My sister got fucked hard by a hypocrite baba in the name of child and became a victim of his lust.

Hello friends, this is a true story. My name is Rachit. I am a resident of Badaun. You are reading this story on non veg My sister Pragya got married in Mainpuri. I also used to go to Pragya Didi’s house every 6 months. My brother-in-law Vivek was a very good man, but his mother and my sister’s mother-in-law were very rude women. She used to interrupt Didi on everything. Well somehow life was going on. But a problem has come to the fore these days. It’s been 4 years since sister’s marriage, but she didn’t have a child. When I went to Didi’s house for Holi, I saw that her mother-in-law kept taunting Didi for not having a child. I felt very sad to see this. When I talked to my brother-in-law about this, he said that old people are like this only. His thinking is like this only. Me, brother-in-law and sister found the only solution to get treatment from the doctor. But friends, 2 more years have passed. Didi’s Pragya did not have a child. I got tense day by day. Now Didi has become dependent on God and started serving as temple servants. After a few days, she told one of her friends that a Baba sits at some distance. By blowing the tree, the children of those people are born. Composed! I have to go to office, so you take your sister to that Baba! Said to brother-in-law. I made Pragya Didi sit on my Splendor and took her 30 km to the countryside of Mainpuri. That baba had become famous very soon in that village. There used to be a lot of crowd near him. He didn’t charge any fee. But he used to take only what the visitors gave to him with devotion. He had a big hut. I took Pragya didi to him. Told the time He looked at my sister from bottom to top. Pragya didi was very beautiful. She looked no less than a princess. His eyes were very big, eyebrows, lips, cheeks each and every thing was very beautiful. When Baba saw my sister for the first time, he just stared at her. Then he smiled. Daughter You have to come to me every Friday for 3 months!! That babwa spoke. Didi Pragya was hit by fate in the same way. All her friends had children. It was not just them. Ok babaji! Didi said. He stopped me outside and went inside with Didi. Didi came back after 1 hour. Don’t know what happened inside there. Later, when I started returning with my sister, she said that there is no happiness of children in my destiny. Baba said that if Didi had sex with him for 3 months, then maybe she would get a child. Now you tell me what was created! what do i do?? Didi Pragya asked me. I was riding my bike, thinking. After 2 hours, when I reached deep with Didi, I said that if a child is born by making relation with Baba, then do it Didi. You will not have to listen to your mother-in-law and other members of the family. This secret talk was between me and Didi. Next Friday I again reached Baba with Didi. Didi was in a light green saree today. She was looking very happy. Baba got attached after seeing him. He asked me to stay outside. Pragya took Didi inside holding her hand. I started waiting outside in the cottage. You are reading this story on non veg The name of that Baba was Narendra Baba. He used to call himself the new incarnation of Sai. Inside he had made a luxurious room. He took Didi to his bedroom. Somehow didi Pragya just wanted a child, so she agreed to do this. Baba had a big beard. As soon as Didi was taken inside, he started hugging Didi. He moved sister’s pallu to one side. He made Didi sit in his seat. Started sucking his lips. Didi didn’t say anything. Because Didi wanted a child, Baba got greedy seeing both of Didi’s beautiful round breasts. Daughter Open it! Baba spoke. My sister was very simple, she unbuttoned her blouse. Baba quickly took off her blouse. Baba Pragya started drinking Didi’s sweet round balls. My sister was very cultured. She did not have any affair with any boy before marriage. Nor did she kiss any boy before marriage. Didi Pragya was not feeling right to be kissed by this baba. But what does a person not do under compulsion. My sister was also helpless. Baba will be my child right?? Didi asked Baba restlessly. Daughter!! You trust I have so much success that the woman to whom I gave prasad from my heart, her coke turned green, Baba said. My sister got trapped in the trap of that hypocrite. He started drinking didi’s white colored milk. Didi also started feeding him milk reluctantly. My sister was doing all this for the child. Baba was fondling and fondling Didi’s huge round breasts. Didi was not doing anything. Baba’s evil eyes were fixed only on robbing Didi’s youth. Now Didi was completely lying down on her bed, Baba was also completely lying down on top of my sister. Then he took off his saffron colored kurta and white dhoti. Even though Baba was 50 years old, he used to get milk, curd, vegetables and fruits as gifts from the devotees. By eating which he had made a good body. He also took off his saffron colored nappy. As long as the hairs of Baba’s beard were, his fringes were also as long. My sati Savitri like Pragya didi, who till date had only been kissed by my brother-in-law, was about to be kissed by this hypocrite baba, that too in the name of giving birth to a child. Compulsion doesn’t make a person do what. After drinking, sucking and chewing Didi’s huge breasts for hours, Baba removed Didi’s saree. Removed her petticoat and panty but made her completely naked. My sister, who was always in clothes till today, who was respected so much in the whole world, today was completely naked in front of that 2-kopeck Baba. Sister’s