Office Sex Story, My Boss and My Wife Sex Story, Boss ne Wife ko Choda

Office Sex Story, My Boss and My Wife Sex Story, Boss ne Wife ko Choda : My name is Manoj Parekh. I work in Shimla city of Himachal Pradesh. My family lives in Delhi. I have two kids who are 2 years old and 4 years old. The younger one is the son while the elder one is the daughter. My family lives with my father in Delhi but wife sometimes comes to Shimla to stay with me for a few days with family. I have only one room in Shimla which is less for the whole family so we have to stay in hotel. Last year when my wife had come with the family, I had also taken my boss to meet the family. My boss is not much older than me. There will be hardly a difference of 5-6 years. When the boss came to me to meet the family, his eyes kept on my wife again and again. I knew my boss was in a tizzy because his tales with girls in the office often kept flying in the air, so it was no surprise to me that he scolded my wife. I thought, the palm is there, what is going to happen to it. That’s why even after seeing everything, I ignored his action. It is a private job anyway. Even if I didn’t like it, I couldn’t do anything. Because in private there is a job of yes and no, there is a house of a living. So the matter was not in my control. But the point to note here was that even my wife did not seem to have any objection to it. She too was looking at my boss with a slight smile. I forgot to mention my wife’s name. My wife’s name is Komal. Like the name, his body is also very soft. Even after being the mother of two children, she has maintained her figure as if she had just got married. His age is around 29. Komal’s chicks are in great shape and the waist is very thin. When she wears a saree, Deepika looks no less than a padukone. That’s why the boss’s eye was going on my heroine again and again. Here Komal was also watching the boss from time to time. My boss is hilly. Looking quite handsome and curvy body. He also does daily gym. Height is normal but quite fair and full body. This is the reason why girls get easily attracted towards him. Maybe my wife was one of them. Who was responding to the sharp and mischievous look of the boss by repeatedly knocking down the pallu of her saree. After meeting the family, the boss said- Well Manoj, I will go. Here my wife Komal said – Hey sir, you eat dinner at our place. I am going to make a special dish for you. Both sweet and spicy. Hearing Komal’s words, a mysterious smile floated on the red lips of the Boss. Boss said- Yes of course, my best employee’s wife invites me for dinner and I don’t come, how can this happen. Boss shook hands with me and left everyone bye. I too went to work. When he returned home at 6 in the evening, Komal had made all the preparations for the meal. As soon as he came home, he asked me – has your boss not come? I said – I am walking around a bit with the boss in my pocket. Actually I was getting a little annoyed because my wife was worried about my boss more than me. So I was a little angry too. I said- Komal, make a cup of tea. She said – OK, but once you call the boss, then find out till what time he is coming. I said angrily – if I do not know, will you not drink tea? She also understood that maybe I am getting irritated because of talking about the boss. So she quietly went to the kitchen and started making tea. I had taken out my mobile from my pocket to call the boss when the doorbell rang. Komal was making tea in the kitchen. When I went and opened the door, the boss was standing at the door. I also wished the boss good evening with a false smile and abused my heart, – come bastard, the devil is present as soon as he takes the name. One gets so much work done and above all my wife also wants it in bonus. Before I asked the boss to come in, he pulled me aside and walked in. It’s the boss. can come anywhere. Even if it is the employee’s home. Well, I closed the door and the boss came and sat down on the sofa in front. After making soft tea, she came out of the kitchen with a tray in her hand. Only one cup was kept in the tray. He greeted the boss and presented the cup of tea in front of the boss. The boss also lifted the cup of tea from the tray, looking at Komal’s nipples. I was watching their actions like a surprised monkey. Boss said- Hey Manoj, you will not take tea. Here Komal said – Oh sir, you take it, I bring them in another cup. Looking at Komal, the boss said – Yes, I have come to take it. Komal smiled softly and went back to the kitchen whining. I also sat on the couch with the boss and we both started talking. In this, again with a cup of tea in a soft tray, she came again to the drawing room and placed the tray on the table in front of me. She also sat in front of both of us. The pallu of her sari slid slightly below her chest, giving a glimpse of the upper crevices of her white milks. When I looked at the boss, he was taunting Komal’s chest like a vulture. Komal was becoming unaware even after seeing everything. The three started talking to each other. In this my daughter Navya came to Komal playing. Seeing the daughter, the boss said- Mrs. Parekh, seeing you, you do not feel that you are the mother of two children. You have maintained yourself a lot. Komal also smiled with mischievous eyes. He told Navya – go daughter, you go to the bedroom and watch TV. I serve food for uncle. Having said that, she got up again and went to the kitchen and Navya in the bedroom. In 10 minutes my wife decorates the plates of soft food on the table. We start eating. It was night and it was getting colder. After eating, the boss said – Mrs. Parekh’s food was very good. After a long time have eaten such delicious food. Komal said- Thank you, you will keep coming, you will get a chance to serve again. After saying this, the boss also smiled. Boss said- Surely Mrs. Parekh. Your hospitality was very nice. Your husband’s promotion is going to happen soon. Komal said – Sir, if you do not mind, then you stay here tonight, don’t you. Now the night is already enough and it is very cold outside. Will go after breakfast in the morning. The Boss smiled as if Komal had snatched the word from his mouth. Boss said – yes, why not, what work do I have at home? Anyway, my wife and children have gone to Jammu on vacation, I