My sister was fucked by her manager in the office

Hello friends, I very much welcome all the readers on Non Veg Story dot com. Today I am going to tell you my real story. My name is mridul kishore. I am a resident of Farukhabad. A few days ago my sister appeared for the Data Entry Operator exam in the District Cooperative Bank. She passed in that. After a few days, he got a job in the District Cooperative Bank of Farukhabad. He joined the job. My sister Kavya was the beauty of Bala. His height was 5 feet 6 inches. Her figure was 34 32 32. He had a slim and trim personality. She was very beautiful. All the boys in my neighborhood wanted to fuck her. But Kavya was not such an alter who would get fucked by anyone. Gradually, my sister Kavya became friends with Virbhadra Tiwari, the manager of her bank. Actually Kavya used to sit in his room. Virbhadra was his manager and used to give him to type, or print out any government paper. When any government file was sent from Lucknow, my young sister Kavya used to take a printout of it. Only two people used to sit in that government room, Kavya and Virbhadra Tiwari. Kavya was still young. His body smelled like a flower. Gradually, when both of them kept working in the same room for a year, Virbhadra fell in love with my sister. He wanted to fuck Kavya quickly. But my sister was cultured, she was not an alter or a chinal to get fucked by anyone in the department. But gradually Kavya also could not escape from Virbhadra’s attraction. Veer started making fun of her every day and every day when Kavya reached the bank after taking a bath early in the morning, Virbhadra was forced to undress after seeing my sister. “I wish, if I had got to kiss this maid’s pussy, my life would have been set!” Virbhadra would say to himself. When Kavya would reach her bank at 9:30 after taking a bath, the scent of her deodorant would spread throughout the office. Friends, you must be aware that nowadays the District Cooperative Bank is running just for the name. There is no work left there. That’s why my sister Kavya and her manager would remain free most of the time. “Kavya!! Yes, if you were not here, I do not know how my time would have passed. Thank God…you are here!” Kavya would have laughed if Virbhadra had been called. Virbhadra was a married man, but very handsome. Slowly my sister Kavya fell in love with him. Virbhadra started giving new salwar suits, sweaters, jackets, gold ornaments to my sister. A few days later he bought my sister a new laptop. Then Kavya fell in love with him. One day Virbhadra caught Kavya in the office itself and started kissing her. Kavya also wanted to kiss him. Both became absolutely mad for each other. There was no one else there. Kavya and Virbhadra were only in the cooperative bank. Virbhadra stood up and hugged Kavya. “Ohhhhh….Kavya! You don’t know how much I like you!!!…..come to me dear!!” Virbhadra said Kavya herself hugged him and both hugged. Virbhadra had a lot of fun today. Because for many months he liked Kavya inside, but could not express his love. But today he had expressed his love. Both of them stood up and hugged and Virbhadra took my happy young sister in his arms. Virbhadra’s body was filled with the fragrance of Kavya’s deodorant. Then he started drinking my sister’s juicy and fresh lips. Today it was as if Virbhadra’s dream had come true. He had filled his arms with the beautiful goods that used to work with him. Virbhadra’s hands started dancing here and there on my sister Kavya’s back and her cock got erect. He wanted to drink my sister’s juicy boob and wanted to give cock in her pussy. Virbhadra had a big heart to fuck my sister. Both kept kissing for a long time. After that both started looking into each other’s eyes. They were enjoying a lot in teasing each other. Virbhadra removed my sister Kavya’s dupatta. And he started taking out the salwar. Maybe Kavya was also in full mood to fuck. He himself raised his hands. Salwar was removed from Virbhadra. Seeing my naked sister, he got goosebumps. Kavya was wearing a pink colored tight and very tight bra. Virbhadra hugged her and started kissing her cheeks, neck and lips like a madman and started loving Kavya. Kavya started sighing. She started sighing hotly. “Will you kiss my life????” Virbhadra asked “Yes I will…..absolutely will!…ah..ah Veer fuck me hard today!! I’ve been thirsty for cocks for a long time!” When Kavya spoke, Virbhadra went mad. He put his hand in Kavya’s bare back and opened her bra. As soon as the bra was removed, he saw two very beautiful breasts of my sister of 34″. Seeing my naked sister’s naked breasts, as if her manager Virbhadra had gone mad. He bent her over Kavya’s computer table and took her milk in his hands like a policeman would catch a thief. After that Virbhadra’s bat became bat. He started pressing my sister’s bare breasts with pleasure. Uffffff….that scoundrel had got heaven today. Kavya was also in full mood to fuck. Virbhadra started pressing the juicy mangoes of Kavya tightly. Ohhh….what a mast mast mangoes. Seeing her, any man would have gone mad. Veer started sucking Kavya’s milk loudly. Kavya started sighing. Then Veer leaned on my sister and filled his mouth with Kavya’s green milk and started drinking it with pleasure. Uffff….Kavya had beautiful pointed breasts. Today spring had come in Virbhadra’s life. He started drinking Kavya’s overflowing jam by filling his mouth. He was drinking my sister’s milk with gusto. Kavya became very hot after some time. Her pussy was wet and the salwar over her pussy was wet. Virbhadra had decided to fuck her in his office itself. My sister Kavya’s naked smooth and very sexy back was in the grip of Virbhadra’s hands. “Fuck…..Virbhadra…..Mere Dilbar….Mere Jaam!!