My youth is strong and husband’s penis is of no use then I..

Hello friends, today I am also going to tell you one of my stories, because I also want to lighten my mind, I am a regular reader of non-veg, I like sex stories very much, especially because of my sister-in-law. I am also a sister-in-law, a married girl can’t speak to herself, but if with a burr and a nipple and an ass, then I am a raw bud, because I was not a chudi, even though I am married, but my husband mother is such a person The one who works only with the finger, do anything to Behnchod, his penis does not stand, I rubbed his ass, rubbed the burr, I took his cock in my mouth for hours, spoke dirty talk, Showed erotic stories and movies but Haramzada was of no use, you tell me friends, what would I do when my youth was loud and my drinking was weak, what would I do? Let me tell you about myself, I live in Kanpur, live in Delhi, my husband does a small job in a company, I am twenty four years old, I am very beautiful, my body structure is very good. , I wear a bra size of thirty four , I am 5 feet 6 inches , I weigh 60 kg , I am fair , I have been a college beauty in my college time , I am very modern , I am a new woman , I want to go to disco Loved going outside, but now…. What to tell you understand yourself. My body used to be on fire, whenever I saw a boy, I kept thinking about him and my pussy would get wet, sometimes when I was alone, I used to hum “Jawaani hua joram jor, my drink fell weak, papa ho sab” Tilak (dowry) fell, water caught fire in youth” Did you like it too? At night I slept with the help of a pillow, my husband used to sleep next to him, but now I would not let him touch him, the fire would have started but nothing happened to him. Both the days my nipples started getting tight, the pussy was still a bud till today, he used to put his finger only. Now everything was out of tolerance, so I made a plan, I made a woman in my neighborhood my friend, she had only been married for two years, her husband was very attractive, very beautiful, I thought about him many times She had wet her pussy. My husband had gone to South India in connection with his company’s work, then got a call from a neighbor that your mother’s health is very bad, you come soon, I was near my brother, he lives in Dubai, mother I used to live alone in Kanpur, so I called my husband, he said go away, now I went to my friend’s house and she started crying, what should I do, I have to reach soon, so friend’s husband agreed to go with me . We both left for Kanpur early in the morning, arrived at around 5 in the evening, saw mother she was in the hospital, the doctor said she is out of danger now, then my life came to life, we both ate food at night and hotel in front Leela Place was booked on the same room, I thought there could not be a better opportunity than this, but I had to impress my friend’s husband, so I said today I have gone a long way, should I have a beer today, then he said Why don’t you bring whiskey if you want, I said okay, I had drunk alcohol many times before this too. It was ten o’clock in the night, he brought whiskey and chicken tandoori, at that time I was wearing a pink color night suit, inside I was not wearing a bra and my lips were painted with pink lipstick. I was looking very hot when I looked at myself in the mirror. It happened as soon as he came in he said oh my god, what are you looking like sister-in-law, I smiled, he sat watching, now Ramesh (friend’s husband) was staring at me, looking at my nipples. But she was watching, because my nipple was visible from the top of the night, I was very happy and was also paying a little prank, it had been an hour eating and drinking, now both the drunk mother had come, then only Ramesh said sister-in-law you are looking amazing today, so I said then what is the intention, said both of us are alone, I like you very much, what tonight….. so who refused to say…. His voice was faltering and youth too, he slowly came to me, I unbuttoned his shirt and started kissing on his chest. He took me in his arms, and started pressing my nipples and kissing on the lips, then he took off my nightie, he started sucking my teat in his mouth, today I felt that my body felt a man’s hand I shivered, the hairs trembled, I was ready to kiss but didn’t want to do it immediately, I first got my burr licked, ass licked, armpit hair, pussy hair, thighs, whole body he licked me hair follicles I stood up, the pussy became wet, the nipples became pink and tight, I started to suffer in the fire of my lust, he raised my leg, put the penis on the pussy and put the whole penis inside in one push . I was restless till today, I had a cock in my burrow, the ass was lifted up and started chugging, that too was fucking in full speed, I was just ah ah ah aha aha aha ufff ufff ufff uff uff sound from my mouth was coming out, then after choking for about 30 minutes, I fell down, then after fifteen minutes he also put his essence semen in my burrow, after that, sometimes the ass continued throughout the night, one peg in between Was taking whiskey and kissing, remained the same for the second day and kept chudwat, I was completely satisfied today, my first kiss had taken me to heaven, now whenever my husband goes out, I I used to kiss Ramesh, but nowadays my friend has got doubts, I am putting strings to make someone else kiss, if you want to have sex or sex chat with me, comment, I will reply, How did you like this story of mine, do rate it, I will post myself and your story again on nonveg till then thank you

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