Not husband but brother gave me pleasure of body and made me mother

Friends, my name is Babli, today I am going to tell you a true story of mine, this is my first sex story on and maybe this will be my last story, because by writing this story, I am only sharing my heart Friends, sometimes such things and incidents happen in life that it is not known at which turn life is taking you. Today I am going to present the biggest event of my life or say the biggest happiness which I am going to present in front of you. I am a girl from a poor family, my father has passed away long ago. My elder brother is older than me. We didn’t dream big dreams of marriage because of the condition of the house was not good, it just seemed that somehow my hands would turn yellow. There was no desire for anything more than this, I got married anyway, the boy was twice as old as me, he was forty years old and I was a young bud of twenty years old, my pussy was not even shaved properly and its fat And seeing the monstrous cocks, I was sweating. On the day of my honeymoon, I was scared that what would happen to my pussy, I was getting worried, when he started talking, I came to know that he stammers. An uncle of my village had fixed my marriage. Before marriage, neither had I ever talked, nor had anyone told me that the boy stammers. The talk went ahead, he held my hand and said aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa o o o vu, friends, I just raised my head and looked with my eyes. My husband was also very nervous. Then he took off all my clothes, and fell on me, sometimes pressing the teats, sometimes teat father, sometimes he would touch the lips with his finger, sometimes he would kiss me on the cheek, his breathing was very fast. And gradually I also started getting hungover, because I was also in my youth. It seemed that a storm was about to rise inside me. My nipples were tanned. Rome Rome was standing. I wrapped my husband in my arms. And started kissing. Now he started getting worried. His cock was standing, I was feeling that I wish he could insert his cock in my pussy. One was also afraid that I don’t know what will happen. And from the other side it seemed that he should inaugurate my pussy today. I caught hold of his cock because I had become too much, but friends, as soon as I caught hold of the cock, all his semen flowed out. And the cock became 2 inches back. I was surprised. I had never banged before this, so I didn’t have much idea what happens. I started trying to hold tightly but now he started trying to get rid of me. If I would have been closer, I would have been far away, I was new, I could not even ask everything on the first night, and he fell asleep. Without worrying about anything. I put all my clothes back on. And started thinking what happened. I could not understand anything. But this much was known that the wood is not good. Firstly, the age is too much, the mind was also not right. He used to shake and stutter while walking. I was waiting for her to wake up, but that wait did not end even till morning, she woke up in the morning. Nahai was a guest in the house. A sister-in-law came and started asking. That sister-in-law, how was the night. I was silent, what should I say, nothing had happened. He got up in the morning and went out of the house and then came back at 7 in the evening, that too completely drunk. Friends, my in-laws house was very rich. There were a lot of fields, there was also a rich man in the village, but probably no one wanted to marry this wood and because I was poor, I got married, as you must have heard, the marriage of a poor person with a rich lame blind ear It is done, again at night both of us came to the room, and today I had thought that I should not touch the cocks. What started again, he opened the blouse and brassiere, started playing with the teats in his hands, started drinking, started pressing my nipples. I got excited, and he came up, I spread my legs, he put his cock on my pussy, and as soon as he tried to push, he fell again, and fell asleep. Friends, now I understood that my husband is impotent. I got upset, what should I do, I felt that my life has become bad. From the second day he did not even sleep with me, I used to sleep on the bed and he used to sleep downstairs, I remained a virgin, my brother came to pick me up on the fourth day, I started crying hugging me. He asks is everything fine. I said nothing is right. The boy is not well. That’s useless. She is a eunuch. He can’t do anything, he stammers and is also handicapped. Why did you get me married to him, what will I do with money, when I will not get the happiness of my husband, everything is useless for me. Friends, nothing could happen now. We both sat like this for two hours and were narrating our story. That’s why brother said, look sister, nothing can happen now. Now you live with this. Our poverty will be eradicated, we will have the right on this big mansion and property, I can help you, I will give you the happiness of a husband, just have a child. Who knows whether the child is mine or your husband’s village. I was also impressed by his words, and on the second day we both returned to our home, because a girl has to return to her maternal home within five days of marriage. Reached home at night, mother could not get up from her bed because she was paralyzed. Cooked food, ate it, we both brothers and sisters slept together at night, actually my honeymoon was on the same day. My brother took off all my clothes, started pressing my boobs and started drinking. My sigh was coming out. My brother’s cock was also very thick, he pressed his cock hard on my pussy, but my pussy was very tight, because of this, the cock did not go completely in my pussy. Then he set the cock in my pussy by spitting and pushing my feet on both the shoulders and pushed him hard and his entire cock entered my pussy. He started thrusting his cock into my pussy and I also started lifting my ass and getting fucked. Friends, while mashing my tits, he was taking the cock inside and out, and I was also filling him in my arms and holding his butt, was jerking hard in my pussy. Fucked me hard throughout the night, my pussy was very swollen during the whole night, and it was hurting a lot. But there was peace in my mind that come on, I will spend my life with the help of my brother, the wealth will be received from my husband, and everything else will be received from my brother. Friends, we both used to sleep together at night and used to fuck a lot, after a few days I went back to my in-laws house, I came to know in my in-laws house that I am pregnant and the father of my future child is my brother. I started persuading my husband because I wanted to name this child not brother’s but husband’s. In the night, while taking off his clothes, I would also take off all the clothes, and rub his cock on my pussy, and say that the cock has gone inside. While the cock rubs itself on top of the small pussy, and gradually everyone came to know that I am from the stomach, everyone became happy because everyone knew that nothing was going to happen to this maniac. But everyone was happy. It was happening that now a child is going to be born from it. My brother would come, stay for a long time, fuck me, and then go back. Today I have two children. In name I am the wife of my husband, in reality I am my brother and the father of both the children is my brother.

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