…..Today, rub your girlfriend here and fuck her!!” Kavya started saying loudly because now she was getting uncontrollable and wanted to eat cock quickly. Hearing this, Virbhadra’s hand ran towards my sister’s salwar and he started caressing her pussy over the salwar. But at the moment he was engrossed in sucking mangoes of Kavya. Sometimes I used to suck mangoes, sometimes I used to drink their fresh lips. After some time, Virbhadra started searching for the slogan of Kavya’s Salwar Ka. But he didn’t get it. Then Kavya herself untied the knot of her slogan and quickly untied it. Veer removed her salwar. Kavya’s panty was completely drenched with her pussy stuff. Virbhadra put his hand in my sister’s panty and started caressing her pussy. Virbhadra got sticky material from Kavya’s pussy in his hand, which he started sucking again and again by taking it in his mouth. Kavya was still a virgin and had not been fucked even once. Virbhadra was one lucky man, who was married, yet he was about to get the good fortune of fucking a new asset. Both guys were going crazy to fuck. Veer quickly put his hand in Kavya’s panty and started licking her pussy and took the material in his finger and started drinking it. This sweet game continued for a long time. After that Virbhadra removed my sister Kavya’s panty and made her lie on the computer table. It was so strange that the table on which my sister used to work, she was about to fuck. How strange is this. Virbhadra made Kavya lie down on the table and opened her legs. He got a glimpse of my sister’s very beautiful pussy with 5 inch long cleft. My sister’s bosom was very beautiful, very beautiful pussy with 5 inch long cleft was seen. Virbhadra was going crazy just by seeing 5 inch long cleft very beautiful pussy. Then he put his mouth on Kavya’s bosom and started drinking my sister’s pussy with pleasure. Ahh….how much Virbhadra had fun today…how much joy he had. For half an hour he drank my sister’s juicy pussy. After that he removed all his clothes. Virbhadra’s cock was thick and huge like the cock of a bull. He put the supada of his cock on Kavya’s bosom and when he pushed hard with the gachch, his seal broke, Virbhadra started fucking my sister with pleasure. Ah in no time my sister Kavya started saying aah aah maa maa….ui ui ..aaaaa. She started fucking with her bank manager. Virbhadra Gapp Gapp started fucking Kavya. In a while Virbhadra completely lay down on my sister on the computer table and started fucking. How wonderful was this meeting, how cool was this fuck. By fucking Kavya’s virgin pussy, Virbhadra got the ultimate happiness, the ultimate happiness. Oh how tight her pussy was. Virbhadra’s cock was hardly able to fuck in that pink pussy. Friends, that day my sister fucked nonstop for 1 hour. Virbhadra fucked Kavya so much that both of them attained ultimate happiness. After that Virbhadra left his goods in Kavya’s bosom. Don’t know how many pichkaris he left in my sister’s pussy. Then Virbhadra sat down in his official reclining chair and took Kavya in his arms. “Why my nightingale… did you like my cock???? Is it sweet or not???? Virbhadra asked lovingly, “Ah…..Veer enjoyed a lot after eating your dick. Your dick is really sweet!!” My sister Kavya said, then both sat on the official chair and kept having fun till 5 in the evening. Then closed the bank and left. Friends, this is how my sister’s first fuck was completed. The next day when my sister Kavya went to the office, Veer was wearing brand new clothes. After licking my sister’s pussy, he started liking her a lot. Virbhadra gifted her a huge bouquet of fresh smelling flowers. Most of the time there was no one in the bank. Virbhadra used to flirt with my sister in his spare time. That day both of them stuck to each other as soon as they came in the morning. “Beloved!! When I went to sleep last night, I was having beautiful dreams of only you again and again!!” Kavya said, “Yesterday I rubbed and fucked you which was….” Virbhadra said, “Dear! ….Today again I have to hit your pussy….” Veer said smilingly “Fuck me to the fullest Veer…..Now I am only yours!!” My sister Kavya spoke like an altar. Both afternoon kept on handling their files till lunch time and it was time for lunch. Both started eating food together. After kissing Virbhadra, Kavya had a crush on him, and was totally hooked. Today she had made potato paratha and brinjal bharta for her friend and lover Virbhadra. She was lovingly feeding parathas to her lover Virbhadra with her own hand. After eating, Virbhadra again took him in his arms and started kissing him. Today again Veer wanted to fuck my sister. He removed Kavya’s salwar and also removed her chaddi. Both were about to start fucking that the branch manager of that co-operative bank didn’t know where he came from. A total of 3 people were together who used to supervise the work of all cooperative banks. He straightaway started entering the branch manager Virbhadra’s room. Virbhadra quickly hides Kavya’s salwar in the cupboard of the computer table. Kavya was wearing her shirt. She quickly sat down in her computer operator’s chair. She was sitting in such a way that her feet were not visible. No one could have known that she would be naked from below. Virbhadra was a very active man. He quickly fixed his hair and clothes and sat down in his chair. When the head manager and senior officials of the co-operative bank came inside, Kavya and Virbhadra gave them a warm welcome. Virbhadra shakes hands and Kavya says Namaste sir. Those three people sat on the chair in front of Virbhadra for some time and kept asking about the work.15 After 20 minutes they left. Virbhadra made the peon sit outside and said that if any officer comes here, inform him immediately. After that the manager Virbhadra came to his room and started flirting with his computer operator. He made my sister a bitch right on her table and fucked both her pussy and ass for 2 hours. Today my sister has completed 7 years in that cooperative bank. She eats Virbhadra’s cock everyday and has become his mistress. She is not even getting married and says again and again….. I just want to get fucked by Veer too and not by anyone else. You are reading this story on non veg

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