Neetu aur uski Chudai – Dirty Indian Stories

Neetu was a hard working woman. Indeed, she had done it hard most of her life. She was born into a relatively well to do family in India, but was married off at a fairly young age to a man whom she had never met before. Like a lot of arranged marriages, her husband was much older than she was, and in Neetu’s case, Kumar was a full 20 years older. She was only 25 years old when Kumar moved their whole young family to the US. He said that they would find hope and opportunity there. Instead, Kumar found prescription pills and Neetu found herself the sole breadwinner for the family. So while he went only disability support, she ended up supporting not only her husband pill habit, but also supporting her children.And that was where she found herself 20 years later, still a working mom some, grinding out an existence working in a local store. Even though she was now in her late 40’s and just an average looking Indian mom, she did notice the occasional flirty customer or co-worker who paid her a bit more attention than usual. She was about 5 foot 5, with softly gently curves and round C-cup breasts. While the breasts did garner some attention, what the guys really appreciated was her soft, round butt which wobbled slightly when she walked. Her long, dark hair framed her deep soulful eyes, and her mid-brown skin was unusually smooth for someone of her age. Most people would have guessed that she was just under 40.But while guys may have made the occasional pass at her, she turned down all offers that came her way. Despite Neetu’s frustrations with her unsatisfactory husband, her typically conservative upbringing did not really allow her to consider an extra-marital affair. And she certainly wouldn’t consider a divorce; her in-laws (and indeed her own family) would never let her live down that shame.And so it seemed Neetu would live out the rest of her life, stuck in an unfulfilling marriage that appeared to have no end. That is, until the fateful day when Mitch walked into her life.Neetu was the last person left in the store, as usual. She was never really in a rush to get home, with her son already at college and a husband at home who she really didn’t want to see, and thus she was often the last one there. She was just in the process of shutting everything down when someone came in through the entrance.“I’m sorry, but we are closed for the day,” she said, without looking up. “We open again at 9am tomorrow.”Heavy footsteps approached.“I’m not interested in buying anything. I am more interested in you, Neetu,” said a strange, slightly threatening male voice.She looked up, shocked that a stranger knew her name. A tall, young man, maybe in his mid 20’s was approaching the counter. He was a bit more than 6 foot, lean and muscular. Loose curls of blonde hair peeked out under the hoodie he was wearing. But what stuck Neetu the most was the piercing blue eyes that stared straight at her from the hoodie…cold, calculating eyes that almost looked through her.“Ummm, what can I do for you?” she asked nervously. “And how do you know my name?”“Your husband told me. You see, I’m one of his drug dealers.”She knew it! It was that no good husband of her. Causing trouble for her again. The threatening man introduced himself at Mitch.“Kumar is behind in his payments,” he continued. “I went over to your place to collect, but he was barely awake. He told me he had no cash on him, so he sent me here, Neetu. Now it’s time to pay up.”She breathed out a long sigh. “OK, how much?”“Fifteen.”She reached into her purse under the counter and pulled out $15. The man on the other side of the counter looked at the money, then at Neetu and laughed.“I mean, fifteen grand, lady.”“What?!” she almost screamed. “How could he owe that much?”“Hey, I deal good stuff. And that is interest as well. He is way behind in his payments, like I said.”“My gosh! I don’t have that kind of money on me!” Neetu had to think fast. “Come to the back office.”The man followed her to the office safe. There was a loose change box that no-one really paid much attention to. Maybe there would be something in there.She bent over the safe. She was just wearing a pair of jeans and a company polo shirt. Unbeknownst to her, Mitch was checking out her rear end as the jeans tightened around her bent over body. ‘Not a bad looking piece of ass,’ he thought to himself.She unlocked the box and started to count up the dollar bills and change. It would never be enough, that much was obvious.