Rajesh Seduces his Madhu Aunty

This story is about Rajesh (me), my mother Sangeeta and my maternal aunt Madhu (mother’s sister). Thank you all very much for reading my story. I will continue writing more hot sex stories. First a quick recap of previous events in my life (readers can read it in detail in the previous two stories posted by me). Sangeeta lost her husband and started living with her son Rajesh in Mumbai. Madhu visited them from Delhi, as she needed some time off from her ‘in-laws’. Madhu too had lost her husband, and was being pressurised to marry her husband’s younger brother. She didn’t like the idea and was discussing the same with Sangeeta.Sangeeta insisted that Madhu should go for this marriage. The discussion turned into a heated argument. In midst of all this, Madhu challenged that if Sangeeta will marry her son, she herself will go for her brother in law. Sangeeta accepted the challenge and got married to Rajesh. Madhu went back to Delhi, leaving behind mother and son into a lustful sexual journey. In a few months Sangeeta was pregnant with Rajesh’s child.Back in the present…I was overjoyed with the news of Sangeeta’s pregnancy. My happiness could not be contained. Sangeeta was initially worried about my reaction.“I hope you are not upset. Is this too early for you?” she asked hesitatingly.“Mom, you have got it wrong. I can’t explain my happiness. I have been waiting for this. This is our child. Proof of our pure love! Our love is incomplete without this child.”“Oh Rajesh, I am so relieved to hear this” Sangeeta replied.Our sexual activity increased after the pregnancy. I was turned on by the thought that I knocked up my own mother. It seemed that my hunger for sex had increased. I had found a new kind of vigour. I would come early from office, and head straight to bedroom for a long sex session with Sangeeta. I started waking up early for another round of passionate sex in the morning. Even when we would be sitting idle, I would play with her breasts or kiss her.Sangeeta has more than happy to oblige. She was also enjoying all of this heightened sexual energy from me.Three months into the pregnancy, our doctor advised us to refrain from sex, till the delivery. Sangeeta was on the higher side of age, and the doctor feared that sex may add complication. This brought an abrupt pause to our lustful life, which had been going on in full fury since that fateful day of our accidental marriage.I was fine with this arrangement initially. I was getting regular sex only since last few months. If I could manage without sex before that, then I would very well manage now. However, my assumptions were wrong. Once a man starts getting sex, it becomes extremely difficult for him to remain without it. Two months had gone without any action. I started feeling very frustrated. All I could think was when I would get a nice fuck. I even harboured the idea of visiting a paid sex worker. But I was in love with Sangeeta and did not want anyone else.Things were moving along, when one day Sangeeta told me that her sister Madhu was visiting us the next day. She wanted me to pick her up from the airport. Post her return to Delhi, after her last Mumbai visit, Madhu had married her brother in law. It was a closed small ceremony and only the family members were present. This was Madhu’s first visit after her remarriage.Next day, I was at airport to receive my aunt. I waited for some time till I saw Madhu emerging from the arrival gate. We waved at each other. I could not help checking out Madhu’s figure, as she was walking towards me. She was taller than Sangeeta. Her skin had a glow. Her curves were round and sexy. She was wearing a colourful saree. Her hair was open and she had given a nice style to it. I suddenly felt a sense of guilt about what I was doing. Madhu was my aunt and I was looking at her sexually. Maybe this is because of the lack of sex, I thought.My thoughts were broken by a tight hug from Madhu.“How are you Aunty?” I asked.“I am doing fine. How are you my dear nephew? Or should I call you Jijaji? (Hindi term for addressing brother in law)” she asked playfully.“Aunty, you know the circumstances of that marriage. I guess our relationship will continue to be of aunt and nephew” I replied.“But you are my brother in law now. I guess I will switch between the relationships depending on my mood” she continued in her playful way.Soon we were in the car, with Madhu sitting next to me in the front seat. I continued to check her out through side glances. Madhu was wearing a blue coloured blouse under her saree. Her breasts were large, and were peeking out from either side of the saree. I could not help myself admiring the size and shape of those breasts. They were at least two sizes bigger than my mother. As Madhu was ten years younger than Sangeeta, her breasts seemed more firm and tight.We reached home where Sangeeta was waiting for us. We all sat down in the living room, and after a little casual talk both ladies went to the room to rest. I was now curious to hear the chat between them. I knew that Madhu would want to talk about Sangeeta’s new married life. I was excited to hear what she had to say. I also wanted to know about Madhu’s new marriage. However, since I had no way to hear it, I sat on my computer to check mail.While I was on my computer, I got an idea. There was a laptop in the room. Both these computers were connected on a network, and if I could switch on the webcam of the bedroom computer, I could see them in the next room. I went in their room on pretext of checking something on the laptop. They were both lying on the bed. I fiddled with the laptop for two minutes and left after switching the webcam on. I hurried to the next room and a moment later, I was watching them live on my other computer. They both were talking softly.