real father made me pregnant

Hello friends, I am Mahima telling you my sexy story. I am from Chandigarh. I have done B.Sc in Statistical Science from Guru Tegh Bahadur University. Friends, when I was many years old, my mother passed away from cancer, then father and I started living alone. I was young at that time, now my father started loving me more. On one hand, I used to remind my father of my mother. On top of that, Papa was an introvert and used to speak less than people outside. So friends, now there was only me in my life and only father in my life. Papa was a lawyer and used to go to the court in the morning. I used to eagerly wait for him in the evening. He had kept one at home for my care. The one who took care of me, when my father used to come in the evening, I used to wait eagerly for him. As soon as he used to come, I used to climb on his lap. Papa used to kiss on my lips. I was 8 years old then. I was also a bit introvert. I was very fond of watching TV, used to watch TV all day. In this way friends, I gradually grew up and became a 23-year-old young mall. After my mother’s death, my father used to bathe me. He used to wash my hair, wipe my hair with a towel and wear me short tights. Papa used to kiss me on my lips. But when I became older and young, things changed, now Papa stopped kissing me on the lips. Friends, in this world no father looks at his daughter with a bad intention. My father was also no kluggy father. He knew that now his girl has become young and mature. I had also come to know that no matter how much your father loves you, but kissing a young girl on the lips is believed to have a different meaning. Friends, no friend told me about pussy fuck and cock, but I had learned all this from TV. There were 2 TVs in the house. Papa had put one in my room. Papa did not know, but after 11 o’clock in the night blue film used to come on one of his channels. By the time I was 23, I knew all about sex. I used to watch that channel every night, when my father used to come to check on me at night, I would immediately switch off the TV and go to sleep, this is how friends I fuck Everything was known about him. Not that he had the rate that the new wife should treat me well or bad, just thinking that friends, Papa did not marry again, Papa had removed all his clothes leaving only underwear, you too Papa did not look less than Sunny Deol, that bed But lying down, I started applying herbal oil on top of his body, at first I used to love my father like a father, but today I don’t know why I was looking at him from the point of view of a lover because nowadays I used to watch that chudai channel at night, now I started licking my fist by fingering my pussy, my father didn’t know anything about this scandal. It was today that when she was massaging Papa’s hands and feet in the evening, suddenly came the thought of glory! You are looking for a cock these days, thinking that a nice young cock is in front of you, I was massaging papa’s feet and thighs by rubbing a lot of rubbish, you are reading this story on nonveg Hey daughter Mahima !! Today you are massaging very well, do you want something, daughter?? Papa said friends, it happened that what should I ask for more papa, just give me your big fat cock, but I did not say that my massage made my father’s cock stand, he thinks that daughter means something wrong. So I ran to the bathroom with a towel, so I was wearing a loose salwar suit at that time Papa had a vision of my milky mammo, daughter! Now you have grown up, don’t wear such loose clothes, Papa said, I understand that today Papa has seen my milk, when Papa suddenly ran away with a towel in the bathroom, I was a little surprised, the question raised in my mind, look inside What are you doing peeping through the hole in the door, Papa’s mouth was happy to die, what was a thick land, it was no less than a coarse sugarcane, the supada was pink and the cock was black, Papa had closed his eyes and probably was meditating on me and knocking I was chugging, I started watching this scene with pleasure I was telling that he had got the fun of heaven, I thought that if my father fucks me someday, then he and I should also get the fun of heaven. Father easily did not fuck his real girl, one day before Papa’s bath I entered the bathroom. I started taking bath. I came out of it, I was only tying a pink colored towel on my chest, my fair blonde thin legs were open till the knees, above both my shoulders were shining smooth clean milk, my black long hair seemed to be from some black flowing river, friends, I know I tied the towel very lightly, as soon as I came out, Papa was standing in front, I put a little hand behind the knot of the towel, suddenly the towel slid down making a quick sound, I pretended to be afraid, Papa shrugged, but my beautiful body was his How do you tie a towel? Tie it properly, daughter, you are no longer a child, Papa said, quickly picked up the towel and put it on my chest, Papa saw my bare bare chest clearly, I pretended to repent, ran quickly from there, then the water lying on the floor But my feet fell, I slipped, once again my towel was opened, father