will be bored at home. Here time will also pass with you guys. Hearing this, Komal also smiled as if she had succeeded in some of her objectives. Komal said- OK, I will arrange for both of you to sleep. But the very next moment she started thinking something. I asked – what are you thinking, Komal? He said – but we have only two rooms. Father will sleep in one and me and you in one. I said – never mind, we will sleep here in the drawing room, the boss will sleep in the inner room. It’s only one night. Komal Bid – Yes, this is the right idea. Saying this, Komal went to put the bed inside. After sometime she came out and said, Navya is sleeping with her grandfather. I have made a bed for Sir. If both of you want to talk more, then do it, I prepare to sleep here. I said- Come on boss, let’s sit inside. We both went inside. After talking for a while, the boss said, man, your wife had cooked very good food, I ate a little too much in taste. Now I am feeling sleepy. You sleep too, she will be waiting for you outside. I said – okay boss, you rest. Will leave for office in the morning as well. After saying that I got up from there and saw that Komal was preparing to sleep in the drawing room. She was wearing a light pink nighty and had put on a cardigan to protect her from the cold. When I came out, I closed the door of the boss’s room and lay down in the drawing room. Here Komal was cleaning utensils in the kitchen. I came and lay down in the blanket and soon I started feeling lethargic but Komal had not come yet. When I called Komal, a voice came from the kitchen – yes, I just come in ten minutes. At that point I fell asleep. In my sleep I heard the sound of the door opening. When I hit the blanket next to me, Komal was not there. I looked here and there, she was nowhere to be seen. Then I listened carefully and there were sounds of some talking from the inner room. I quietly got up and headed towards the inner room. When I listened carefully, those voices were coming from the boss’s room. I looked inside with one eye sitting near the door through the crack of the key, the light of the room was on and was lying on the bed in front with the gentle boss. She was rubbing her hand on the boss’s chest. And the boss was caressing Komal’s waist. I could not hear properly what those people were talking about. But within the next 2 minutes, the boss started sucking Komal’s lips. Komal was also giving full support to the boss. Soon they both started clinging to each other. Boss took off Komal’s cardigan and started pressing her nipples on top of her nightie. Along with this, he was also drinking the juice of Komal’s lips. Komal was caressing the zipper part on the boss’s pants with one hand. And the other hand of the boss was mashing Komal’s ass. The view in front was quite awe-inspiring. I also started watching silently what was going to happen next. How is my wife playing with a non-man? It looked very interesting to watch. After kissing and kissing for a few minutes, the boss took off his pants and slid it down along with the underwear and handed him his standing cock in Komal’s hand. As soon as Komal took the boss’s cock in his hand, a sensual sob came out of the boss’s mouth. C ……. Komal was also running her hand on the boss’s cock with high speed. The very next moment the boss caught Komal’s head and brought Komal’s lips close to his cock and trapped Komal’s lips in his cock. Komal started sucking the boss’s cock. The joy of the boss knew no bounds. “Aaaahhhhh……..EEEEEE…….ohhh…….ahhhhhh……mmmmmmm….” While doing it, he started sucking his cock softly and at the same time took off his shirt. Boss’s strong chest was now bare and his pants had almost come off his feet. Komal was having fun sucking the boss’s cock. After sucking cocks for the next 2 minutes, the boss pulled Komal’s nightie up and put it in his mouth by pressing her nipples. Now the soft sensual sob started coming till the bar of the room. “I am…… was sucking. With the other hand the boss started rubbing Komal’s pussy. Komal was like a pain. He opened his legs completely and three fingers of the boss went into his pussy. Komal started tormented naked in front of the boss. Started shaking. In between, she was also sucking on the lips of the boss. Boss was rapidly sticking finger inside Komal’s pussy. The sensuality was growing inside Komal more than the boss. The very next moment the boss spread his soft legs in front of him and put his lips on his pussy and put his tongue in. “Aaw….aa……hmmmmm….. ahhhhhhh… cc…….ha ha ha… While doing .. my Bawi Komal started sucking her pussy from my boss. After drinking the pussy for some time, the boss stood up and, adjusting Komal’s legs, put his cock on Komal’s pussy and pushed the cock inside. Coming out of Komal’s mouth- “…….Mummy….Mummy…… Ooooo…… The boss started banging my wife’s pussy and both of them started enjoying the work. Here I was shaking my cock outside the door of the room. Seeing this game of both of them, I had even fought once. For some time, the boss banged Komal’s pussy very hard in this position and the very next moment she lifted her and made her a mare. Now the boss put the cock in the pussy from behind and kept on fucking for 10 minutes. “Uh…. U….. U….. U…. U……aaaaa…..aaaaa…..c…. The sounds of C……C……C…….Om…….Om…….. could be clearly heard outside the room. The boss immediately took out the cock from Komal’s pussy and slowly started pushing it in her ass. Komal nodded once but slowly adjusting, she took the boss’s entire cock in her ass. The Boss again began to poke a hole in Komal’s ass in his rhythm. Now this time the speed of the boss seemed more. After banging my wife’s ass for 10 minutes, the boss’s speed suddenly slowed down and within a few moments he calmed down and fell on one side of the bed. Within a few minutes, even softness became normal. I also got up from there. And quietly went and lay down in his bed. I also had a fight twice during their sex. I too fell asleep while lying down. When he opened his eyes in the morning, the boss was gone. On being asked, Komal told that he left early. Will come again sometime for breakfast. I also understood what my wife is going to serve for breakfast next time. How did you like the story, do give your opinion.

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