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Friends my name is Bablu. I live in Faridabad. Age 28 years, height 5 feet 6 inches, average athletic body and thick fresh 6 inch running cock. I have fucked more than 50 girls so far among friends and now I am on the way to complete my century. I must say one thing that sex is also called making love in common language. And the one who has had sex is called a real man. But fucking is also an art and only a lucky person gets the lottery in this game. The winner is the one who can make his partner happy by having long and enjoyable sex. Now I tell about the incident of my last year in the month of June, my neighbor’s house was bought by a Punjabi family and three members lived in that family husband Baljeet age 29 years, wife Anjali 26 years – Mast Body 34 -28-32 sexy body and her sister-in-law Preet age 24 years, chiseled killer Punjaban body 32-28-30 ), who was pursuing her studies there. Baljeet and his wife were married for only 2 years and both used to go to office together and Preet used to go to her college and then to her art class. Now since all three were busy, they used to show up at home only in the morning or evening. I had a marketing job and was mostly out of town (most of the time I had sex out of town.) A new branch of the company at my house. If it opened near me, now I used to be at home only in the morning or evening, the rest of the time was in the office. It was very difficult to stay inside the house in summer, so after having food, I used to walk on the roof of the house for some time. Just all three of them used to meet on the terrace after having food and then we used to have a little conversation and in the meantime Preet and I used to secretly look at each other and smile. Just from there my mind started to fuck her and the very next day I got this opportunity too. Preet’s college and my office were close to home and our departure time was also almost the same. I used to go mostly by car or bike and Preet used rickshaw which was available at a rickshaw stand a short distance away. Used to drop him to college several times. I was on the bike that day. While leaving I said to Preet – come Preet let’s go together, I will drop you to college then she sat behind and put her hand on my shoulder. I was thrilled to get his touch that’s why he said – I don’t feel like going to college today, shall we go for a walk somewhere? I said ok and took the bike and went towards the town park. I said Preet you are looking very beautiful today. So she said – well then I said – friend, at least a hug is made. So she grabbed me tightly from behind and said – tell me more, I said – a puppy too. So she said to me – stop the bike. Frightened, I stopped the bike on the side. Preet got down from the bike and came forward towards me and said – take off the helmet, my face turned white with fear. I took off my helmet and said – that galalal…………………..and Preet quickly kissed me sweetly, my talk remained inside and I also supported Preet. After kissing for 20 seconds, Preet said – tell more. I was flying in the air. I quickly kissed her forehead and then walked towards the park. We spent a lot of time in the park. Kissed several times and also pressed her boobs. Now my mind was trying to fuck her and same was the condition of Preet, her pussy had released water as soon as I touched it. He said – I feel like kissing and asked him to go home. I was also ready, so took the bike and started walking straight home. Preet reached home first and left the door open. I also parked my bike at my house, went to his house and closed the door while keeping an eye on him. I reached the drawing room and saw Preet and his sister Anjali sitting on the sofa and talking among themselves Anjali looked at me and said – was there any work? So I staggered and said nothing, just thought of meeting Baljeet. Anjali sister-in-law said – He will come in the evening, my health is bad, so I came in the afternoon, but you have never come to our house like this and after seeing Preet, she said – understood that you have come to meet Preet, right? So Preet said to Anjali – Sister, I like him and I have called him, then Anjali started laughing and said – I like you too and kissed me. When I started looking at Anjali with surprise, Preet said – Sorry friend, I have told everything to sister and she also wants to fuck you. Now my mind was shaking with enthusiasm that’s why Anjali caught my cock from the top of the pant and said – are you ready? I said – if the heart is big then everything is big. And then I started caressing both of their boobs with both hands. Anjali wrapped me in her arms and started sucking my lips with her lips. Preet took off all her clothes and became naked. His body was looking doomed. Milky color from top to bottom, beautiful and bulging cool pointed nipples, thin waist and pink smooth pussy, I got intoxicated, my cock started stiffening and wanted to come out after tearing the pant. Anjali fell on the sofa with me and started kissing and sucking my lips wildly. Preet now lay on top of me and clung to me. I had laddoos in both my hands. Anjali on the bottom, Preet on the top, now both of them made me lie on the sofa and started sucking my cock in turn. As if I was flying in the air, I pulled Preet and set her pussy on my mouth, then Preet opened both legs and started kissing my lips. But she started rubbing her pussy. I was sucking and licking Preet’s pussy in full enthusiasm. Anjali started getting hot now. He took off all his clothes. Anjali was looking amazing Apsara, curvy big boobs, beautiful