“Ummm, why don’t you give me your card, and I will get the rest for you when the bank opens tomorrow. Just think of this as a down payment.”Mitch considered this for a little while. But not for long.“Look, Neetu, this is ridiculous. This is, what like 5% of what Kumar owes me. This is a big debt, and I want it paid back. I have a reputation to protect.”Neetu gulped. “So what do you want from me? I don’t have access to that kind of money at this time of night.”“I think you can pay off that debt in another way, Neetu,” he said, looking her up and down.Neetu unconsciously backed away a little. She didn’t like the way her was leering at her, and she knew exactly what he meant.She backed away a little quicker as he began to approach her, until she was suddenly stopped by the cold, hard wall behind her. His arm reached around her waist.“Hmmm, nice. You feel soft and I like that. I think you can repay that debt very well on your back…or on your hands and knees, whichever you would prefer.”Neetu would never admit it to him, but she actually started to feel tingles as she felt Mitch’s strong arm around her. He had his hood down, showing his curly, sandy blonde locks. His blue eyes, his hair, his tanned tight body, he was like one of the young surfers from across town. He was certainly good looking, and she couldn’t believe that he was interested in her. Other than the fear inherent in the situation, she was actually quite flattered, really. And it wasn’t like Kumar had pleased her physically for years now.But despite feeling more than a little thrilled at Mitch’s attention, she was still a deeply conservative Indian mother. Even though there was no one else around, she couldn’t go against her years of strait-laced upbringing. Neetu struggled against his sudden embrace despite how futile it probably was.“Now, now, Neetu, I wouldn’t want to do anything unnecessary,” Mitch said as he lifted his jacket and showed her a gun tucked into his belt.She had never seen a gun in real life before. She started shaking and knew that she would have to do whatever he said. And in a weird way, it made things easier for her. She didn’t have to feel guilty about what happened because it was all out of her hands now. A strange calm then settled over her.“That’s better, Neetu. Be a good girl and I promise you will have a good time. A really good time.”“But…but…I am not that kind of woman…” she said unconvincingly.“Oh, but I think you are,” Mitch replied as he undid the buttons on her polo shirt. “Now strip for me.”Neetu hesitated, but then slowly pulled up her shirt with her trembling hands, up and over her head. She carefully laid the polo shirt on an office chair, like she was packing something away at home. Then she took off her shoes and socks. Undoing the button and zip on her jeans, slowly sliding the pants down her thighs. She also neatly folded the jeans and put them on the chair. Standing there in just her bra and panties, she looked at Mitch, drinking in her body with his eyes.“I said strip. Take it all off.”She unhooked her bra and let the straps fall down her arms. As the cups of the bra fell away from her breasts, she involuntarily crossed her arms across her chest. A quick “tut-tut” from Mitch was all it took to tell her to let bra fall to the floor, her ample breasts how standing out in the open. Her dark nipples became erect as the cool air brushed against her bare skin.Next, with her hands trembling ever more, she began to pull her panties down, over her knees and slipping them past her ankles one by one, until she stood there naked in front of the stranger.Mitch strode towards her. Neetu flinched as he grabbed her pussy with his hands. He worked his fingers into her dark pussy lips, which were now getting quite moist.“I think you like this, Neetu. You seem to be getting quite wet down there. How about giving me a nice blow job?”As he said that, he started to push one finger into her pussy. It slipped in easily as she was now really wet. She closed her eyes and moaned.“Just like I thought. You do want to suck my cock, you little slut. Get down on your knees.”He unzipped his pants as she complied. To her amazement, out popped a big cock, much bigger than Kahn’s 5 inches. It was thick and veiny too. She had rarely ever performed oral sex for her hubby, but right now, with this long white cock in front of her, all she could think of was having this monster inside her mouth, tasting it.She opened her mouth and took the cockhead into a little. She moaned a little as she tasted his salty pre-cum, licking it off and swallowing it.