My wife’s friend fucked my wife in front of me

Hello friends, I am narrating my ordeal to you Kishan. This is from 2 years ago. I was very naive. I didn’t know anything. I was ignorant of bad sex and pussy sex. When I used to see a girl holding hands with a stick, I used to believe that these two brothers would be sisters and would tie rakhi to each other. But friends, I didn’t know that the girl who walks hand in hand with a boy in malls, markets, and parks, being naked in a closed room, kisses that boy a lot. I always saw girls smiling. But I was unaware of his other form. I used to blush when my friends used to talk about sex with me. When he used to show me bf pictures, I probably considered it bad. I didn’t watch. Also friends, I was very scared. If a boy used to tell me something, I would not say anything. He used to run away from there. Slowly my image became that of such a timid boy. All my friends used to say that when Kishan gets married, he will not be able to handle him. Someone else will run his wife. Oh he doesn’t even know how to kiss. Will this Kishan be able to fuck his wife? Slowly I became such a brave man. Actually I was very scared of sex. I had read in many books that the man’s weakness becomes weak by fisting. When wife comes, man’s cock cannot stand. Just friends, because of this fear, I never gave up or tried to learn. That’s how I got scared of sex. Slowly, a delusions formed in my heart about this. When a girl would talk to me or try to meet me, I would get nervous. I would run away from there. In this way, slowly friends, I got sex phobia. After a few months I got married. My wife’s name was Sanjana. Incidentally, my wife was more hatti katti and wrestler type than me. While I was a lean man of 50 kg, my wife was a heavy woman of 80 kg. When we had a honeymoon, my wife quickly took off her clothes and came to bed. According to tradition, he also made me drink saffron milk. Come!! She lay down naked with both her legs open. I started trembling. What happened? Sanjana spoke in a very naive voice!! I don’t know how to kiss! I said scared. No one! It’s not a very difficult thing! I’ll teach you! She spoke. I took off my clothes and sat beside him. He started shouting with his hands about my penis. It’s been half an hour but friends, my LND did not stand up. You are reading this story on non-veg Let’s stand up!! Stand up god!! I started saying my mind. But Bhosdi’s LND was what it was. Wasn’t even taking the name of standing up. Don’t be upset! I just suck it out of my mouth and make it stand. Sanjana said. She started sucking my penis with her beautiful lips. On the other hand, I was praying to the one above to stand up!! Stand up! But the LND was absolutely LAND. I could not stand up. My wife Sanjana became very sad. She knew that I was the wheel. But he had hope that the next day my penis would definitely stand. But it didn’t happen. Sanjana is now in great tension. The next day my sisters-in-law called her and jokingly said daughter-in-law!! How was the program!! Devar ji able to take you properly?? Can you satisfy?? When is the grandson giving us?? My sisters-in-law started answering all kinds of questions. Sanjana did not tell him that I am a eunuch. I did not stand Nor could I take it. My wife did not want me to be insulted in front of everyone. After a month she went to her maternal home. The poor man would lie down naked every day with his legs open, but I could not take him even once. Friends, I started drinking alcohol in this sorrow. After 2 months my wife Sanjana had come to my house. Throughout the day, time passed happily. But as soon as night fell, a wall was drawn between us. Now Sanjana used to sleep turning her face away from me. I was filled with regret. If I listened to the stories of my friends’ sexy sex, they would have taught me to masturbate, fuck, ass, fuck my mouth. And that’s how I got sex phobia. I kept suffocating inside. Slowly it became such that I could not sleep without drinking alcohol. Time and again I used to remember that talk of friends, someone else would run Kishan’s wife! This Gandu will never be able to take his wife! I used to feel like committing my suicide now. There was a young beautiful wife in the house, but I could not fuck her. Now I started thinking about dying. Then one day Sanjana said that she wants 10 thousand, has to go shopping. I gave my atm card. Sanjana came back at 10 in the night. Sanjana! where were you?? I asked and told