got up to lift me, then he too slipped and fell on me, I took him in his arms, he also filled me in his arms, he forgot that I was his I am a real daughter, she put her lips on my lips, I also started drinking her lips and forgot everything after finding a young naked girl, the flame of my form broke her spiritual practice, I also said that today I have got a chance, glory, don’t leave it, I gave my father’s arms Tightened, we both started drinking each other fiercely, I was naked, my father’s hand went to my round mommo, I didn’t say anything, Papa started pressing my chest, I also suppressed my black soaked hair scattered on my father’s face The papa adjusted my wet hair and my momma started drinking, I was also giving her full support, in a few minutes papa’s cock Stand up daughter! When have you become such a cool mall?? I used to think that you are still small, but you are completely ripe, Papa said daughter! I want to drink the juice of your form, but I am afraid that you should not tell anyone about this scandal tomorrow, daughter Mahima, do you know anything about sex, Papa asked Papa, I know everything about sex, which TV you have Haven’t got a blue film installed in my room in the night, now I have started licking my fists too, I told Papa, Papa is happy, Papa, you fuck me without any tension, I want to kiss you myself. I will not say that our secret will remain only between father and daughter, no one in the world will know about it, you fuck me carelessly, I told my father to give him complete confidence, now my father became worried and started drinking my milk with fun today friends my dream come true It was going to happen everyday, I used to watch sex in TV, but today I was going to kiss myself, Papa started drinking my milk like a child, I became cool, my bur started getting wet, the mall started coming out of my pussy, I put my hand on my father’s head. The way father used to drink my mother’s milk, in the same way I was feeding him my milk, so today I have enjoyed heaven. Ray started licking to kiss my thin white belly, friends, I had gone to my mother, just like my mother was so fair that if you put it in the room, then it becomes light, in the same way I was so fair that my father’s penance was broken, now my navel I started kissing, licking my navel deep, my father started putting my tongue in my navel, I started getting a strange pleasure, my pelvis started to stir, did not hurt me now Papa should not hurt me the way mom used to fuck In the same way, fuck me loudly, but I did not say anything, Papa wanted to fuck me slowly with great love, I did not want to disturb him, Papa put his tongue in my deep bullet very beautiful navel and I was going to put both my breasts Took it in my hand and brought it to my mouth, I started licking my black nipples, now Papa felt very hard on my bur Padded was papa’s to friends’ heart is happy, glory daughter, you know when your mother came first night after a new marriage I had the exact same pussy, his father said, I laughed, so papa fuck me like mother, I said papa became happy, I started drinking my burp, as if I found paradise, I used to see my bf everyday My father started drinking my burp after turning his long tongue, my pussy became more active and swelled up, papa started fingering in the pussy as well as he started drinking the beautiful lips of my pussy, I started getting extreme pleasure, I opened both my legs, my father. Gaya’s daughter is now eating to fuck, Papa took off the clothes, put that linseed negro-like supada on my bur’s door and hit hard, my cob broke, thick sticky blood flowed out of my pussy, Papa started pelting me after some time My pain is over, I lift my waist and I started kissing my own real father, both of us father and daughter had forgotten all the relations today, Papa fucked me for half an hour and took out my mall in my new torn pussy as soon as he My Lauda came out behind, my pussy also came out of his mall, then after some time my father also killed me after that. So friends, such a cycle of sex went on that just don’t ask, day and night sex started happening, we father and daughter got a secret deal, we fired the cook servant so that he does not know about our sin and scandal, now we Father and daughter sleeping in a bed in the same room, not in different rooms, I used to put an alarm on the mobile at 4 o’clock when I would go and know the father’s land agilely, I want to kiss it, I would like to fuck 2 rounds in the morning and then go to bath. When I went to make my father’s breakfast, I would put tiffin in his bag, before coming to Shaan at 6 o’clock, I would have done all the work, now a new sari would wait for him till 10 o’clock in the night, both father and daughter would come to bed after eating and then would I got pregnant by kissing my father, Mahima daughter, now I can’t live without your pussy Papa said, in 1 week we both left Chandigarh and came to Patiala, here no one knew us when someone asked about me Papa says that my wife is of love marriage and since then my dear father fucks me every night that never Naga. either

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