“So how is my new Jijaji treating you? Well he seems to be doing a good job! In just three months he has proved his manhood” Madhu said smilingly.“Madhu, you have always been naughty. Stop such talk. I am feeling shy” replied mom.Madhu continued “Sister, I have to know all the details. Come on, you have to tell me. I will not let you sleep till you let out the stories. My sister married to her son! It’s such a turn on. Ok tell me, how many times in week you guys do it?”“Stop it. I am not replying to any of these questions” mom replied shyly.“Sis there is no one here. Don’t be so prude. Tell me please. So what’s the count?”“I never counted but it must be 6-8 times a week. However after pregnancy, something happened to him. It went up to 12-14 times” Sangeeta opened up.“Oh my God! That is unbelievable. He is a real man. Are you able to take that much sex?”“Actually I love it. I missed it all these years. And now, when I am getting it, I can’t have enough. I am lucky that Rajesh has such an appetite for sex. I guess we both complement each other.” Sangeeta was really opening up now.“And how is he in bed? Is he rough or gentle?” Madhu asked excitedly.As I was watching them on webcam, I noticed that Madhu was playing with her breasts now. All this talk was really turning her on.“He is a usually a gentle lover, but can get really rough at times. I guess it depends on his mood. He is very good at foreplay. And he can last long” Sangeeta continued.“Was it weird initially? Going to bed with your son! How did he approach it? Or did he just fuck you without any talk? I left you guys in such an awkward position!” said Madhu.“Actually I was the one who approached it. I thought about it the whole day. The marriage had happened last night. Things had changed between us. I had a choice to live awkwardly like a mother with him, or live happily like a wife. I chose to be the wife and get my happiness back. I am so glad I took that decision. That night after he came from office, I broached the subject. I called him in my room. He was still hesitant but I broke the ice. By the way, he is a very good kisser. I still remember that first kiss.” Sangeeta said passionately.“So do you guys experiment in bed? Do you try different positions? What do you like most about him?” Madhu was really getting into details.“I really love when we do it sitting. He sits on a chair and makes me sit on his organ. I really go crazy. Also he makes me feel like a real woman when he goes anal.”“Wow, you let him do that. I am still anal virgin.” Madhu giggled. “Sister, you are really lucky to have him as your man. I am really happy for you.”“Enough about me” said Sangeeta. “Now I want to hear all your stories. So where shall we start?”Madhu gave a long pause before replying. “Actually there is not much to tell. My new husband is not very virile. Initially we used to have sex, but he could last only few seconds. I felt so frustrated. Then he stopped showing any interest. I tried other things like blow job or hand job to make him excited, but that didn’t help. Practically we don’t have sex now. Apparently, his parents knew about this situation and that is why they wanted me to marry him. This way they don’t have to face society pressures. They hid this fact from me.”I was surprised to hear this. This came as a shock. I was now watching this conversation more intently.They both were silent for a few moments. Sangeeta started the conversation again. “I am so sorry to hear this Madhu. How are you coping with this?”“Sis, I was very sad initially. But I have reconciled myself to this situation. I look at the positive side now. My sex life was anyway over after the demise of my first husband. At least I am getting a social security of married life now. My young son has a father figure. In our society, it is important for a woman to have a man. So I am now fine with the situation” replied Madhu.They both slowly went to sleep. I was thinking about Madhu and felt sad for her. Soon my thoughts went on the comments made by mom about our sex life. I was suddenly feeling very horny and wanted to fuck her. However, all I did was have a glass of cold water and went to sleep.Life continued normally. Madhu had come on a long vacation. She was going to stay with us for at least two months. She had come to take care of her sister during pregnancy, and assured her that she will stay as long as she needed her.As my mother preferred to rest most of the time, Madhu had now taken over the household chores. She took care of the kitchen as well as my clothes and other household needs. However, her behaviour towards me was hardly motherly. She used to be playful with me, often teasing me as my sister in law.In the morning, while leaving for office, she would hug me and give a kiss on the cheek. She would sit close beside me while watching TV, and often play with my hair. I started thinking, whether this is harmless affection or more than that. She was my aunt and had been doing these things since I was a kid. It was difficult to make out the difference.We had three bedrooms in the house and each of us had taken one room. Sangeeta was often restless and ill due to the pregnancy, and