Neighbor scolded my mother and tore her bur

Hello friends, I welcome all of you very much to nonveg I’ve been a regular reader of it for many years now and not a night goes by when I don’t read its succulent chudai stories. Today I am telling you my story. I hope everyone will like this story. This is a real incident of my life. My name is Harpal. I am from Shamli which is near Saharanpur. There was an earthquake in my simple life when I came to know that my mother was having an affair with a neighbor. I am telling you all what happened when and how. My mother’s name is Disha. She is 33 years old now but remains so beautiful and maintained that she looks 16 years old now. He is divorced from his father and now only me and mother live together in the house. Whenever she goes to the market, people whistle after seeing her. Mommy is very beautiful and sexy stuff. People only stand when they see my beautiful mother. She often wears a sari but when she gets in the mood, she also wears a salwar suit. Fair and beautiful is so much that people call her as Chhamiya. Mummy ji’s body is full and chubby. Mmm is very strong at 36″. The figure is of 36 30 32. If she walks with her ass and buttocks backwards, then the hearts of the people go away. How many men start dreaming of fucking them? How many want to caress and press them by placing their hands on their shoulders. But only the lucky man gets to fuck my mother’s juicy pussy. Waking up in the morning, she used to take a bath with a lot of soap and stool and then used to do make-up sitting in front of the mirror for 2 hours. By 10 o’clock it was time for my college and I used to leave the house. When I returned home at night, the condition of my mother’s bedroom looked deteriorating. Every time I used to find broken condoms, gajre wala flower, and bangles in his hand in his bedroom. I could not understand anything. I used to get upset thinking about condoms. But I did not have the courage to ask my mother in front of me. “Is he having an affair with anyone?” I used to think in my mind. It was a matter of 5 days ago that I went to my college but a professor had died. That’s why we were laid off. Now I had a big heart to watch TV. I started cycling very quickly to reach home as soon as possible and then I would watch my favorite discovery channel. I came home and parked the cycle on one side. “Mummy!! I have come” I heard a voice but no one said, the house seemed empty. I could not understand where is my mother. I looked everywhere but saw no one. Then I heard some noises from the first floor. When I started going up the stairs to the first floor, the noise increased. “Oh mother….oh mother… There were warm warm sounds. I went to the upper room and saw that the door was closed. It was just a little open. Those voices were coming from the same room. I moved forward like a spy. Seeing what I saw changed my life forever. Mummy ji was kissing the neighbor man. Both were lying on the bed. That man was quickly sucking the milk of my young and sexy mother and was enjoying it. Saw him naked for the first time in his life earlier today. My mother was looking beautiful and sexy goods. Aaj Tak saw her in a sari, today was seeing naked for the first time. She was so white from inside that my cock stood up. I wish I could fuck my mom so much fun. She was completely naked. His buttocks were very big. His lover was loving caressing his buttocks. He was making love in his arms. “direction !! You are so sexy” he was saying again and again. His bare milk was pressing hard with his hand. Today for the first time I saw my mother’s green chicks with my own eyes. Oh how beautiful she was White smooth and round round black balls were being applied around the nipples only today. That neighbor man was sucking his teat in his mouth. How loudly loudly. He was robbing all the fun. Was drinking both the boobs well by running the mouth. My mother was accompanying him. Then he started kissing by moving his tongue on her stomach. He started pulling the skin with his teeth. The man was repeatedly pointing fingers at the mother’s navel. Mom “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aye..aye. .Ai… U U U U U…” She was sobbing while speaking. For how long he kept sucking and drinking her sexy padded navel. “Rajesh!! Will you only enjoy from above that will you enjoy the inside too?? The mother said and started twirling her hand in the hair of her head. “Hold on my dear!! Today I will chow down on you in such a way that I will remember the whole month” said the neighbor man, he opened the feet of the mother and mother started seeing the beautiful pussy. For 2 minutes he was staring at the pink bosom of his mother. Then he lay down and started licking the mother’s bhoda very quickly. Mom was having great fun. He was quickly putting his pussy inside his pussy. My mother’s pussy was pink in color. The man was licking it quickly. The lips of mother’s pussy were like big butterflies. He was robbing me of fun by biting his lips with his infamous teeth, like my mother is his Joru. “Disha Rani!! There is no answer to your chudki. The more I see it, the more I want to see it.” said the neighbor man and started licking it quickly. Mommy “Aaaahahhhhh…..EEEEEEE….ohhhh….ai. ..i..i…….” was making sexy voices. He was feeling good. He was drinking pussy goods very quickly. “Relax Rajesh!! Lick my pussy comfortably” Mummy started saying then she started fingering in the pussy. At first slowly then fast fast. My mother was getting tossed out of bed. She was lifting her ass and waist. She was making sensual sounds by opening her mouth loudly. That man was robbing all the fun. For how long did I keep fingering at my mother’s bosom? When the white cream was applied, he would take it in the mouth and lick it. Getting hot, mother started pressing some of her nipples herself. From