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Hello friends, I am Alok Singh Chandel, a resident of Kanpur. I have been reading nonveg for the past several years. I am very impressed with its sexy stories. Today I am also telling you my cool sexy story. Please forgive me if there is any mistake or mistake. Naina used to teach in the school along with my wife. My wife Neha was very fond of teaching. That’s why one day Neha said that she gets bored by staying at home everyday. That’s why I should give him permission to teach in some school outside. So I also gave him permission. Neha’s time is now passing happily. Being a food inspector, I do not get any time. I used to leave home at 9 in the morning and reach home only at night. During this time my wife Neha became friends with Naina Sandilya. She was a very bubbly girl. Naina was not married yet. She was a virgin. Slowly Naina started coming to my house. I started getting to know him better. Sometimes I used to take my wife Neha and her best friend Naina for outings. We used to go to watch movies, go shopping in malls. Sometimes the three of us would go to a Disney park to have fun. If I used to see Naina, I would just get lost in her. She was a very bubbly girl. I used to think that I should have got married to a girl like Naina. Because I was also very flirtatious, playful and mischievous person like him. Both me and Naina were very funny people, whereas my wife Neha was of serious nature. She did not joke at all. One day in the evening when the three of us, me, Neha and Naina were sitting, I said jokingly. Friend Naina!! My pair should have been made with you only. Where did I get married to this boring girl?’ I said. Naina was always very funny. So how late is it now!! done it now! She spoke quickly. When my wife Neha heard it, she did not say anything. Because she knew that both of us were joking. One day when Naina came home, my wife Neha had gone to the temple. When I called her, I came to know that she is on the way and will leave in 10 minutes. I asked Naina to sit. She sat next to me on the sofa. I was secretly looking at Naina with oblique eyes. Full cheeks, dark black hair, full round face, full of youth on the face, I could not stop myself even if I wanted to. When I saw Naina again this time, I found that she was also looking at me. The eyes of both of us fought. She shuddered, I shuddered too. The same happened after some time. Don’t know why I started getting attracted towards him. I didn’t agree and again looked at Naina with slanted eyes, then she was also looking at me here. For some time both of our eyes were fixed on each other. Naina! I love Lu! I stated. She remained silent. I went to him. ‘Really Naina, I should have married you only’ I said and lifted her hand and touched my lips. I kissed her hand. I stood hugging her and was about to kiss her lips that she backed away. Naina stopped me. ‘No Alok ji, this is not right. You are a married man. It would be a sin,’ said Naina, my wife’s best friend. After some time my wife Neha came. I moved away from him. Neha and Naina started talking among themselves. But I was still palming Naina with her thief eyes. When she used to see me, she used to turn her eyes away. That night when I was lying in the room with my wife Neha, I used to think of Naina again and again. He used to miss her again and again. Kaas if once he gets…… then. I was just thinking the same thing again and again. Only then Neha came and started making love. Now I have completely naked my wife. Started drinking her milk. Naina’s face was getting merged in my eyes again and again. I fucked my wife that night imagining Naina. Really felt that I am hitting a new pussy. The whole night I kept thinking of Naina and kept fucking my wife. I got great pleasure. When the days started passing, I started remembering Naina again and again. I sent a romantic message to Neha from my mobile. No young man came. I didn’t give up. Sent the message again the next day. Similarly sent many messages. After a few days the ice between us melted. Naina sent me a reply from that side. And we both started doing romantic shero shayari like this. Then we started chatting. Will you give? I asked, yes, I will give. Whom will I take that quote!’ I said whom will I give! I will open that bid! I have written from here, I will give it completely! Naina replied from there. The thing fit. Both of us started having sexy chat like this. I had convinced my wife’s best friend. Next day I took leave from office. But did not tell Neha. Directly reached Naina’s house. She used to live in a rented house with a room. I went to his house and rang the bell. He opened the door. She was looking like a fully blossomed bud. His cheeks were fair and fair. I went inside. She was looking like a melon. I caught him. I showered kisses on her cheeks. Naina hugged me. His fragrance entered my breath. After fucking my wife Neha continuously for so many days, today I will kill a new pussy. I am so lucky. I also hugged Naina. She too was completely stuck with me. I started pressing his parrot mangoes. Naina used to wear