hence I had moved out of her room. Madhu would often walk in my room to keep the clothes, or to give milk in the night. At times I would be changing but that did not have any effect on her. Once she walked in when I was reading a sexy magazine. I had a hard on which was visible in my pyjamas. She noticed it and laughed. “Someone seems to be really missing my sister!” she quipped. “Don’t worry Jijaji, just a few months more.”I did not know what to make out from these signals. At one side she was affectionate and playful. While on the other side she would remind me of my marital status. I was not sure whether she had any sexual thoughts for me.I have to admit that I checked her out, all the time. When she would be in the kitchen, I would sit on a chair in the living room which looked straight inside. I would stare at her back, sitting there. She had a lovely large ass and it was a treat to see them in motion. I would fantasize that I am holding and pressing them. They were round and firm and had a good crack between them. Any man would love to stand behind that ass and push his dick through them. These were summer months and she used to wear blouses which were back open. Most of her back used to be visible. Her breasts in her blouse could be seen from the sides. She had an amazing figure.She was even better to watch when she would move between kitchen and the dining area, to lay the dinner. Her silky hair would be on her breasts and her ass would sway both sides as she walked. Dinner was a treat every day. We would sit across on the table and her cleavage could be seen clearly. At times, she would notice me watching her, and would give me a plain smile. She was a modern lady and did not mind it much. My mother used to rest most of the time in the bedroom and I would feast myself with this show.Fifteen days had passed by. It was a Friday night and I was relaxed as my weekend had started. Sangeeta had slept off after her dinner. Me and Madhu had just completed dinner and were relaxing in front of TV. She looked a little tired.“Rajesh, it has been two weeks that I came here. And you haven’t taken me out even once. We should go for a party” she said playfully.“Sure aunty. It is late today but let us plan something for tomorrow” I replied.“We can have a little party here itself. Why don’t you get that wine bottle from the fridge?”I smiled and got up to go into the kitchen. She held my hand and said “Call me Madhu. I am your sister in law. And it makes me feel younger as well.”I smiled again and went in the kitchen. There was a lot of sexual energy in the room. It had been months without sex, and I was mad to get a fuck. All my guilt, regarding betrayal to my wife had disappeared. All I could think was how to get this sexy woman, in my bed and fuck her hard. It seemed that tonight may be my lucky night. The signals were all pointing towards it and I was willing to take my chances.I went back with the wine bottle and two glasses. We were sitting next to each other on the sofa, watching a movie and sipping our wine. Soon the movie was over and we both were two glasses down. The night was still young and she started talking.“Rajesh, you and sis are so lucky to find each other. I still feel lonely. I wish I could have found someone like you.”“Madhu, everyone has to look for happiness. You will find it eventually. And you should not feel lonely. You can come here whenever you like. And I am always here for you” I said in a seductive way.“You don’t understand darling. You don’t know a lot of things. And I can’t even share some of these with you.”“Madhu, I know what you are talking about. Every woman needs a man to fulfil her nights. I know the reason of your loneliness.”Madhu was taken by surprise on hearing this. She turned and looked right into my eyes, trying to figure out, do I really know her situation. This was a moment between us. We were sitting next to each other, in an emotional state, face close to each other.I whispered “let me take care of your loneliness Madhu. I will not disappoint you.” And I leaned forward and kissed her. I could feel the warmth of her breath. I was sucking her tender lips. Initially she was not responding but slowly she started responding back. Now I got my arms around her and pulled her closer. My lips got deeper into her and my tongue was searching its way between her lips. She was now hot, and not wanting to let go.We continued kissing for a few minutes. I knew that the barrier was broken and I am getting her in my bed. I moved my one hand and started rubbing her back. We were still in an embrace, very close to each other. My other hand now came to her chest and started fondling her left breast. At this moment, she broke away from the embrace. It seemed that she had woken up from a trance.“No Rajesh. We can’t do this. This is wrong. I am sorry if I led you to this in any way. But I am sorry. I can’t allow myself to do this” she said softly.“But Madhu, I thought you want this. I know about your husband. And I thought you like me” I tried to reason.“I really like you. And I want this. But not with you! You are my nephew and my sister’s husband. What will I tell her when she comes to know about this? I am sorry Rajesh but we have to stop right here.”“Madhu, please listen to me.”