One night fun with young aunt

Hello friends, I welcome all of you very much to nonveg I have been a regular reader of this for many years and not a single night goes by when I do not read its succulent chudai stories. Today I am telling you my story. I hope that everyone will definitely like this story. This is a real incident of my life. My name is Cheeku. I live in Lakhimpur. I am 27 years old. My height is 6 feet. I look very beautiful. My cock is 9.5 inches. Very few people have such a big cock. All the girls of my locality die on me. I’ve had sex with some nice girls too. I love to press on the bloated nipples of girls. He was the first to give me a chance to have sex. Rita, who lives in my neighborhood. He taught me sex lessons by showing me a blue film. I still remember those days. When he kissed me for the first time. Since then my thirst for sex has not been quenched. In return, my thirst for sex increased. Since then my cock started seeing pussy. Whenever my cock sees a cool hot and sexy girl. My cock stands like a cannon. I always keep a condom with me in my room. Because pussy and ghost can meet at any time. I love strawberry flavored condoms. I am happy with its smell. Every time I put on a condom before sex. Friends, now I come to my story. Friends, I am a boy from a rich family. My father is a doctor. My mother is also a teacher. My mother has two sisters. Whom I’m in love with. She is my aunt. She lives in Allahabad. He is not married yet. She is still studying. He must have been 28 years old. It looked like a lot of cool stuff. Seeing his nipples, my cock used to stand up. I had a paper in Allahabad, so my mother asked me to stay at my aunt’s room. I reached Allahabad in the night. Went to aunt’s room. As soon as I saw my aunt, my cock stood up as usual. Aunt’s name was Ritu. But I used to affectionately call it Maasi. We and Maasi eat dinner. He lay down on his bed with his aunt. The aunt fell asleep after a while. But I couldn’t sleep. I was staring at the aunt. The second day I had my paper, so I too fell asleep with my fists. Woke up the next morning. After brushing my bath and drinking tea, I went to deliver the paper. But I used to kiss my aunt and her body was spinning in my mind again and again. I gave the paper somehow. After that I hurriedly came to the room to see the figure of aunty 32,28,34. Today Maasi was looking very hot and sexy. As soon as I came to the aunt’s room, I started living, today I should fuck the aunt. Maasi was wearing red color salwar and samiz. I felt very good on aunt’s body. There was a net behind in the aunt’s shirt. The straps of Auntie’s bra were clearly visible. My cock was becoming uncontrollable. I started asking to go home. The aunt stopped me and started saying that if you have come after so many days, then stop. Leave after two or three days. The aunt told the mother. I started seeing the sight of aunty kissing. Maisie and we were very happy. Maasi and we came for a walk in the evening. Maasi studied after having dinner at night. I also read for a while. Maisie fell asleep. But where was I going to sleep? It was 1 o’clock thinking about the trick of aunty’s chudai. My cock was standing. I started touching my cock in my aunt’s ass with my pajamas. Auntie was sleeping. I was enjoying touching my cock. The aunt changed her sides. This time the aunt’s pussy was in front of my cock. He put his hand on the aunt’s pussy. The aunt removed her hand. Auntie also saw my stem cock. My pajamas were taut like a tent. Something started happening in Auntie’s pussy too. Auntie was looking at my cock. Aunt thought I was sleeping. Aunty gently touched my cock with a finger. My cock got bigger as soon as I touched it. The aunt raised her finger in fear. My cock had already saluted the aunt. The aunt’s mood also started to feel like kissing. Maasi clinging to me lay down with her ass on my side. I touched my cock in aunt’s ass. My cock was feeling in aunt’s ass. The aunt was not saying anything. I made a complete mood to fuck Masi. I thought what would happen would be seen. Today, I will accept my aunty only after choking it. I pushed on the ass of the aunt. Maasi didn’t say anything. I raised my leg and climbed on the aunt’s ass. Still the aunt did not object. I was holding and pressing one of the aunt’s boobs. Masi’s boobs were very soft. I was pressing on the aunt’s boobs. Maasi was quietly pressing her boobs. I put my hand under the aunt and grabbed both the boobs of the aunt. I was pressing both the nipples of the aunt. He started kissing on the back behind the aunt. Masi was not able to control as soon as she kissed on the back of the aunt. Maasi also started moving here and there. The aunt lay down with her face towards me. Touching the red lips of the aunt, I put my lips on the lips of the aunt. Whatever I do, the aunt did not protest. My courage was increasing. Started drinking aunt’s red lips. While drinking the juice of the aunt’s lips, I put my hand behind the aunt’s shoulder from the bottom. The aunt’s senses rose up. Masi’s smooth blond belly was visible. Maisie’s ditch was looking very nice. Maisie opened her eyes. I was feeling a little scared. The aunt said – what are you doing? I kept quietly holding the hook of the same bra from behind. The aunt asked me not to kiss. But after much persuasion, the aunt agreed. I said that we are quenching our thirst for sex, no one is watching a little. He also told the aunt about touching his cock. Auntie came to know that I was watching all this. I started sucking aunty’s lips. This time the aunt was also supporting. I was now enjoying sucking on aunt’s lips. I was sucking on the aunt’s lips and caressing her back. My aunt was also looking at me with slaying eyes. Auntie and we sucked each other’s lips in turn and made them red. Masi’s lips started looking red like rose petals. I started pressing Aunty’s