heart was also beating that she does not know what that Baba should do with her. Baba looked at Pragya sister’s intoxicated body from head to toe and said, today a beautiful bird has come in hand, otherwise till now only blind, luli, langari were in hand, who did not get any pleasure in fucking, Baba said. Seeing the fair body of Didi, he got excited. Didi’s body was no less than Mecca. There was only flesh in the body. She was very young. Totally fuckable stuff. Baba has now reached my sister’s grave. Yesterday’s sister made her jhante. The pussy was full of V shape. Baba kept on staring at Didi’s cool pussy. Didi got scared after seeing Baba’s intention. He shrank both his eyes. Her cool pink pussy is now hidden in the middle of the thighs. Sister started thinking, don’t know what that hypocrite should do with her. Hey daughter!! If you are ashamed then how will you get Mahaprasad?? How will you have a child?? Baba spoke and he again opened sister’s thighs. Once again didi’s pussy has now opened in front of those sinners. Sister forced. Baba raised his long beard like Asaram Bapu and tied a knot in it. Directly he put his mouth on sister’s butt, started drinking her pussy. Pragya closed her eyes with Didi. Baba started drinking my sister’s bloated pussy. Didi’s pussy was very young and innocent. Letting Baba drink the pussy slowly, Didi also sat down to her own self. Suddenly Behnchod Baba suddenly inserted his two fingers in my innocent sister’s innocent pussy and started fingering. Dad!! Leave it! It hurts a lot!! Didi Pragya said daughter! To get something, you have to suffer a lot, tolerate a little, you will definitely have a child! That bastard said papi baba and with pleasure he started fingering my sister’s soft velvety pussy. Didi started feeling anxious. But that bastard did not stop. Like some prostitute of my sister, he started moving his 2 fingers very quickly in her pussy. Friends, Didi was in great pain at that time, but she was tolerating everything for the sake of the child. When Baba made my sister soft and soft by fingering her pussy, then now he started planning to fuck her. But 50 years old Baba’s cock cheated. Couldn’t even stand at that time. Come on daughter!! Baba asked Pragya didi to suck his cock. Didi was very hesitant about this. Daughter This is how I give mantras to every devotee of mine in solitude. If you give your mind then how will you get Mahaprasad. How will you get a child, Baba told Didi in a devious way. Didi again fell in his trap. At last, sister reluctantly closed her eyes and started sucking Baba’s cock like a bull. Baba’s penis was very big, black and ugly. Jhante was a bunch of bunches. Didi’s face was hidden in Baba’s pranks. That bastard baba, my cultured educated sister started getting me killed by oral sex. Didi also started sucking his cock. After some time, his hard work paid off. The dick of a miscreant Baba like Asaram Bopu finally stood up. Come daughter, let me enjoy you!! Daughter, don’t think that I am getting any pleasure in this. All this is to please God!! Whatever I do with you today will go straight to God! Babwa spoke. Pragya didi lay down in front of him with both legs open. Baba put his ugly cock on Didi’s hot soft bosom. Sister’s heart started beating. Babwa pushed with a loud desi bull that didi’s fur burst. Baba’s cock went inside and got hardened. Oh no!! Leave it baba ji!! Very sad!! Didi shouted. Baba started smiling deviously and didi started breaking her modesty. Didi kept on refusing, Baba kept on fucking my sister, eating, playing. Sister’s anger has become Bhosada. Baba Hank kept robbing Hank’s sister’s youth with fun. Pragya didi fainted for a few minutes. That shameless hypocrite baba kept on fucking my innocent sister like a prostitute. He kept on eating Didi’s Gujiya thinking it as the mall of the house. When Didi started to touch her leg, the hypocrite Baba caught both of Didi’s legs with his hands and spread them wide. Now Didi’s anger has surfaced in front of her even more. Baba went on fucking him happily. The sound of puck puck was coming from sister’s pussy, as if someone was bursting a firecracker. Like people burst crackers in Diwali. Baba kept eating my innocent and simple sister’s paella like a dog without stopping. Then he fell. When she took out her cock, sister’s pussy had become very wide now, it was torn a lot. It seemed as if someone had fed them for the whole week. Some of Baba’s material reached inside and some came out in sister’s pussy. Baba filled that material in a spoon and let Didi lick it in the name of Prasad. Didi had to lick it under compulsion. When Didi came out of Baba’s cottage after 4 hours, she was walking lame. There was a lot of pain in her pussy. On the way, Pragya didi narrated her whole story to me. I got very angry, so I wanted to go and strangle that hypocrite. But I was compelled. Next Friday I came to her again with Didi. This time friends those bastards made my sister drink from behind making her a bitch again for 2-3 hours and this time also hit her ass. In this way, that dust kept robbing my sister’s youth every Friday for 3 months. Later it came to know that for the last 10 years he used to play with the bodies of childless women like this. My sister did not have any child. Nor did his feet become heavy. After a few days, that sinful baba made another woman a victim of his lust. He reported her to the police. At present, that sinful miscreant Baba is in jail and he has been imprisoned for a long time. You fooled everyone with your brother-in-law.

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