night, I By talking a lot of dirty things to Amit, you made Amit in a full mood. After some time, Amit said to me – Man, my mind is doing a lot to fuck me, when will you fuck me like your cream soft pussy. I thought “Let’s get a chance to fuck Amit’s cock now. At first, knowingly I made some excuse and then I also told Amit that I am also desperate to fuck you. When will you fuck me and extinguish the flame of my youth. Me and Amit together made a plan. Next day I went to Amit’s room on the pretext of going to college and Amit also came to his room after finishing his work. Before both of us started fucking, both of us freshened up. I took off my college dress and put on Amit’s shirt and wore Amit’s lower underneath. Amit also came fresh, he had removed all his clothes, he was only in blue underwear. Amit was very eager to fuck me that’s why his cock was erect and he was pressing his cock in his underwear. Amit came and sat next to me. He first put his hands on my thigh and started caressing my thigh while talking to me, slowly the temperature of both of us started rising. Amit started moving his hands up my thigh and slowly his hand reached my nipples. I started getting uncontrollable, I wrapped Amit in my arms and started kissing him quickly. Amit also took me in his arms, we both started drinking each other’s lips. To make me more sensual, Amit started drinking by biting my lower lip with his teeth. I was getting out of myself, Amit was kissing me very happily. I was also enjoying a lot. Amit kissed me continuously for 25 minutes. After this Amit unbuttoned the button of the shirt, after taking off the shirt, Amit also took off my lower. Now I was only in two piece bikini. I wore my favorite blue colored panties and a designed bra that day. Amit’s mouth watered seeing my fair and smooth body like white flour. Amit first removed my bra and started drinking while pressing my big, soft and smooth mammos. Friends, I was having a lot of fun. Amit was licking my nipples like a hungry child sucking his mother’s nipple. My sexuality was increasing. Amit kept sucking my mom for a long time and caressing my thigh with his hands. After sucking my mom for a long time, Amit started licking my panty and at the same time he was rubbing my nipples as well. After licking my panty for a while, Amit removed my panty and started caressing my pussy with his hands. He spread my legs while licking my smooth thighs. And started licking my pussy with his mouth between my legs. Amit started licking the pink pimples of my pussy like a dog with his rough tongue. Licking the grain of my pussy, the way when someone gets electrocuted, he is in agony, in the same way I was also in agony and I was saying to myself “…ahh ha ha…. Ooo oooo,,…….ai…ai….ai……ai….issssssss……uhhhh…..ohhhhhhh”. It was getting dark in front of my eyes. Amit drank my fuddi continuously till 20. After sucking my pussy for a long time, Amit took out his 10 big, thick and stout cocks, Amit put the cocks in my mouth. And I started sucking Amit’s cock with great love. I was sucking Amit’s cock in such a way that a small child is sucking Lamchus. I sucked Amit’s cock for a long time. After some time, Amit took his cock out of my mouth and made me lie on the bed and started rubbing my pussy with his cock. I started getting high, but I was having a lot of fun. Rubbing his cock on my pussy, Amit slowly put it in my pussy. I screamed as soon as he inserted his cock in my hole. Amit again slowly started putting his cock in my pussy, Amit started increasing his speed slowly. As Amit was increasing the speed of leaving me, I was rapidly “…..Ai…Ai….Ai……Ai….Isssssssss……uhhhhh…..ohhhhhh…..chodododo….fuck me more tightly Two two two” she was shouting. My pussy was getting torn, but I swear I was having a lot of fun too. For about 40 minutes, Amit played my pussy continuously. Amit wanted to kill my ass, he asked me to become a bitch, I understood that he wanted to kill my ass. I refused to get ass kicked because it hurts a lot to get ass kicked. Amit somehow convinced me to get my ass killed. I went near the bitch, Amit applied some oil in his cock and tried to insert it in my ass, but his cock was very thick and my ass hole was very small, so his cock was not going into my pussy. . I spread my ass with my own hands and Amit put his cock in my ass. I moved a little further. Amit again put his cock in my ass and started licking my ass. Amit was kicking my ass with great pleasure. Amit started increasing the pace of fucking my ass and I was like crazy……,aaa…….hmmmmm ahhhhhhh….cccc c.. ha ha ha.. pleasessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Oooo ….oo..oo…oo…” mom mom….oh mom” started crying pleasesssssssssss….pleasesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, After doing this she started crying. Even after so much pain, the fun of sex is different. I was enjoying a lot from that fuck. After hitting my ass for a long time, Amit’s material was about to come out. He took out his penis and started masturbating with his hands, the speed of fisting was increasing continuously, after a while Amit’s cum started coming out and Amit was also getting relief from his cum after my fuck was over. Both of us kept kissing for a long time. After my sex that day, I had sex with Amit many times, but after a few days my father came to know about my sex with Amit. Father beat Amit a lot, Amit was so upset that he was not even coming close to me. And after a few days I got married too, now my husband fucks me every night, so I didn’t need to fuck anyone else. That’s the end of my fucking story. It’s even cooler!

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