booba. Masine was also caressing my cock. I put my cock close to the aunt. Maasi was enjoying by shaking my cock in her hand. I asked the aunt to stand up. Maisie stood up. While kissing on the aunt’s neck, I removed the aunt’s shirt. The aunt was standing clinging to the wall. Maisie was looking very hot in the bra. I opened the nada of the aunt’s salwar. As soon as the nada opened, the salwar fell down. Masi was wearing only red colored bra and panties. Seeing Masi’s solid body, my cock became desperate to fuck. I also took off my pajama and presented my big fat cock in front of Maasi. Maasi was shocked to see my big fat cock. Putting his hand on his mouth, he said – Father, I have seen such a big and fat cock for the first time. I can’t believe that you have such a big cock. I asked aunty to suck the cock. Maasi refused to suck cock. She was just playing with my cock in her hands. The aunt was bowing while licking her fist. I took off my aunt’s bra and threw it on the bed. When the aunt raised her head, I kept looking at her chutki. I started drinking aunt’s milk by lying on the bed. Auntie’s black nipple was looking very attractive. I was drinking both the nipples by pressing hard. Maasi’s breath was coming out hot. Whenever I cut the nipple of aunty aunty.. ai… ai… .iss..sss..sss starts doing. I was repeatedly resting my hand on the aunt’s pussy. Maisie was very hot. I was taking out the aunt’s panties as soon as I drank them. Maasi was also now taking fun and making my cock go back and forth. I took off my T-shirt too. Taking out the aunt’s panties and spreading their legs. As soon as I saw the aunt’s pussy, my cock became like an iron rod. I started licking the aunt’s pussy. Maasi was shrinking and sticking me to her pussy. Masi’s pussy was also very soft and fair. The grain of the aunt’s pussy was bigger than all the girls. I was licking Aunty’s pussy by lengthening my tongue. Auntie’s pussy released some water. I licked that water. Auntie’s pussy was looking very tight. The aunt might have at least chuckled by now. I was torturing the auntie by licking her pussy. As soon as the tongue was inserted in the pussy of the aunt, the aunt would start doing C…C.C.E..E. Auntie- How much more will you lick my pussy? Just do it. I put my cock on the aunt’s pussy and started rubbing it from top to bottom. The aunt was turning her face here and there. I wanted to fuck them with a lot of torment. She could not even speak anything from the mouth of the aunt. I put my cock through the hole of the aunt’s exemption and pushed it into her burrow. Auntie’s pussy was very tight. threw my cock out. I tried again and again by spitting. After all, my cock forcibly entered the aunt’s pussy. Auntie started crying loudly. Maasi- “Aaaaaahhhhh…EEEEEEE.. ..ohhh… .Ai…Ai…Ie..Ai….Mummy…..” started doing. I slowly started to chud the auntie. Auntie’s pussy was fuming. The aunt’s scream gradually subsided. I pushed my whole cock into the aunt’s pussy by pushing hard. Even before the aunt’s voice came out, I suppressed the voice by placing my lips on the aunt’s lips. Masi’s fuck was now putting the whole cock inside out. Maasi was also feeling some pain. But still they were having fun. Tore the aunt’s pussy. Auntie’s pussy turned red. Maasi also lifted her waist and was kissing. Maasi was rubbing her pussy with her fingers. I was pushing my cock in Aunty’s pussy. Masi- “…….ai….ai….ai… was kissing with the voices of. Masi was having a lot of fun fucking. There was no fear here. The aunt was also careless and was kissing. I made aunty a bitch. I was fucking aunty in doggy style. Auntie started enjoying it a lot. The aunt also started chugging the matka matka. Auntie’s pussy was releasing its water. I was fucking aunty with my voice. I took the falling water of aunt’s pussy in my hands. Tasted a little bit himself to the aunt of the taste. The aunt spit on the material of her pussy. I raised the aunt. Picking up one leg of the aunt, I put the cock in the pussy of the aunt. Maasi was repeatedly taking out the goods from her pussy. I churned the aunt’s pussy and filled it. Masi was massaging her pussy with her fingers. I put the auntie down. Lifting both his legs, I was choking them back and forth. Auntie’s pussy was releasing water. I took out my wet cock from aunt’s pussy. I started inserting my cock in aunt’s ass. Maasi was afraid to get my cock licked ass. The aunt’s pussy had become minced. Even after the aunt refused, I put my cock in the aunt’s ass. Maasi loudly “….a aa aa ahhhhh…aye…aye….eeeeeeee died….died–died…I am aghast!!” Started screaming. Maasi’s ass was also torn. Auntie started crying. I kept putting my cock in his ass. After some time, as soon as the aunt’s ass pain was relieved, the aunt also picked up the ass and started getting it killed. Sometimes aunt used to beat her ass and sometimes she used to wet her pussy and put it in her ass. I lay down Sitting the aunt’s ass hole with a cock. Maasi was now getting her ass killed. I was squeezing both the nipples of the aunt. The aunt was getting up and down very quickly. I picked up my cock in the aunt’s ass and started feeding it. The whole cock used to enter the aunt’s ass. Auntie’s screams go out. Still the aunt kept on doing “.. uh uh uh hoo… am… hmmmmm ahhhhhh… ai… ai… ai…..” and kept on lifting the ass and getting it killed. When was I going to fall? I made my auntie sit. I was twirling my cock on the face of the months and licking it. I washed the aunt’s face with my cock’s material. Masi tasted the goods of my cock with her tongue. The aunt cleaned her face. Maasi and we lay bare all night clinging to each other. I kissed several times during the night. After two or three days I went to my house. Masi’s pussy whenever I want to fuck. I go to Allahabad. When Maasi also comes to my house. I fuck them a lot. 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