“No Rajesh. I think the wine got better of me. Let’s forget about what happened and move on.” She walked off to her room.I sat there trying to take in what just happened. Two minutes back, I was going to fuck my maternal aunt. Now I was sitting alone, and my relationship with her practically spoiled. I sat there for ten minutes thinking what to do next. Should I let go of what happened and try to get things back to normal in the morning? Somehow, my heart was not willing to give in. I was too far down the road to go back. All I wanted to do was to lift her in my arms, put her in my bed, tear all her clothes, and dive into that deep moist hole between her legs. She had really awakened my sexual animal.I tried to calm myself down. I knew that fucking her forcefully was a very stupid idea. I could not figure out what to do next. I just walked to her room without thinking anything. The door was not bolted from inside and I gently pushed it open. A dim light was on, but she was not in the room. I figured that she was standing in the balcony. I closed the door and walked up to her.I went and stood right behind her but she did not turn around to face me. All I could say was “I am really sorry Madhu. I think we both got carried away. I hope all will remain fine between us.”She turned around and I could see tears on her cheeks. “Please, don’t cry. I did not realise that I have hurt you so much” I pleaded.Madhu replied “It’s not your fault Rajesh. I guess you misinterpreted my playfulness. I am not crying because of that. I have been thinking here for last few minutes. You are right that I like you. In fact I really like you. And I know that you also love me. All I am missing in my life is, love from a man. Here are you, who can give me all of that. But I am unfortunate that I cannot accept it. I am crying on my fate.”“But why can’t you accept my love Madhu? What stops you? Don’t you trust me?” I asked.“I cannot because you are my nephew. We all have to follow certain rules of society. How can we do this?”“Madhu, why do we care so much about society? Does society allow a son to marry his mother? But I am married to Sangeeta and look how happy she is. Even you are happy with this marriage. If you did not care about society at that time, why do you care now?” I tried to persuade her.“Your marriage is a secret. No one knows here that she is your mother” she retorted.“So we will keep this a secret as well. No one needs to know. Even Sangeeta won’t know. And we all will be happy” I replied.“But what about the other relationship? I am your sister in law.”“In our customs, sister in law is regarded as half wife. So what is wrong in that?” I said with a playful smile.She had no answer and we both went silent. We both were in a trance looking at each other. At this moment I held her hand and said “I really love you. If this gives happiness to both of us, it can’t be wrong.”She came forward and hugged me tightly. Slowly, she leaned upwards and started kissing me. This time I was sure, that it is happening. In one motion I lifted her off her feet and hung her in my arms. I carried her inside the room and spread her on the bed. I climbed on top of her and we were kissing again. I could feel her heavy breathing. Her breasts were now pressed below my chest and they were going up and down with her every breath.I stood up and pulled her along. We were both standing now and I started taking off her saree. She was too excited to speak. I could feel that she was going weak on her knees. I took off the rest of her clothes and she was now in her inners. I took one step back to admire her body. She was a really beautiful woman. She had slender shapely legs and very sexy hips. Her hips were round and firm. She had a thin waist line and flat tummy. Her breasts were covered by pink coloured bra. They were round shaped and were coming out from the sides of the bra. They were easily 36D, if not bigger. She noticed me admiring her body and coyly folded her arms around her chest. Her face was glowing in anticipation. She had full lips but very soft. She was biting her lips softly. Her eyes were looking down on the floor. She had done her hair in a bun.I quickly undid my clothes and was down to my boxers. I went behind her and held her by the waist. In one motion I pulled her hair bun and opened it. Her silky hair fell down like stream of water in a fountain. She had soft silky long black hair, coming down to her hips. I already had a huge hard on. I pushed my hips a little further. She could feel my dick between her bums and she gave a soft scream. I sat down on the foot of the bed and pulled her in my lap. She was now sitting with her back towards me. I opened her bra and both my hands were on her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard. I started pressing them between my fingers and she started moaning slowly. Her nipples were dark pink. I suddenly saw our image in the mirror upfront. I could see a long haired, sexy woman with large boobs sitting in my lap. Her face had ecstasy on it. She was enjoying every moment. This made my hard on even bigger. She was startled on feeling my ever growing dick.“Are you a man or a horse? How much more will it grow? How does my sister take it every night?” she remarked.