Pados me Chudai : Neighbor boy rubbed my sister in the house

Greetings to all the cock strippers and fingering the fingers of the pussy Mallikas. I am narrating my story to all of you through nonveg I am sure that after reading my sexy and sensual story, the cocks of all the boys will stand up and the pink pussy of all the chutwali will definitely leave its juice. My name is Kabir. I am from Bareilly. I am sexy and young boy. I love to play the pussy of new little girls. Friends, my sister’s name is Reena. At first she was small, but as she started getting puberty, she became a great stuff to fuck. Reena’s body had now blossomed like a rose flower. Now she has become a solid item and her body has become completely sculpted. As she became young, her mischievous and playful mannerisms also increased. Reena’s complexion was also fair like milk. Her nipples were now 34″ big. Her figure 34 28 34 had become so sexy that the boy who used to see her in my neighborhood used to die to fuck. My sister was now beautiful like a lotus. She was very quick. That’s why every boy liked her. Slowly my sister became completely young and many boys started giving her lines. After a few days, my sister’s setting was done with Baldev, a boy from the neighborhood. Our family did not know about it. Reena started sparring with Baldev. Both started looking and chasing each other. Till now my sister was not kissed. Baldev was very keen to fuck her. After few days our family went to Kanpur marriage. Reena was alone at home when Baldev, a neighbor boy, came to my house. Nearby neighbors did not know anything about the setting of these two because they had just fallen in love. My sister called Baldev to the house. Both went and sat on the bed. Baldev was silent. Both were just staring at each other. Baldev was also 20 and 22 years old like my sister. Reena was just 20 years old. Both were young and did not know anything about the world yet. But both of them liked each other in their mind. “Reena!! Tell me one thing, will you not mind?? Baldev said to my sister, “What is wrong with this. Tell me what’s the matter??” Reena said “Reena!! I want you with all my heart. I am lost in your memories day and night. I’ll start loving you Can’t live without you now” Baldev went on saying “Baldev!! I also like you very much” said my sister, after that both of them came close and filled each other in the armhole. Both started flying kites of love. Baldev grabbed my beautiful body sister and started kissing on her lips. Reena also fell in love. Gradually, the weather of both of them became. At that time my sister was wearing a nice pink salwar suit with printed flowers. Her body was looking more sexy in this dress. Seeing the opportunity, Baldev grabbed my sister and started sucking her lips. Sucked well. Then started moving his hands on the big nipples of 34”. My sister Reena “U u u u u……aaaaaaaaaaaaaa… cc cc….. um… oom… oom….” For some time Baldev kept playing with her sexy full and curvy chest. By suppressing his youth, he started enjoying it. Then Reena also became chudasi. Slowly his heart started to fuck. Baldev put my beautiful sister on the bed. He put his shirt up and threw off the bra. A big nipple of 34″ came in front of him. Baldev at first suppressed my sister’s succulent Mammo. Then took it in the mouth and started sucking. Reena started doing ai si si. “Your milk has become very big, Reena!!” Baldev said, “I have not allowed anyone to touch my hand till today. You are that first boy” said my sister, after that Baldev mashed both his teats with his hand for half an hour and sucked them in the mouth. My sister got ready to kiss. “Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh-sisi-ha-has-o ho hoss started doing Now Baldev started opening the button of his shirt. Slowly he took off his jeans too. His cock was 10″ long and 3″ thick. stood in her underwear. “What is that!!” Reena, pointing like Baldev’s cock, started asking Baldev to take off his underwear at the same time. A big fat cucumber like cock of 10″ was in front of him. “Jan!! This is my cock. Now this one will make you go to heaven by choking you.” Baldev spoke to my sister and then opened her salwar. Reena herself took off her bra and panties. His beautiful body was shining like silver. My sister was completely naked. Seeing the sexy body full of milk, Baldev’s cock started leaving the goods. He got my sister’s legs open and started seeing the pussy. Till today my sister was not chudi. Didn’t even eat gourd even once. That’s why it was absolutely a virgin pussy. The hair was cleaned well. “Reena!! Your pussy is cool” said Baldev, “Don’t drink it!!” My sister said after that the demon inside Baldev woke up. Putting his mouth, he started drinking the pussy of my chubby sister. Reena “…… Mummy… Mummy….. C C C C.. Ha ha ha…..ooooo….oooo. .Om…Om…Unhoo Unhoo..” Started doing. Baldev was also the owner of a very strong and muscular body. He used to go to the gym every day and had a good body. His body was also in shape. At first he sucked my sister’s burrow and enjoyed it. Now he started looking like Reena’s sexy lips. There was an urge to suck cock. Baldev lay down on the bed. “Come Reena!! Suck my lauda” She started the ballerina. For the first time, she was seeing the 10″ fat ladda. That’s why she was watching in surprise. Then taking it in hand started to beat very quickly. Then took it in the mouth and started sucking. Baldev was getting happiness like heaven. Because my sister was the most beautiful in the whole village. She was sucking cocks with her juicy lips. Baldev’s condition worsened. My sister made it hard by sucking both her pills. Baldev’s goods started coming out of his cock. “Come on, lie down and open your legs.” Baldev lay down with my sister, Bolarina, and opened both the legs. Baldev’s heart became restless again. He again put his mouth on my sister’s pussy and started sucking very quickly. Started moving the grain of his pussy with his hand. Both had a lot of fun. Now it was going to be the festival of sex. Baldev began to beat his 10″ ladle and made it like iron. Every vein of his cock swelled. Now he was going to give a leather injection to my beautiful sister. He placed a lump of cock on Reena’s pussy and started pushing. The sealed pussy was not