that neighbor man pulled the mother towards him. He opened his feet. Put his 10″ long and 4″ thick cock on the hole of the pussy and pushed. The cock went inside. He started kissing my mother in front of my eyes. Everyone was having fun. I was upset seeing all this. Today my mother was kissing in front of me. That man’s cock was very thick, just like a donkey’s lad. He was shouting loudly. Mom was having sex comfortably. It was fun. “… .Om…Om…Unhoon Unhoon..”’s sexy voice was coming out. She was taking long breaths. He had sex with full desire. Today I robbed my mother’s respect. With a lot of fucks. Torn my mother’s pussy. Then tired and dropped the goods in the pussy itself. Then he lay down on his mother’s side. She fell in love with that Namurad. Both began to rest. I was watching everything from outside that room. Then I went to the toilet. I slipped from there. When I came after 15 minutes, I saw that both of them were making their season again. Mummy ji was going to be chudai again. “Rajesh!! If you want to fuck, then fuck quickly. My son Harpal is about to come from college now” Mother said to him “Come on Nisha Rani! Be a bitch now” said the bastard. Mommy became happy and quickly became a bitch. oh god!! Mummy’s ass and backyard were looking so beautiful that what should I tell you guys. He put his head on the bed and, bending his knees, raised his ass like a camel. Seeing Mummy’s backyard, the man went mad and started caressing her chubby butt with his hand. Touched everywhere. The hand was moving round and round. Then he started kissing. Mommy “…….ui. .Ui..Ui…….mother….ohhhh mother……ahhhhhh…” started doing. “Oh Rajesh!! how much you love me Do Rajesh, love me more.” Mummy ji said that she started loving me more. How many times did he kiss her sexy flat butt. Then putting his tongue in the hole of the ass, he started licking. Now my mother was enjoying it more. The man was drinking his mother’s ass. He was licking quickly and with one hand was stirring the grain of the pussy quickly. Seeing all this, my cock went twitching. It happened that I should go and fuck my mother now. He was licking the hole in his ass with his eyes closed. Mommy was a bitch. It seemed that some idol had been kept. He was licking by simply moving his tongue. He was cool. After all he put his 10″ long and 4″ thick cock on my mother’s ass hole and gave a loud push. … ha ha ha.. o ho ho…. rest easy Rajesh!! Look slowly kicking my ass. If you speed up, there will be pain.” Mummy ji, the man from the neighborhood was showing the hole in the ass of the mother. Started kicking quickly. Mommy started getting drunk. He was kicking my own mother’s ass in front of my eyes. Till today I used to think of my mother as a decent woman, but today her veil was exposed. The truth was that she was the number one chubby lady. His night could not pass without eating cock. Papa had left him because of his mother’s loafing. Now I was remembering everything. My mother had trapped Dinesh, a friend of her father, in her love affair and had made him kiss after calling her in the house. One day the father caught the mother red handed. After that the divorce was given. Friends, suddenly I remembered everything. I had abused my father so much but in reality my mother was wrong. Now everything was clear. That neighbor man was on his job. Till now 15 minutes had passed while beating my mother’s ass. Mummy’s ass hole was 3″ thick. The man was sweating. “OH GOD!… OH GOD!….Fuck Me Harder!….Command Fuck Me Harder!…Fuck My Ace!!” Mom started saying Raising his hand, he was slapping hard on the back of his mother. chit chit chit chit!! When it fell on the forehead of the mother, a red finger would be printed. How hard did he slap it? Then spit in the well of mother’s ass. He also spit on his cock and again put it in the mummy’s pumpkin. Quickly he started kicking ass again. My mom’s ass looked like a big pumpkin. Soon that man started having anal sex. Today, he had put his mother’s mother only. He was a man with high stamina. Long Lauda was sister’s Lauda. His doles were made of sholay. It looked like a healthy body. And his cock was very long. His ace fumed for a while and then it fell. He took out the condom from his lauda. It was full of his goods. Mom got up from the bed and quickly opened her mouth. That neighbor man turned the condom upside down in mother’s mouth and all the goods fell in mother’s mouth. It all sucked. Dressed with that man. I moved away so that he could not see me. Then the man left. Put the condom from mom under the bed itself. Now I understood all about whose condom was that. Now mommy hastily started wearing her blouse petticoat. I quickly went down the stairs and went to my room and slept. Friends, I could not sleep that night. At night, I was remembering the scene of mummy ki chudai repeatedly while taking to bed. I punched once. But after 1 hour it became weather again. That’s how I fisted 5 times that night. Then I fitted a camera in that room. After a few days, the man came to Fi and he again sucked the cock and licked the mother again and once again kicked the ass. After he left, I sold that video to a friend for full 3 thousand rupees. Slowly that video of mummy ki chudai went viral in the entire Shamli district and up to UP, Delhi, Punjab by WhatsApp. One day my mother and I were having dinner at the table in the evening. Someone sent that video on my mother’s phone. When mom saw her fuck with her own eyes, she was stunned. She was looking at me with questioning eyes. But his lips were trembling. She didn’t say anything. For a few months he refused his lover to come to our house. But then the urge to fuck started happening, mother-in-law. And again she started kissing. How did you like the story, do give your comments on nonveg

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