my mom’s handiwork sent me to dad to fuck

Father Daughter Sex Story: Sex with father, mother fucks father, father daughter sex: Friends, my name is Ruchi. I study in college. I am the only child of my mother. I am 20 years old and my mother is 38 years old. Mummy told me to sleep with Papa, and whatever he does, you should not refuse. Indian Father Daughter Sex Story: Today I am going to tell you my story. After all, what was the reason that mother herself said sleep with the new father and don’t refuse. It is a question of both of our lives. I also understood his point and I myself could not refuse even if I didn’t want to, so I also said yes and then what happened, how my pussy was ruined overnight, my tits which no one had touched till date. On the first day, he had given him pain by pressing and biting the nipple with his teeth. I am going to tell you my whole story on When my mother told me to do this work, that too with my father, I was a little hesitant. That this is wrong. I will also become someone’s wife, what face will I show to him. Then I felt that if I could not give happiness to anyone in life, then it would also be wrong. So I went to sleep with that man whose dick is eight inches and thick three inches. Tear someone’s pussy No matter what kind of woman you are, father will get you such a dick, still I have put a fat dick in my tiny little holey pussy. And I will tell you how I felt. Friends, this is my mother’s second marriage. Mum got married after seeing a relationship on a website. My real father has eloped with someone else. He was also a number one bastard. Every day, he used to bring the call girl at home and used to fuck her and used to make the sound of ah ah ah uhh and I used to hear the sound of fucking always in the ears of mother and daughter. What could be worse than this in someone’s life. One day mother told me that daughter I know a person I have met through internet, he wants to marry me. can i do So I said yes and within two to three months, my mother got married. New father’s wife has died. He lives alone in a posh colony of Delhi. Cars, flats, farm houses. There is a hotel in Shimla, that is, there is a lot of money. Now me, mother and daughter both have come to the new house. Left the old house, the old house was on bank loan, the old father did not repay it, it was also attached. Even so, we had come on the road, so it was good that mother got married. It was mother’s honeymoon. The doors were closed. There was soft music playing inside. I slept in the other room. What happened overnight, I came to know in the morning when father went out for some work. Mother said “Daughter I could not please” He wants to have sex in a wild way, wants to kill ass, but now I do not have the courage to get my ass and pussy killed like a foreign girl. So I myself explained to mother that it is a matter of few days everything will be normal. Mother agreed with me and then the doors were closed again the next day at night. But that night the sound of fighting started coming from inside. When morning came, I came to know that father was saying that I will divorce you. If you can’t make me happy That very day I felt that I can be of use to my mother. Before this, mother told me daughter, maybe he wants to get you, that’s why he was throwing tantrums. Life is a question of both of us. What will the world say, he left within two days. That’s why you just think what to do. If you want to save your respect, you should sleep with your father tonight. It’s a matter of a few days, then let’s see if we both also do the trick. How to make shoes for its feet. We will keep it like a dog. But now you handle it. Both of us will become the owners of so much property. I understood all this and the night’s virgin honeymoon was about to happen. From day one I made up my mind. I also wanted to become a billionaire. Just wanted to get fucked. Reached the room the next day. Liquor was kept on the bed. He was drinking and was in the night shoot like a millionaire. You must have seen in movies. He called me to him. And said, look, I am also alone and you both are also like this. So do the work in such a way that everyone’s work gets done. He said, still I want to ask, do you have any problem in having a relationship with me? I am leaving this up to you. Having said this, he took a peg. She went close to him and started sucking his lips. Slowly he started taking off my clothes. And both of us went wild, I was getting heavy on him. I myself was leaving them behind. So he said, I needed such a girl. I climbed on top of her and took off her bra. Sucking his lips, she kept moving her hands on his chest. He made wine lying there and gave it to me and also took it myself, I drank the wine and then started sucking his cock. Now he started getting wild, he started pressing my tits. Started giving finger in the ass, started caressing the pussy. Started groping my body. I was also dominating a bit too much. And I myself took his dick and put it in my pussy and sat down. The whole dick got inside my pussy. Now she started pushing hard. My boobs were swinging in the air. And I was taking the cock inside round the ass. After that he made me down and took both my legs on his shoulder. Started beating me Now I started feeling pain, he was squeezing my nipples. Was biting the nipple with his teeth. Wires were tearing my body. I was fucking and the sound of the bed and my voice was coming out in the room. He was fucking by taking a strong bounce and I was also supporting. Then started kicking ass. After hitting the ass for about half an hour, then again the pussy, then he dropped all the material on my tits and then he licked himself. My pussy was also cleaned with his tongue and he licked all the material that was spilled on my nipple. In the morning, my mother hugged me. And said thank you daughter. Now both of us will keep this dog on leash. All the years stay for two years and then tear his ass. As soon as he said this, he came from behind. And said come on today I will buy gold chain and ring for both of you. Now you guys don’t think for anything everything belongs to both of you. I wouldn’t say no to anything, lived like a queen. I mother daughter kept looking at each other’s face and were smiling. Do tell how did you like this father-daughter sex story.

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