My sister-in-law was having sex with two sisters in Delhi.

Two Sister Sex Story, Two Sisters Sex Story: Sometimes some relationships work great. You see for yourself that different relationships have different functions. Sister-in-law’s relationship, marriage relationship, all this is a joke relationship. And sometimes it happens that when people make jokes, it goes too far. And when the joke is too much, then the joke reaches lust. Perhaps this has happened to you too. You will have a sister-in-law, you will have a sister-in-law or you will have a brother-in-law or you will have a brother-in-law. In jest, many things are said which are in the heart. Today I am presenting the story in front of you. Which is one of the beautiful moments of my life, maybe even when I grow old, I will never forget that moment. When I remember that day, I feel that if I had been able to turn back the time in development, I would have been able to reach that time. Might have had more fun. This must have happened to you too or today you would feel that some old things, some old memories that you had got a chance, whether you are a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, you too must have got many such opportunities in life which you did right at that time. Had not used it and today you would feel that if that time comes again then life will be fun. We come straight to the story. This thing is a bit old, when I used to live in Delhi, in a small town, the atmosphere there used to be like this, the aunty next to the house used to look like sister-in-law, there were all relationships there. You will never feel that you are alone, you will get all the relationships you want there, you become far away from your village, you live alone or you live with your wife, we are either studying or working. had been. You will find all those relationships at that place. Earlier things were also different, friends, Raj’s talk is something else. Nowadays a lot has changed, people live very quietly and alone. No one has any meaning to anyone. When there is relationship and familiarity, only then the talk increases and then some wishes are also fulfilled. You will not say anything to anyone that I like you or I want to have sex with you, you will not say this to anyone. But when someone’s relationship with you is good, no matter what happens in the relationship, I get a chance when you tell your feelings. I came after getting married. Worked in the company. Salary was very less because of this I could not keep my wife with me. My wife lived in the village and I lived in Delhi and I had thought that after 6 months I would bring my wife back to me. This happened in 6 months my wife came and she had gone back after staying here for 6 months because she became pregnant. Slowly she started moving my body, my hand unintentionally fell on Payal’s nipples and started pressing. Big round big tits. Kissing on her lips, on her cheek, on her shoulder, now started pressing both the nipples tightly and climbed on top of her. Slowly his hands went on her pussy. Then Payal herself spread her legs and I started caressing her pussy comfortably. He immediately took off his sweater. Then I took off her top. And then she herself took off the bra. I immediately started drinking it while mashing both the teats with my hands. He took my land out of my pyjama. I immediately removed it till his panty and then we both started kissing each other and caressing. Both of us started breathing fast. When I shook my cock holding the anklet, she said, insert my pussy. I also did not delay and put cocks on the pussy between the two legs and inserted it. Gave three jerks and the whole cock inside. Now started fucking while mashing the teats. You are reading this story on Then Pooja woke up and removed the quilt and started looking at both of us. We both continued our work. Then Pooja came on the bed and started kissing me, now both the sisters were playing with my body. Immediately gave her worship and gave me her boob to drink. After fucking the anklet for a while, Pooja started saying, now it’s my turn and then Pooja lay down and I climbed up and gave cock in the pussy. Father started fucking both the sisters in turn. When he would fuck one, he would lick the other’s pussy. Fucked both the sisters like this the whole night. From that day on, both of them started getting me to fuck them once a week. And good moments came in my life. Then we shifted from there. Later it is learned that Payal and Pooja got married. But those memories are still fresh and I always remember those two sisters.

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