saree. That day she was in a dark green saree. Light light bindi bindi There were bright dots on her saree. Her blouse was very tight. I was looking at her beautiful curvy round bulges from the dark green colored blouse. I didn’t delay and put my hand on Naina’s bulge from above the base of the saree. I felt as if I got a huge wealth today. Me and Naina went inside. She was also ready with all her heart to fuck me. So took me straight to the bedroom. We both lay down on the soft bed. I started drinking wine from her lips like wine. She started feeding me the liquor of her lips. Today I will fuck him with all my heart and attain heaven. I said to myself. Naina was looking absolutely hot. Every part of him was requesting me that Alok ji! fuck me please Please! Fuck me! Naina and I kept courting each other for some time. I was pressing her flower size milk from the top of the saree. Alok ji!! Insert your dick in my pussy please! Naina requested. Yes Naina ji!! I will fuck you hard! I said, Alok ji, how hard will you get me, my pussy is very thirsty! Naina said, Naina ji, as per your wish, then I will make you drink! I said. After that we both became blind in love and chudas. I tore her blouse mare chudas ke. Because I can’t wait. I also tore her saree. Her big breasts came out due to the bursting of the blouse. I started drinking South Indian women of extra large size had mummy like Naina K. Today I saw closely. Black intoxicating bumps on the top of the breast and dark circles around it. I started drinking I had taken her parrot like mango in my hand and I was drinking it by pressing it down. Naina was having a lot of fun. She was spread all over me. Naina was very excited. His breathing was going very fast. I was quickly drinking its juice from its sweet honey-like mammo. I drank my wife’s best friend Naina’s milk to my heart’s content. I put my fingers on his lips. She shuddered. I sensually put my big thumb in Naina’s mouth. She started sucking. I enjoyed a lot. I quickly started fucking her mouth with my thumb. Quickly started putting his big thumb in her mouth. She became cool. Looking at Naina’s eyes, it was a great attraction to fuck her soft orange lips. Her beautiful lips were looking like her pussy to me. I kept fucking Naina’s mouth with my big thumb for a long time. She got tired. His legs opened on their own. Alok ji! Fuck me now! Don’t worry anymore!! I have been thirsty for your boy since long.’ Naina suddenly said. Both of her well-built, well-built, fair legs had opened up on their own. I removed my clothes. I put a nice thick pillow on Naina’s head, so that she can kiss comfortably. I came on her cool pussy and started drinking. When I was drinking her milk, her pussy got wet. Now when I came on her pussy, I saw that it was flowing since a long time. I put my face on his bosom and started drinking. Today for the first time I tasted Naina’s Liquid Amrit Ras. I tasted salty nectar juice. Then like a dog, I started licking Naina’s hole with the front point of my tongue. I was licking his ass just like a dog. Naina was cool. She was licking her pussy merrily. I was drinking his booze with pleasure. She was pressing her milk with her hands. After some time I put my thick black cock on her bosom and put it inside the hand grip. I started fucking Naina. She herself started pressing her milk, I started fucking her. The pillow I had put on his head was giving him a lot of comfort. She was getting fucked with pleasure. My thick and black dick was sliding in her moist and wet pussy. I was having a lot of fun. I can say with a claim that Naina must also be having so much fun. She was sticking to me like a creeper. I was hitting him. What a cool thing I got to fuck today. I was considering myself very lucky. Otherwise, nowadays, where do you get to impress any lady. While rolling, I clung to Naina. He filled her in himself and started taking her as his wife. Ufff!! Friends had fun that day. It felt great working hard on her pussy. It was very nice to fuck him considering it as his wife. Felt as if I was born only to eat and fuck him. Seeing the beauty of Naina, I had a desire since long that I get the opportunity to work hard on her pussy. This was my wish since long. Which is completed today friends. Then while caressing her, I completely spread over Naina. I put my lips on his lips. 2 lips 2 lips Now four have gone. I put my face on Naina’s face. His eyes were closed, whereas mine was closed. My face was kept on his face. Ha ha ha, I was banging on him loudly. The whole bed was humming with my hard work. I didn’t feel like stopping. Then my speed suddenly increased. The goods were about to be released, I knew. I started pushing harder. My cock started taking her bosom forcefully, like a farmer plowing the land with his plough. Just like that I was taking my wife’s best friend Naina. After some time, I left my hot food in Naina’s big bosada. How did you like the story, don’t forget to write on Sex Story, Chudai Story, Xxx Story, Choot ki Chudai, Desi Sex, Indian Sex, Kamuk Story, Kamukta Story

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