My husband called his elder brother to pacify me and got him fucked

Erotic Bhabhi Sex Story: Kamuk aurat sex story, bhabhi ki antarvasna, hot sexy antarvasna sex story in Hindi – Today I am going to tell you a story which is totally different. This story is of last night only, so I will write it in my own words and tell you what happened after all that my husband had to call my elder brother to calm me down when my lust flared up and when I was there for ten minutes Fucked by pushing hard and pressing my tits, then I could calm down and then hot water came out of my pussy and a lot of cream like white cream. Till then my husband stood in front of me and I was fucking ohhhh ohhhh aaahhh ahhhhhh. The whole story is now presented to you. I have been married for only three months, I am 21 years old and my husband is 26 years old. I am hot and sexy lady I find reading stories very good and sexy on nonveg Ever since I was young, that is, when my boobs were the size of a lemon, I used to read sex stories on non-veg, put my finger in my pussy and rub my boobs. Because of this, I became a very sensual and flirtatious type of woman. I didn’t hook up with anyone until I got married. When I got married, I had darshan of cocks, but within a month I became so chatty that what to tell. It happened that when my husband used to fuck me, then my flame used to flare up and I used to get very excited and then the husband’s grip became loose or his semen used to fall. As soon as the husband’s cock entered my pussy, I suddenly became very sensual and then could not stop myself. I picked up the ass forcefully and took his cock inside the pussy and fucked it. But slowly my lust started to flare up even more. I could not satisfy when my husband used to fuck me. I used to tell him that nothing is happening to me. Fuck me calm me down but he used to be unable. And then her hold would slowly fall and I would remain dear to the thirsty. Now for the last four days, I myself would climb on top of him and would take his cock in my pussy and start rubbing it. And if my lust flared up, I would sometimes hit my nails and sometimes bite my husband’s lips. Even when his semen fell, I kept on jerking off. But last night the bonds of patience were broken. As soon as my husband started fucking, I immediately started asking him to push hard. My boobs were big and tan, my lips were pink. Hot water started coming out of my pussy and my whole body started shivering but my husband was not able to fuck me. I had gone mad, my lust had flared up, I was not getting anything from his cock. He started trying to cock hard but I started groping his body and started biting his lips. And by pulling towards her, she started taking his cock in her pussy by turning her ass round and round. But his semen fell and he became calm but I started shaking. My lips started trembling and jerk after jerk. My whole body started trembling and I started begging fuck calm me down. Fuck me calm me down but my husband was helpless. He couldn’t do anything now. He ran out of the house and went to his elder brother who is only two years older than my husband. His wife is not there, she has passed away in Corona. Called and brought. My brother-in-law came to my room, I was completely naked, I was rubbing my big tits and jerking my ass round and round. He understood what was happening to me. He told his brother that the daughter-in-law has got the disease of sex, it is very important to pacify her, otherwise she may get paralyzed. My husband said, let’s see what happens, do whatever you want to do. Brother-in-law immediately undressed, opened his vest, opened his underpants and climbed on the bed. His cock had become bigger and thicker. My husband was standing below watching everything. Brother-in-law first separated both my legs. He sat in the middle and then started rubbing his nose and me in my pussy. The fragrance of the pussy made them sensual, they used to say ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh and then started licking my pussy. White cream was coming out of my pussy, he would lick it again and again. This made me even sexier. He grabbed both my boobs and started pressing the nipples under his teeth. After that he came up to my lips and put his tongue in my mouth ohhh I started doing the same. Sometimes he would put his tongue, sometimes I would. I signaled him to let me suck his cock, he immediately put his thick cock in my mouth and started pressing my tits while taking them out. Ohhhhhhh what can I tell friends, I started enjoying it. He again sat between my two legs, put his thick cock on my pussy hole and thrust his nine inch cock into my pussy. His grip was very strong, but holding my tits, he started thrusting his cock in and out very fast. When he would push, my whole body would shake with a jolt. But I started liking it. I also filled them in my arms and started fucking them by rotating my ass round and round. I became wild and he also started behaving like an animal, both of us started helping each other. One who fucks hard and one I am going to be happy with such a fuck. My husband was standing there watching his wife getting fucked and I was happily getting aaah hahaha ohhhhhhh and getting fucked. He fucked me for about forty minutes, then I calmed down. He dropped his semen all over my body. Some on my face, some on my boobs, on my stomach, on my thigh. Ohhhhhhh I was satisfied with this fuck. The happiness was clearly visible on my face. Brother-in-law kissed me caressed my nipples and got up and dressed and said to my husband that whenever needed, the person called me will be present. And he went out. After that we husband and wife slept comfortably holding each other. 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