“Sweetheart, it has grown exceptionally big because of you. I have never felt so horny before in life. You are the sexiest woman I have met. A special woman like you deserves a special dick!”She smiled shyly and closed her eyes. I kept on pressing her silky soft boobs. It was a completely different feeling, to play with such large boobs. Sangeeta’s boobs were nice but relatively smaller. Madhu’s bigger boobs were really turning me on.I moved her hair to one side and started kissing the back of her neck. I was alternating between kissing her earlobes and her neck. Both my hands were busy playing with her boobs. This made her even more hot. It seemed that her body was stiffening. She was taking long hard breaths and giving soft moans. I moved my right hand to her cunt. To my surprise, her panty was wet from her cunt juice. As I touched her vagina, she gave a loud hiss. Her body stiffened further and she kept on giving long moans. She jerked suddenly and then relaxed a bit. I realised that she just went through an orgasm.She was really itching for a fuck now. I pulled down her panties and inserted my finger in her cunt. It was like entering a volcano. I could feel her cunt juices coming down in flow.At this moment, she whispered in my ear “Darling, I have heard that you are good at foreplay. But I had not imagined that you were so good. However, you know that I haven’t had proper sex in years. I can’t take this any longer. Please fuck me.”“Madhu, what is the hurry? We have whole night with us. I have just started. Let’s play with each other for some time. I promise you, I will give you a very good fuck. A fuck of your life!”“Darling, this is not the last time we will do it. I am unable to hold myself any longer. Please have mercy and do it” she pleaded.I agreed to her request. We stood up and I took off my boxers. My penis sprung out like a steel pole. I took her one hand and made her hold it. She was stroking it gently. I sat back and started to get her in position. I wanted to do it sitting, and tried to make her sit on my dick. As soon as she realised this, she went a step back.“No honey, this is our first time. Let’s do it lying down. We will try other positions later.” She lied down on the bed and gestured me to come on top.I climbed on top of her. My one hand was holding her, around her waist. I placed my other hand behind her head. This way I could hold her tight. I started kissing her passionately. Her breasts were pressing hard against my chest. My dick was touching her vagina lips. We continued like this for few minutes.Madhu whispered in my ear “Honey, please be soft and very gentle with me. I don’t think my unused cunt will be able to take any roughness from your massive dick. I am really scared right now. Promise me that you will do it slow.”“Don’t worry aunty. Leave that on me. You just enjoy and let me do all the work” I replied back.“Sweetheart, this woman under you, is your sister in law and not your aunt” she quipped laughingly. I nodded in response.“Honey, now please come inside” Madhu whispered.“Few more minutes darling. Let me play. You are so sexy.” I said teasingly.Madhu was going mad in heat. My dick was already at the vagina gates. She placed her hands on my hips. In one quick motion she pushed her thighs upwards, while pushing my hips downwards. My dick went straight inside her wet vagina, all the way down. Madhu gave a loud scream. I also let out a soft moan. This came unexpected. Her cunt was hot and completely wet. Her juices were flowing continuously and I could feel its warmth on my entire dick.“If you don’t start humping me right now, I will kill you” she thundered.I also did not want to wait. My hard dick wanted to go for it. I had not had sex for months. And now I was having it with a super sexy woman. My mom’s sister was under me and I was about to hump her. This thought made me even hornier and it was now impossible to hold. I started moving in and out of her. Every time I pushed inside, I could hear her give a long moan. I was holding her tight in the same position as earlier. Now that I had started humping, our bodies were rubbing against each other vigorously. I continued kissing her. I pushed her breasts slightly higher and was sucking them now.We were both sweating. Our bodies had a golden glow in the dim yellow light. She was tight in my arms and my long dick was ravaging her cunt. Her moans were gone and she was now speaking words on every push.“Yes, Yess, more, slower, please, never stop, keep going, yesss, I love you, yes. Fuck me like a whore. Go full deep inside me. Keep going. Yess baby”I kept on with the fucking. My speed was now increasing. I was humping her at much faster pace. She seemed to be enjoying every bit of it. Her cunt juices were now making a slurpy sound on every drill. She kept on making noises. Now I was nearing my climax. I had also stated giving soft moans. I was fucking so fast, that our banging was making loud noise, every time I pushed in.She went silent, as if to ready herself for my load. After another 5-6 pushes my cock started unloading inside her. I gave a loud scream at his point and she also screamed with me. I continued my movements for another 30 seconds till my entire load was down inside her. This was a lot of cum, which had pent up inside me over last few months. All of it was out inside her cunt now. She seemed to be enjoying the warm cum dripping off my dick inside her.We both stayed in that position for next 5 minutes trying to catch our breaths. I pulled out and lied down next to her. I could see my cum seeping out from her vagina. We both kept on looking at each other, smiling, bodies embracing. Either of us didn’t realise when we went to sleep.Thank you all very much for reading my story. I really appreciate your feedback. For more latest hot stories subscribe to our website. You can also submit your stories on our archives of sexy stories online. Continue Reading

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