Papa warmed my body by touching it and then fucked it

Papa Ne Beti Ko Choda Sex Story, baap beti sex story : Today I am telling you a story of mine. I learned last night that a young daughter should never sleep with her father. There is no guarantee that you will be safe. Don’t know when someone’s mood will change and his fat cock will go in your pussy. Yes friends, I am telling the truth. Today I am going to write this story of mine on non-veg Because I am also a big fan of this website, I come here daily and read Sex Kamya. Without wasting time, I am going to tell you my story and it is not very old, it is from last night only. Me, father and all three had gone to a wedding at a relative’s place. You must know that there is never any rest in marriage, neither the right place to sleep, nor the right time to eat, and the fatigue which becomes too much. It was 12:00 o’clock last night and there was no way to sleep, I had gone to the village for a wedding, there is little facility in the village, because of all these things, both me and my father went to the terrace.On the terrace It was very dark, people downstairs were attending the wedding ceremony, mother was also there, there were some children on the terrace who were sleeping on a carpet. My father and I both lay down after laying a bed in the corner of the roof to rest. There was no intention to sleep because till now we had not eaten food, so both of us had come to the terrace only to rest. The pillow was the same, so both of them kept their heads on the same pillow and were sleeping a little crooked. Papa had drunk some alcohol. He started talking sweetly to me and started speaking loving words. And started caressing me. I never felt that my father was touching my body. I did not think that he would have any wrong attitude, I felt that there is love between father and daughter, because of this I also did not say anything and I was very much in love with my father. 21 years old girl becomes young and hot. My big tits, wide ass, my whole body, my body is twisted, even someone’s mind melts. But I liked his touch and caressing my body. And I slowly drifted into a light sleep. Didn’t sleep completely, but yes, closed eyes were closed and was going to sleep. When did father untie the cord of my salwar while bringing it slowly? Didn’t even know and when the salwar opens, it doesn’t even come to know because it is so wide that you lower it down, it won’t cost you that you are not wearing it. Suddenly I felt that his thick cock was adjacent to my pussy. happened. Immediately I woke up and realized that I was naked from below. And Papa’s thick cock was kept on my pussy hole. As I tried to get my ass forward. He grabbed me by the side of my stomach and pushed me hard from behind. He was already resting his cock on my pussy hole and was spitting on the cock. His cock immediately entered inside my pussy and reached deep inside. I said what are you doing father, he has nothing to do, just keep sleeping like this. Don’t make noise, someone will listen. I fell silent. He started fucking me forcefully. His whole dick was going inside my pussy from behind my ass. He started rubbing my nipples. Started picking me up near the neck from behind and started kissing me near my cheek. When someone like this will fuck you very hard. So what would you feel? I also felt the same, I too started burning in the fire of lust. I got hot too. Papa’s cock was very thick and long, it was going inside. He was repeatedly pushing and pushing inside. I had also become very sensual. Now I also started enjoying and started saying louder and louder. Now became even more sensual and started fucking me loudly. I also push the ass from behind so that his entire cock goes inside with a jerk. He was pounding my cock while rubbing my ass while rubbing my tits. My whole body felt like it got electrocuted. I was enjoying a lot, he was pushing from behind, I was pushing from front to back. When he used to rub my tits, you would start fingering me and sexy sounds would come out of my mouth. He kept fucking me continuously for 20 minutes. Suddenly my mother came up and shouted in the dark, where are you, Ajit, eat food. My father’s name is Ajit. Where is the worship then? I said mother, here I am coming, till then father also said, have everyone sat down to eat? He slowly took his cock out of my pussy. I also immediately tied the salwar, he also buttoned his pant up. By then mummy had come closer, she saw that we both were lying separately. He said come quickly, I am going downstairs. And mom went downstairs. That’s why father again opened the pant and gave his cock in my hand, now he said shake it quickly and drop it. I immediately masturbated the cocks of the phone and took all their goods out immediately within 2 minutes. Then both of us went downstairs to eat. I was looking at my father while eating food, he was looking at me. Today is the second day, I have not got such a chance. My loving greetings to all the readers of non-veg

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