“Mmmm, that’s right baby, take it all in,” Mitch commanded. He ran his fingers through her dark hair before grabbing her head with both hands. Gently, but forcefully, he pushed her head towards him. Neetu took more of him into her mouth, sliding her lips down his shaft as far as it would go.She felt like such a hussy. Naked, on her knees with a stranger’s cock in her mouth, using her lips and tongue to please him as much as she could. She used her hands to stroke the base of his cock that was not in her mouth.Mitch was obviously enjoying himself. He watched as this conservative Indian housewife lavished his cock with her mouth. But as much as he was enjoying this, he wanted more.“Get up. Now bend over and spread you legs…wider,” he ordered, kicking her feet apart.He put his cock head onto her pussy lips and let it rest there for a little while. Not only was Neetu extremely wet by now, she was even moving her hips towards him slightly, willing that cock inside her.“You want it bad, huh? Beg me to fuck you.”Neetu hesitated. She never said such rude words in her life, but she was in such an aroused state that she was not herself anymore. Neetu was no longer the put-upon by faithful wife or dutiful mother. Something different was waking inside her.“Fuck me,” she said softly.Mitch slapped her soft ass. “What? I can’t hear you?”Neetu squealed like a schoolgirl at the slap on her behind.“Fuck me!” Neetu said more loudly after a while. She couldn’t believe she was saying something like this.“You betcha.”Mitch grabbed the flesh around Neetu’s hips tightly. She was so wet that just a light push buried half his shaft into her waiting love tunnel.Neetu threw her head back and let out a loud, wide-eyed gasp. Her pussy stretched to accommodate the invading white meat spear. Mitch was much wider than Kahn.“Goodness gracious! You are so big!” she cried out.“I ain’t even half way in yet. Here, have some more.”Hands still on her soft hips he fed more of his cock into her hungry cunt. Neetu’s hands scrabbled over the desk, grabbing and flinging pieces of paper everywhere. She wondered how much more of Mitch there was and whether she could take all of it.“You felt that, huh?” he asked as she grunted with each thrust.He pushed in more roughly, causing her to moan loudly, until his white cock had disappeared between her soft, brown ass cheeks. As he started to thrust in and out, he spanked her a few times on her butt. She squealed with each slap.“You like that, don’t you slut?”“Oh, yes…I love it.” She couldn’t believe what was coming out of her mouth.“Good girl,” Mitch said as one of his big hands reached around and tweaked a big, dark nipple.It wasn’t long before the room started to spin around Neetu’s head. Her breathing became for rapid, and then suddenly her body was wracked by a huge orgasm. This was music to Mitch’s ears, and he pounded her harder from behind. His own thrusts became more erratic.“Oh, yeah baby, I’m cumming. Where do you want it?”“Please, cum inside me,” she begged.Mitch grabbed her hips and then exploded deep into her womb. As she felt his hot spunk flow into her, she climaxed again, involuntarily clenching her pussy muscles. Neetu felt so dirty and shameful that she had enjoyed being used by a complete stranger so much. But there was no denying that Mitch had just given her the best orgasms of her life, totally unlike anything she had experienced with Kahn before. She stood there catching her breath, feet wide apart, still impaled by the throbbing cock.“You know, I would have cum in there anyway, cos your married pussy is mine now. You are a pretty good ride, but that was just a down payment, like you said earlier.”“But…but…isn’t the debt repayed?”“Kahn owed me a lot of money. You are a sweet piece of ass, but you’re not worth 15 grand,” Mitch said as he pulled out of her. “You’re going to have to work that body of your quite a few more times before that is all paid off. Yep, me and my crew are going to be having be having some fun with you.”As the cum ran down her legs and Mitch got dressed to leave, Neetu contemplated her fate. The good, Indian wife had now tasted the forbidden fruit of sex with strangers. She was about to become sex toy for a gang of young men. And it filled her with shame and amazement that she was very turned on by this.Still bent over the table, naked and exposed Neetu turned to him and said “Call me, and I’ll be ready.”“That’s a good girl”, Mitch said as he left.Continue Reading

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