taking the name of breaking. But Baldev was a very young and powerful man. He hit her hard and broke the seal. My beautiful sister started crying. Baldev hit her one more and tore her pussy by putting 10″ lauda. My sexy sister “aaaaahhhhh…..EEEEEEE….ohhh….ai. ..i..i…….” started doing Then Baldev took hold of both his hands tightly and shaking his waist started chosing. A lot of blood came out of Reena’s virgin pussy. Today her virginity was broken. Baldev is very happy that he has got a chance to break the seal of the sexiest girl in the village. He started hitting my chubby sister very quickly. After some time Reena’s pain was over. She put both arms around her boyfriend Baldev’s neck and started kissing with fun. Baldev now started hitting hard, due to which his pussy started grinding with thick cocks. My sister started getting sweet shocks. She was welcoming Baldev’s son by opening both the legs. “Sali Randi!! You are a very tough material! Whoever eats you will go straight to heaven.” Baldev said, now putting cock in the pussy, he started pressing my sister’s milk with his hand and started drinking it with his mouth. The beautiful big curvy was sucking the teat in the mouth and was sucking the cock in the pussy. “Fuck my king!! Ohhhhh….ahhhhh… .Ai… u u u u u…” My sexy sister started saying that neighbor boy fucked my sister a lot and now she is about to fall. Then quickly took out the cock from the pussy and licked my beautiful sister’s mouth. After that Baldev went out of the house. Friends, after a few days, the talk of Reena’s kiss spread in the whole village. My Amma Bapu and I came to know about this. I got very angry. I beat my chudasi sister with a stick and asked never to meet Baldev again. But it didn’t happen. After a few days, Reena went to meet him in the field and got him kissed. My father came to know about it. All the people together hit Reena with kicks and punches. Despite a lot of persuasion, my sister kept secretly meeting Baldev, the neighbor boy and used to kiss her every day. Then we quickly married Reena after seeing a boy. She was very angry about this. Unhappily she went to her in-laws’ house. Then came back in the fourth. We had full doubts that she would definitely meet Baldev. That’s why he would never let him go out of the house alone. Baldev was also very eager to meet my sister. Gave a note of Rs 50 to a boy from her village and asked to give a letter to Reena. Then Reena went to meet Baldev and took a lota outside on the pretext of going to the toilet in the forest. As soon as Baldev saw my beautiful sister, he took her in his arms. Baldev had become Devdas in her love. “Baldev!! Why have you grown this beard?? Reena started saying “Don’t you know. how much i loved you And you got married to someone else” Baldev started complaining “Let us both run away from here” Reena started saying “Yes!! It will be right” said Baldev, the very next day Baldev fled to Bombay with my chudasi sister. There he started working in a factory. This brought a lot of disrepute to our entire village society. Now Reena and Baldev started living together as husband and wife. Now there was no one to stop them. Both would have fun at night. Now Baldev was doing big heart to fuck my sexy sister’s ass. That night, Reena wore a big light dress nightie in which her full body was clearly visible. Baldev also started taking off his clothes. Then the cock stood up and started giving fists. Both drank a lot of alcohol before. My sister Reena also drank a lot. “Janam!! What’s your intention today?? Reena started telling Baldev “Aaj teri gand chodne ka dil hai mera” Baldev started showing a blue film to him in his mobile. In which the girl had become a bitch and was sucking the ass from behind. My young chudakkad body liked that video very much. She also happily agreed to lick the ass. “Baldev!! I want to kiss your ass too. Hitting it with oil” said my sexy sister and came to the edge of the bed and became a mare. His ass was big and white. Baldev had gone mad seeing my sister’s backyard. He started kissing on both the butts and started rubbing his hands. MY SHORT SISTER “OH MOM….OH MAM… started doing Now Baldev started gnashing teeth in his bum in a sensual manner, in which Reena started getting a lot of joy. When Baldev opened both the butts like bread, then the virgin ass of virgin brown color was seen. Till today my sister’s ass was not chocked by any man. Baldev was tempted to see it and started licking it with his tongue. Reena started taking sensual cicadas. Baldev started mischief. He put his finger in her pussy from behind and started caressing. Friends, in some time my hot sister got very hot. Now Baldev took a lot of jelly and put it on his virgin ass. Slowly he put a finger in my beautiful sister’s ass and started moving it in and out. Reena was going to kill her ass for the first time today. He felt very strange. She was like a mare and was raising her ass with her head on the bed. Baldev started licking the hole with his tongue and started putting his finger inside out. Was turning around. My sexy sister started doing “….uh uh…am..hmmmm…ai…ai…..”” Sister sister-in-law!! Your ass is very tight!!” Baldev said then he put more jelly on his finger and Reena’s ass. This time he inserted 2 fingers into his innocent virgin ass. After a long time, he started working hard. Due to which the beautiful ass of my beautiful sister became very loose. Baldev rubbed the jelly well on his cock and put it inside. Because of the jelly, it got a lot of grease and its 10″ loaf got stuck inside. Baldev began to enjoy a lot. He quickly started kicking my sister’s ass. He was having a lot of tight fun. Reena was in a lot of pain. “Baldev!! I’m in a lot of pain!! Aaw…….hmmmm ahhhhhh…” Reena started saying Baldev got angry. He cracked several sticks on both the butts of my sister. Why did you come here after running away from the village to kiss? Now sister-in-law Randi is playing when I am doing your chudai. Remain a straight bitch” Baldev scolded vigorously, after that Reena comfortably pecked her ass by becoming a mare. Then Baldev fell into it. Tell me how did you like the story and all friends keep reading non-veg for new stories. You also share the story.

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