My mother-in-law made a unique offer to fuck brother-in-law

Hello friends, Sheena Mehra welcomes all of you very much to Non Veg Story dot com. I am a married woman. I am a housewife and stay at home all day. I like to watch sex videos and read new chudai stories in my free time. One of my friend told me about non veg story, since then I read cool stories from here everyday. Today I am telling you my story. I hope everyone will like this story. This is a true incident that happened in my life. My in-laws house is in Etawah. I have 2 children. My husband loves me very much and hits my pussy every night. Friends, my life was going on smoothly, but 2 years ago a tremendous earthquake came in my life. My brother-in-law could not get my sister-in-law properly, she often used to complain to me that brother-in-law could not fuck her properly. Gradually, due to this later, the brother-in-law and sister-in-law started becoming you, me, me. Gradually, my sister-in-law started staying at her maternal house most of the time. After a few days, we came to know that she is stuck with a boy named Birju in her maternal home and keeps getting fucked by him to the fullest. There was a discord in my in-laws house regarding this matter. My brother-in-law started saying that because of this the chinel stays in the mother’s home for 3, 3, 4, 4 months. Chinal has done the jugaad of fat cocks in her own home, so why will she come here now. My father-in-law and mother-in-law started talking about killing my sister-in-law, because this thing had become open in the whole relationship and defamation was also getting full. But when everyone went to sister-in-law’s house, my brother-in-law melted again after seeing the beautiful sister-in-law. “Kamala!! [मेरी जिठानी का नाम] I forgive you for whatever you did to that Birju. Don’t cut our nose any more and go home quietly. Jeth said to sister-in-law madly in love with Birju “No….Now I will stay with Birju only. i love him I have slept with him many times and have fucked him!!” My sister-in-law said it clearly in a crowded gathering. Totally 60 people were there comfortably. There was a lot of defamation. The respect of my brother-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law and us husband and wife was being publicly auctioned by the sister-in-law. “Look Kamla…. Brother-in-law threatened but sister-in-law was not affected. Sister-in-law had eaten Birju’s cock many times and now she was not in the mood to eat brother-in-law’s dick. Every man used to give different opinion to solve this matter. Father-in-law and sister-in-law’s father were talking about killing her by giving poison. But my brother-in-law loved his sister-in-law very much. That’s why after knowing that she is a promiscuous woman, they were ready to adopt Jethani. Some people were thinking that the sister-in-law might run away with Birju overnight. Even the brain of old people and aged people was not working. Meanwhile, my elder father-in-law and other people of the village together shot Birju. But the whole story turned upside down when sister-in-law came to know that everyone had conspired and shot Birju and killed him. My sister-in-law and Birju had vowed to live and die together. Just thinking of this oath, the sister-in-law ate 4 big tablets of sulfas kept in wheat at home and died on the way to the hospital. The real drama started after sister-in-law’s death. Firstly, Jeth had somehow got married at the age of 40 and now Jethani has also gone to heaven. My brother-in-law went mad in his sorrow and became completely mental in the memory of sister-in-law. Although my sister-in-law was bad-tempered and a vagabond, she was the apple of his brother-in-law’s eyes. Slowly my brother-in-law started losing his senses. My husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law never thought that sister-in-law would consume poison in love with Birju. Nowadays which girl consumes poison so quickly. Sister-in-law’s parents were also thinking that after going out of Birju’s way, sister-in-law would come and stay at her in-laws’ house. But the whole trick backfired. My husband and father-in-law took brother-in-law to the district hospital on a bike and showed him to a psychiatric doctor. The doctor told that due to the death of his wife, he has got a big shock in his mind. A beautiful woman should be sent to Jeth’s room at night and assured that such a wife is alive, then he will fuck her only then she will come to her senses. Be sent as a wife. My mother-in-law, father-in-law and my husband were in a bad condition. “Daughter Sheena… now you will have to go to my elder son’s room as Kamala. Daughter you make him happy. Sleep with her and slowly my son will be fine. Everything will be fine later” said my mother-in-law one day. Then my father-in-law and husband also started requesting me everyday. “Daughter-in-law….You are already fucking. You pretend for a few days and disguise yourself as Kamala and go to my elder son’s room at night, then I will get my son back. Father-in-law spoke. My husband also started making similar requests. I could not understand what to do. But to heal my brother-in-law’s shock, I had to act like this. The next day I agreed and at night I went to Jeth’s room and started pressing his feet. He was shocked in his mind. His heart was saying that his vagrant debauchery and his wife Kamla, who was set up with another, is still alive. As soon as I started pressing her feet sitting on her bed, she understood that Kamla had come. I had deliberately put on a long veil so that my brother-in-law would think that his flirtatious lady Kamala was alive. “Kamala have you come??” Pleased with the brother-in-law said, “Yes husband Dev, I left that Birju and went to you!” I replied hiding my face in the veil of my saree. After that my brother-in-law got convinced that his wife is alive and not dead. He could not recognize me, so I switched off the lights of the room. After that something very different started happening. In the darkness of the room, my brother-in-law wrapped me in his