Randi Ki Chudai Story of GB Road, Delhi

My dear friend today I am telling you a story of GB Road of Delhi, GB Road of Delhi is very famous for sex, my friend told me this thing, when he lived in Delhi, he used to go there. . When I came to Delhi one day I also made a plan to go. I went from Model Town to Kamla Nagar which is near New Delhi Railway Station, I reached Waha by bus, then it is a 5 minute walk from Waha, I started walking, sometimes I thought it was wrong but I need to satisfy my sex appetite. That’s why Jaya reached, on both sides of the road, many prostitutes were calling from the top of the roof and also from the side of the road, she was wearing a provocative dress, then I went to a peon shop, took a cigarette, took a pepsi and 10 Tried to know the atmosphere of Vaha till a minute, then I found a kotha which was 64 no. Was it that more people were coming here than there, so I thought it would be fine here, I hid my money here and there and kept the money worth the work in my pocket, why came to hear that those people also left money I take it with courage, I have 64 no. Started going above the living room. Then reached the 3rd floor. Waha’s area was worth seeing, there was a girl around 20 to 30, she was decorated, and there was also a customer of about 15, who was sitting and seeing which girl to take, then many woods came. I started tickling, someone was hitting my eyes, I was watching all this silently, then a boy who was selling cigarettes, I took a cigarette from him and started drinking, after smoking half a cigarette, a girl who looked like a hill was enough. It was good, she came and asked me for a cigarette and started drinking the same, then she asked me to walk, I said yes, she said, I have to deposit the money, I gave her 250. He went and gave 250 rupees to a fat woman who was chewing peonies, then she took me to a small room where there was a small bed, a mattress on it, I went there and sat down, then he slammed the door went outside, came after 3 to 4 minutes she was humming the song, as soon as she came she took out her condom and asked me to open her pant, I did the same. My whole body started trembling and I pressed her boob Diya, then I took off her top, she was also a beautiful girl lying down comfortably, I don’t know what Kamboori was in her love business. Started pressing, she was watching me, then she asked what do you do, I said studies, she asked I have never had sex till date, I said no, she was quite comfortable, her behavior was good, then she smiled then said hurry, I also put my cock on her pussy and pushed but did not go, she again held my cock and placed it on her pussy and I pushed the whole cock gone, I started kissing her lips, the girl is quite fair and beautiful The day was tight, the cheek was also quite round, I asked where did she tell that I am from Nainital, I was pressing her boob and she was lying, she was also picking up her ball and kissing, I He put all his strength in his breath, I was breathing fast, because I was very excited, after kissing for about 10 minutes, my ejaculation came out, at that time a sad sound came out of my mouth. And I shrugged, she got up smiling, I said thanks to her and gave 100 more rupees, she said come again, she told her name as Pooja. I got out of Waha, how did you like this story, do comment, I will post you another story soon And take care of your belongings and money. gb road sex delhi, fucks prostitute in delhi, fucks gb road shoddy, had sex in delhi, chudai in delhi, had sex with whore, paid sex in delhi,

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