My loving Bhabhi

Hi friends, I am Vivek from Mumbai. I work as an accounts manager in a small private firm. I am also a great fan of indian sex stories and have always enjoyed reading the stories here. I also have some experiences I’ve had in real life to share with you and these are not picked up inspirations from the other stories here. These are real life experiences. We are a middle class family living jointly in one flat. Parents have their own room, whereas I share the same room with my elder brother and bhabhi. He occasionally goes on tours for uncertain periods. I have always had great respect for my bhaiya & bhabhi. Bhabhi has also always been loving to me, but at times she would give me naughty looks as if I’m too innocent or simple. Once as usual bhaiya had to go for a tour, this time for almost a month or two. Ever since he left, my bhabhi seemed to be feeling restless for the first time. I asked her if anything was bothering her but she denied. So I left the matter there. I did observe that her behaviour in the nights were different from earlier. She always used to wear a nighty with an overcoat. And while bhaiya was here she would still wear the overcoat throughout the night. But recently I saw that she disposed the overcoat before going to bed. Even during sleep her moves were very irresistible for me. Like since it was a hot summer night she would let loose her chaddar, after which her legs were exposed upto the knees. The skin of her legs is very smooth and tempting. She would raise her knees occasionally allowing her nighty alongwith her petticoat to rise further up. I almost could not resist this sight, but was also confused as to what to do about it. She and bhaiya used to sleep on the bed above and I slept on the ground. One night in one such position, her left bare leg lowered down to reach my thigh. I was not sure if this was an accidental or deliberate move. So again I tried overlooking the matter. Finally I could not bear it any longer. She had a doubtlessly sexy body. Perfect dips and curves in the right places. Fresh medium size breasts, slim waist, and well rounded ass. I decided to make the first big move now. I started pretending to fall asleep by 11:30pm and then wake up by 1:30am by the time which she would be fast asleep, or so was my judgement. Getting up at 1:30am, I approached her body for the first time, terribly tensed. I lightly run my fingers through her sexy hair just to find out if she was awake. She wasn’t, so advanced towards her neck following to her breasts. She was yet softly snoring, assuring that she is asleep. My fingers finally landed on her nipples expecting the texture of her bra. To my surprise there was no bra. This got me more excited. The top of her nighty was with two strings hanging on the shoulders, leaving the shoulders and upper chest bare. So I took the opportunity to slip my fingers under the nighty to get a feel of her nipples. But felt nervous about her waking up with such a sensation. And so withdrew from that step. Later I headed for her legs. The chaddar was only half over her, i.e. the opposite side, allowing me to have a full view of her bare legs upto the knees. Now I knew I had quite an effort to make to uncover her legs fully without her knowledge. I gently discarded the chaddar completely. Now there was only her nighty and petticoat to be worked upon. Inch by inch I kept raising them till I could see her panties. What an accomplishment, I thought to myself. She did seem to be softly snoring still, though by now I saw a little smile of pleasure on her face. Whether she was aware and enjoying it or not, it was not going to stop me. I could even see the elastic of her panty now. Almost felt like ripping the panty out of desperation, but that could wake her up. I ran my fingers to get a feel of her navel which was deep. Descending them down towards her lower lips, still over the panty. Finally took pleasure of feeling her swell pussy. From the edge of the panty I slowly pushed my middle finger to the centre of her pussy. Another great accomplishment I believed to myself. I saw her smile on the face was increasingly blissful. Now for the ultimate secret move. I slowly inserted the finger deep into the juicy pussy. That’s when she expressed extreme orgasm, throwing her arms over her head. This made it easier for me to slip the whole nighty off her body. That’s when she fully woke up, confused of what is happening. But she was enjoying it so much that she gave in to me voluntarily. Upper body totally bare, she decided to undo the petticoat strings, slipping it all down alongwith the panty. Now here she was, a rare delicacy all for me to relish. She landed into my chest throwing herself fully over my body. That’s when she got the feel of my thoroughly hardened dick. She on her own took the pleasure of undoing my pyjamas and throwing them away. Also hastily pulled off my t-shirt and started rubbing her face against my hairy chest. All this was very encouraging for me. I too freely squeezed her ass, spreading it with wide with all the vigour of my hands. She groaned, suddenly attacking on my dick with her mouth so wet and dripping. She gave me the most shockingly ecstatic blow job. Sucking it hard or almost chewing it off. Now I too attacked her violently, grabbing her by the armpits and throwing her into her own bed. Once again she flung her arms over her head, as an invitation for the final act. I squeezed her balls and entered her pussy in one vital thrust till she begged for more. Kept knocking into the depths of it which seemed infinite. Thanks to bhaiya for the preset preparations for such a blissful moment, ha ha. By now our both bodies were burning furiously, drenched in boiling sweat. I dominantly turned her body over to the other side and fucked her numerously in the rear. I almost had to cover her mouth to silence her screams asking for more. She was a total slave then, yet enjoying it. Similarly we carried on for all the following nights each time progressing in our skills until bhaiya arrived, who has till date not known anything about it. Bhabhi and I still enjoy such explorations whenever bhaiya is away.