arms and started kissing my cheeks, face, eyes, throat and everywhere. I also started feeling good and started enjoying. He made me lie beside him and showered kisses on my cheeks. He was considering me as his wife Kamla. Slowly my brother-in-law removed my saree and started opening each and every button of my black blouse. Oh My God!! Today I was going to fuck a non-man in my own in-laws house and the biggest thing was that my husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law were getting me to fuck with that non-man. I was helpless. I had to kiss my brother-in-law anyhow. That’s why I was talking in Kamla’s voice. After some time my brother-in-law unbuttoned all the buttons of my blouse and took it out. Friends, you must be aware that only a few women wear bra and panty in the village because the villagers are not that much rich. That’s why I neither wore bra nor panty. Seeing my big 40″ bare breasts, my brother-in-law was completely convinced that I was his wife Kamla. He got naked after wearing all his clothes and lay down on me and started drinking my soft big big breasts thinking it as his property. Slowly I started enjoying it too. Everyday I used to eat my husband’s cock and today I will eat long and wide brother-in-law’s cock. I started thinking. Taking brother-in-law in my hands, my mother started licking him. U u u…suck…suck…and…suck…suck my mummy…well” I also spoke in Kamla’s voice. Now my brother-in-law started sucking my milk very fast with pleasure. I was in pain, but I was having a lot of fun too. Today a non-man was sucking my soft and sweet breasts with pleasure. It was really an amazing and totally different experience. Brother-in-law was drinking my milk to the fullest. His sharp knife-like teeth were piercing my soft breasts, but friends had a lot of fun too. Brother-in-law was considering me as his clever woman Kamla. They were drinking both my nipples alternately.”…..Ai…Ai….Ai……Ai….Issssssss……uhhhh…..ohhhhhhh…..I was screaming. Then Jeth untied my petticoat and removed. I was not wearing panty. Jeth had a glimpse of my full pussy. Brother-in-law fell on my pussy and started caressing me with great love. My sister-in-law never used to make her jhanto because brother-in-law loved to fuck his wife in jhanto. When the brother-in-law kept running his fingers in my black curly grass for a long time, he was completely sure that I was his wife Komal. For a long time, the brother-in-law kept caressing my hands in my curly hair like black noodles, then started drinking my pussy with his mouth. I screamed Brother-in-law started drinking my Lal Lal Bhosada with pleasure. He was sucking the grain of my pussy with pleasure as if he had got a sour lemon to suck, it seemed exactly like that. Here I was also enjoying a lot, because my husband never used to drink my pussy. That’s why tonight I was also doing full ash. My brother-in-law’s head was going to enter inside my pussy.”……mummy…mummy….cc c c c.. ha ha ha…. I was crying and sobbing. Then the brother-in-law started biting the pink lips on both sides of my pussy. I started lifting my ass. I was going crazy. The passion for sex was slowly creeping up on me. After these antics of brother-in-law, now even my heart was telling me that tonight I should openly fuck him and get his ass kicked. Brother-in-law’s tongue was entering the hole inside my pussy. I was going crazy. Yes, today I myself wanted to get fucked hard and openly by my brother-in-law. My dream of getting fucked by a non-man was going to come true today. Brother-in-law was wildly biting both my pussy lips by holding them with his teeth. The fire of lust and sex was burning in my pussy. It is true that now I was not going to live without being fucked. Then my 7 foot stout brother-in-law put his 12” thick dick in my pussy and hit it hard inside the pussy.”……Oui..Oui..Oui…. Mother….mother….ohhhh mother…. .ahhhhh..” I cried and I hugged Jeth ji. He started thrusting his 9” thick dick deep into my pussy. Today I started having sex with a non-man and started having fun. Brother-in-law had filled me in his arms. He was in shock and was considering me as his cuddly wife Kamla. His cock was very thick, even thicker than my husband’s. I could clearly feel it in my juicy pussy. I had also held brother-in-law in both arms like my man and was getting him fucked hard. I had kept both my legs well open so that brother-in-law could fuck me properly and his thick cock could easily go into my pussy. Slowly brother-in-law’s cock started sliding in my pussy and I started enjoying the paradise. .” I was screaming again and again like a crazy person. Brother-in-law was fucking me very fast. My pussy was getting a good bite. Today I was fucking with a non-man and was enjoying the pleasures of heaven. Brother-in-law’s speed was very fast like a stream of a river. He was giving such heavy jerks in my juicy pussy that I was dying. I was afraid that my pussy might burst. It was really a wonderful experience. My brother-in-law’s big dick didn’t even know how to fall and only knew how to fuck my juicy pussy. Both my big 40” boobs were also shaking vigorously here and there like a bell. I was fucking and eating brother-in-law’s thick cock in my rope hole. My brother-in-law’s waist was making me spin again and again. I was burning in the fire of lust and was getting my ass lifted again and again. Brother-in-law was fucking me like an African man. I was enjoying the pleasures of heaven. Hmmmmm ahhhhhh.. Aye…Aye….Aye……I was crying again and again. On the other hand, brother-in-law was crossing his thick cock across my pussy. Friends, that night my brother-in-law fucked me non-stop for one and a half hours and then fell in my juicy pussy. In this way, for 2 months, I used to go to brother-in-law’s room at night and get fucked tightly. After 2 months he completely recovered. Now Jeth has completely forgotten his chudakkad wife Kamla. How did you like the story, do give your comments on non veg story dot com. This is even more cool!

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