that I am going shopping! That quote, you had left at 10 in the morning?? where was it so long?? I asked. You don’t need to know that! She spoke and went inside to change clothes. Friends, in this way she started going shopping every day. Sometimes spends 5 thousand, sometimes 10 thousand. He blew 60 thousand in 1 month. My ass got torn. Where I was thinking about dying earlier. Now I have died just like that. I started suspecting Sanjana. Slowly she would enter the bathroom with the phone and talk for 2 hours. I secretly checked his phone one day. She used to talk for hours on some number. I called back Sanjana from the same phone. Hello dear, how are you?? Tell me more. How is that six man of yours?? And tell me what day will you give me pussy?? Lund is thirsty for your pink pussy since the big day! The man said. My ass burst, friends. Both my ears became hot on hearing this. My wife was getting kissed by another man. I rang his phone and spied. I found a photo of him kissing, getting his ass killed, kissing his face with that man in the gallery. Friends, my blood boiled after seeing this photo. After sometime Sanjana came. I showed her the photo. Sanjana!! what is all this?? who is this man?? You do all these dirty things with it? Can’t you do this while I am alive? I said and raised my hand on Sanjana. He took hold of my hand. She started staring at me with dreadful eyes like a cat. Listen Kishan! I have him kissed and will kiss him every week. Because Gandu you are a eunuch! She spoke. Friends, could not believe that my woman grows on my bread and was abusing me only. I thought that today I will kill this scoundrel. I slapped and killed him. She didn’t say anything. After a week, I found my wife’s lover in the market. He had brought 15 boys with him. He kicked me, kicked me, slippers, belt, whatever he got, he hit me a lot, friends. Fuckin eunuch!! One is unable to take his wife’s pussy. He dies from above!! Brother, I will kill you with my life!! Said my wife’s lover. But I do not know from where the police came. He ran away with his boys. When I came home, everyone started asking what had happened. I said that there has been an accident. Now friends, I am very scared of my wife. After killing me, now his morale increased even more. She used to talk to her lover in front of me. Laughing out loud, smiling, and I could not do anything. One day I slammed her phone on the ground. She got angry. Get me a new phone! Otherwise I will tell mom and dad that you are eunuchs! She spoke and started going out. I had to bow down. Otherwise she would have revealed my secret. In the evening I myself went to the market and brought a new phone to him. Now even if I wanted to, I could not do anything. Now Sanjana started blackmailing me. Then one day in the afternoon I passed a bike through a park. I saw that my wife was sitting in a bush with her lover and was kissing. I stopped and he started watching the actions of both of them. Slowly both of them went under the cover of a tree. He lifted my wife’s petticoat. He took out the trunk and started drinking his burr. Then he started fucking my wife. Tears welled up in my eyes. Because I was responsible for all that I got to see today. Sanjana returned home in the night. Hey daughter!! where were you all day?? My mother asked Sanjana, Mother! Went to temple Sanjana said. But friends, only I knew the truth that she was chugging in Chhinal Park. Now slowly Sanjana’s fear went away. Now she started meeting her friend openly. After a few days it was amazing. One day at 12 o’clock in the night when everyone in the house was sleeping, Sanjana took her lover inside the house and brought her to my bedroom. I objected. Sanjana what is this?? Why did you bring this here?? I said angrily. Kishan, I am also tired of meeting out of it. From today onwards he will come every night at 12 o’clock and fuck me!! If you refuse, I will tell everyone that you are impotent! She said. Friends, I kept crying all night and his friend kept on fucking my wife in front of me. That night he fucked my wife 6 times in front of me. And beat his ass too. But I couldn’t do anything. Just kept crying and watching the spectacle. It’s been 7 months now. Sanjana’s lover has made her by choking her stomach. Everyone in my house is very happy, and is congratulating me that Happy Birthday!! You are about to become a bop. Now friends, tell me what should I do?

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