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Hello friends, my name is Kishore, I am 21 years old and my penis size is 6.2 inches. This story is about the sex of Anjali Bhabhi, daughter-in-law of a joint family living in front of my house. In this way, I am the first story of non-veg, but I am a regular visitor of this website, so it is my duty to present my true story for you too. Once all the people of my house went out and all the people of his house went out and were going to come after a few days. I was alone in my house and she was alone in her house, if I needed something, I would tell my sister-in-law and whenever my sister-in-law needed something, I used to bring some things etc. Once she came to my place to ask for milk. I said that sister-in-law, you sit for a while, I will come after taking bath and then give it to you. Then I went to take a bath and when I came back, sister-in-law was watching TV and we intentionally started changing clothes in front of her, yes but there was a towel. Then we brought milk to them and asked them to take milk sister-in-law, has your milk finished? She used to understand all my double meaning things, just did not give any reply and also did not feel bad. Sister-in-law said and what is happening brother. She used to call us brother with love, normally it happens in everyone’s life. We said nothing sister-in-law, just life is passing like this, you tell what is going on in your life. So sister-in-law said yes, nowadays he is alone, there is no much work in the house, just watching TV and sleeping. I said sister-in-law, let’s go, it’s okay, she lives alone, she must not be having fun, she said yes, why not, as it is fun alone. You don’t even go, I’ll go. I said ok. To tell the truth friends, I feel like fucking my sister-in-law on seeing her. But what to do in such a hurry, the work is not done, is it? Sister-in-law’s figure is amazing. Ohh it’s fun when she moves. His walking with a bang takes my life. Amazing body structure. Tight big tits in front, bulge of ass outwards, anyone’s mind gets upset. In the evening we went to his house because we were getting bored at home, sister-in-law was in saree, I asked that sister-in-law is not at home now, then why are you in saree. Why? She said that she looks good only in saree, that’s why tell me more, how did you remember us? I said that sister-in-law, I always remember you, now there is no one at home, so whenever we are free, we only remember you, that’s why she said, well, keep your mask with you. I said why are you sitting quietly. Turn on the TV, then sister-in-law said, what should I tell, today the TV has gone bad and now it is time for my favorite serial to come. I am now feeling that my serial will be missed today. So I said, come and watch TV at my place, you will also be interested and I will also be interested in talking to you. Sister-in-law got ready and said okay let’s go. She then said, Kishore Bhaiya, I understand all the double meaning you say, I broke down thinking that maybe something can happen now, then we said that if sister-in-law understands you all, then why doesn’t she reply? What is there to reply in this? So I asked if you don’t mind. She did not say that she is mad, how is she displeased with your words, then she laughed and suddenly asked that tell me how many girlfriends you have, then we said that not even one. So she said, “Achha ji” means, have you ever told the truth? Well, did you tell how many people you have done this with? I said what have you done? So she said, he talks so much double meaning, but he can’t understand, hey, how many people have you had sex with? I remained silent for a while and then said in my own style that no where have you had sex sister-in-law. Girls don’t give in easily, so she said hey, what is there in her, get a beautiful girl and do the work… While saying this, she jokingly pulled me towards her. And you only give it. I said you make me sleep with you. Sister-in-law smiled a little and said that if you want to sleep, you will only sleep and nothing else, I said, oh sister-in-law, sleeping means we want to have sex with you, sister-in-law said ok. If brother comes to know about this. So I said where will it be known, I am also alone and you are also alone, this opportunity will not come again and again. Friends, my heartbeat had become fast, my breathing started moving loudly. I was afraid that sister-in-law might not do it and tell someone that I have said so, but she started smiling. Her hair was in front, I turned it back, Aanchal was slightly shifted, both her nipples were peeping out from above the pink blouse. I stared at her nipples, then she said, I am understanding, your intentions are not right today. So I said, sister-in-law, you have spoiled my intentions. And I put my hand on his shoulder. That’s why sister-in-law said, at least close the front window. I immediately closed the window and as soon as I came back I wrapped her in my arms. Started kissing him. I was sucking her pink juicy lips, sister-in-law was also trying to stick me to her chest by closing her eyes. His boobs were pressing against my chest and trying to get out of the blouse. My breath started running fast. And started feeling amazing. I started pressing her boobs. She started acting hesitant. And started taking body wraps too. I really liked his gesture. Then slowly the sound of this, this, aa aa started coming from his mouth. I understood that she has become sensuous now. And now they want land. Then I unbuttoned her saree from below and she started exhaling loudly. I made her lie down and sat on top of her, I had unbuttoned my panties, my thick long land started crawling on her stomach and I untied the hook of her blouse, then got up a little and took out her bra and blouse. I broke down on him. She was also biting her lips with her teeth and ah ah oops oops and was stuffing the pillow in her fist. Was looking amazing. Absolutely fair body, two big round nipples on top, and pink pink nipple on top, I immediately went down, unbuttoned her petticoat and took off her panty. Touched her pussy and saw that her pussy was very wet. The pussy was absolutely clean. I felt like licking. But sister-in-law refused. Quote tickles me. I didn’t force too much. And put one of my fingers in the pussy, ohhh the stove was burning. It was very hot inside and she had left water in her pussy which was completely wet. I took out my land and spread the leg of sister-in-law, put the land inside, she took a long sigh and licked her lips with her tongue, and smiled. I said what happened sister-in-law, why are you smiling. Sister-in-law said that she has got a strange omen. Cock is inside. And she slowly started moving her ass. And I started moving the cock up and down. She would jerk from below and I would jerk from above, sound of dhab dhab started coming in the whole room. And in between, sister-in-law would say ah ah ah, and then lick her lips with her tongue and she was now making loud sounds aa hahah hmmmn nh mmh huh mnnnn nnnnn huh huh mha mmm mmm mmm mmh after a while she fainted And as soon as the passion came and I started pounding the cock in her pussy, after that I was also about to ejaculate and as soon as my sperm was about to come out, I got my eggs out and as soon as it came out, the cock shot like a sperm sprayer. Started throwing Sperm fell in sister-in-law’s face, some on her boobs, some on her lips and cheeks, she was licking the sperm with her tongue. Sister-in-law said, you have a lot of enthusiasm. Today you made me happy. And started talking by keeping her head on my mat. Her teats were in my body, I was caressing her hair. Then the conversation started. Both were naked. She was caressing my chest hair, she was saying. I wanted a cock like this. I said what brother doesn’t make you happy? So he bids but not like this. Today I was shaken, enjoyed it and she again caught hold of my cock. As soon as I caught the cock, my cock started getting erect again. After that she again climbed on top of me, you are reading this story on non-veg story dot com. And started sucking my lips. And I started playing with her boobs. She then took her pussy to my cock and holding it with her own hand put it in her pussy, and started jumping and getting rid of it. I also started hitting from below. And she used to ah ah ah, her teats would also move but I would catch like a ball, and she started bouncing like this. And within a short time she fell again. I also pushed inside and out 10-15 times, and then left all the material in her pussy this time. Then we both slept for about half an hour and then both took bath together by running a waterfall in the bathroom. Friends, both of us remained like husband and wife again for five days, because there was no one in both of their houses. And both of us took advantage of this. hot bhabhi sex, bhabhi ki chudai, sex with neighbor, beautiful bhabhi sex kahani, hot sexy sex story, neighbor bhabhi sex, sex kahani bhabhi, desi bhabhi sex story

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