face, intoxicating eyes, red lips, slim waist, fair body, big bulging ass and pink smooth pussy. My cock had become hard like iron after getting hot. I enthusiastically started eating Preet’s pussy. Anjali now opened her legs on both sides of me and set her pussy on my cock and sat down. And slowly started putting it inside. Due to the wetness of the pussy, the cock went completely inside. Anjali was now aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Preet and Anjali were now sucking each other’s lips and getting hot sobbing. Preet was rubbing Anjali’s nipples and Anjali was jumping loudly on my cock. All three of us were having fun with full enthusiasm. Suddenly Preet’s body started stiffening and her pussy released water, I licked the salty water from her pussy and cleaned it. Anjali also fell within 2 minutes and all the water got on my cock. Anjali took out the cock from her pussy and cleaned it by licking it and started sucking it with pleasure. Anjali now lay down on one side of the sofa. Now I made Anjali on her knees in doggy style and started jerking fast by putting my cock in her pussy from behind. Anjali’s mouth was on Preet’s pussy, so she started sucking Preet’s pussy with her lips and started rubbing her nipples. Preet caught me and started sucking my lips and putting her fingers in her pussy she started rubbing her gram like grain vigorously. All three of us were taking narcotic siskars and were having fun while saying mmmmmmmmmmmm sssssssss ahhhhhhhhhh ammmmmmmm. Now my cock started stiffening and I said – I am about to ejaculate, then Preet said – put it in my mouth, I want to drink all your juice. Now I started jerking fast, in which Anjali started screaming and she held the sofa tightly. Now my cock was about to fall, so taking out the cock from Anjali’s pussy, putting it in Preet’s mouth, he started shaking it. Anjali’s pussy left the water and started caressing her pussy with her fingers. Preet was taking my cock inside and putting her fingers in her pussy forcefully and taking it out. Voices like vllllllvvll glglglglgl were coming from her mouth. My cock now filled Preet’s pussy with his hot semen while taking the last jerk. Preet swallowed all the semen without spilling even a single drop and licked it clean and now her pussy also released water. All three of us were lying on the sofa enjoying a lot. Preet and Anjali had fought 3 times and Anjali has now started sucking my cock. I hugged Preet to my body and started sucking her juicy lips. His soft nipples were rubbing on my body and making me excited. After sucking for 15 minutes, Anjali made my cock erect again and was taking it completely inside. I now opened Preet’s legs and put my cock on her shoulders and started inserting my cock into her lovely pink raspberry pussy and started jerking after inserting it completely. Anjali now started rubbing her pussy on Preet’s face and Preet was also sucking and licking Anjali’s pussy. I turned Anjali towards me and started sucking by putting my lips in her lips. The whole hall was resounding with the sound of our sobs, my cock’s jerks were making sensuous sounds like pach pach dhap dhap, then all three of us were making mmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhh sssssss hhhhhhh ammmm. Anjali’s pussy has now released water and she lay down on the floor after getting tired. Now I removed Preet’s legs from the shoulder and lying on her body started jerking hard. Now Preet too stuck her nails in my back and left her water and started leaving her body loose. My cock was also about to fall, so I told Preet to fall in her pussy, then she said, take it out inside. Now, while making the last sharp jerks, I inserted my cock in her pussy till the root and filled her pussy with my hot semen with the help of a sharp spray and started taking long breaths lying on top of her. Preet kissed my forehead and hugged me to his chest. Anjali said – Today you have given me as much fun as my honeymoon, today will be a memorable day of my sex, I will never forget it, whereas Preet said – I did not get so much fun even from my brother-in-law as I got today. I will kiss you only and kissed my lips. I also said – You two sisters have given me a new experience in my life and I will always remember it. We took shower together in the bathroom and had fun. After some time I came home. In the evening, Anjali called me and told me that today Baljit is going to Meerut to a friend’s place and will come only till tomorrow evening, I laughed and said to her – so what is the program tonight my dear, then she said – today we both are sisters. By becoming your bride, you will open the seal of your ass and get married. I was happy and started waiting to meet at night. That night I came to his house around ten o’clock. Both the sisters were dressed like brides and were sitting together waiting for me. I kissed her and took her in my arms, that night I first opened the seal of Preet’s ass and fucked her 2 times, and after giving extreme pleasure to Anjali’s ass, I fell asleep clinging to her. In the morning I took a startup round and fucked both the sisters and came home. Now all three of us fuck whenever we get a chance. Preet has fucked many times in my office itself, when no one was in the office, I used to take her to my cabin and fuck her, and many times during lunch time I would fuck her at home. Anjali also calls me many times with her at her house in the absence of her husband and gets me fucked. This series continues even today, I am enjoying my life by fucking them. Mail me –[email protected]

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