Real sister got fucked by friend for a bottle of wine and tasting in lock down

Hello friends, I Sagar welcome all of you very much to Non Veg Story dot com. I have been a regular reader of Non Veg Story since last many years and no such night goes by when I do not read its juicy Chudai stories. Today I am telling you my story. I hope everyone will like this story. This is the true incident of my life. The incident I am going to narrate to you is the incident of my graduation. This thing is already 10 years ago. I had associated with some stray boys of the locality. I had a bad taste for drinking alcohol. Friends, slowly I started spending all my pocket money on liquor. Kabir, a friend of mine, taught me how to drink alcohol. Gradually, I got into the habit of drinking everyday. I used to get 3000 pocket money a month which I used to spend on alcohol. And after a few days it happened that without drinking I could not even work. My best friend Kabir was the son of the elder father. His father had 50 trucks that brought cement, Mauram and rebar from UP to Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and other districts. That’s why Kabir’s father used to earn blindly. He used to steal thousand rupees from his father’s pocket everyday and in the evening we both used to drink English liquor sitting in an expensive model shop. We both drank whiskey, rum, wine, beer, everything. Gradually it happened that I got into the habit of drinking alcohol instead of tea in the morning. Kabir often used to come to my house. My 24 year old young and very beautiful sister Ishita used to bring him tea. Ishita always used to wear jeans top and shorts in the house. Ishita’s udder was 34″, and she had very full teats. Ishita was a beautiful girl with a very fair and slim body. My friend Kabir used to scold my young sister with sidelong glances. I knew that he likes Ishita and wanted to fuck her hard. One day I had a strong desire to drink alcohol. I was busy and I didn’t even have money. I had already spent all my pocket money. Now there was only one option that Kabir should give me money. “Brother Kabir…..there is a great craving for alcohol..shall we drink???” I asked him “Friend Sagar….I have also been craving for liquor but I do not have money!” Kabir said, “Friend, make money from your father’s pocket!” I said “Brother Sagar… my father has suspected that I take money out of his pocket. That’s why now they don’t keep money in pants or shirt pocket and keep it in safe and lock it!! Kabir said “OH DHATT!!!” I said. Friends, I was very much craving for alcohol. I wanted a bottle at any cost. I was feeling very bad. I took out my purse and checked it 4 times to see if some money had come out, but my cash was torn. Not a single penny came out. I was going insane for drinking. I was feeling that if I did not get liquor, I would die. “Brother Kabir…..however you can, give me alcohol man, otherwise I will die…please man. I join your hands!!” I told my friend Kabir. He understood my compulsion. He started smiling. “sea!! I can arrange money for you….but there is a condition!!” Kabir smiled and said “Bol yaar…..I am ready to accept every condition of yours for a bottle of liquor.!” I said “Brother Sagar… I like your young and beautiful sister Ishita very much. If you promise me her juicy pussy then I can arrange money for you” Kabir said “Sister…..your mind is bad. Go fuck your mother. Talks such dirty things. Aren’t you ashamed!!” I scolded him and said “O lady….When you used to sit with me every evening and drink my free liquor then you were not ashamed???” Kabir said “Son…… nothing is available for free in this world. Everything has a price!!” Kabir said, my mouth is hanging. Because his words were true. I haven’t done anything for him till date. I have only drunk his free liquor. As the time was passing by. I was feeling that if I did not drink alcohol, I would die. I felt the same way. “Ok Kabir…come to my house. I will get you my young sister’s pussy!!” I said that I have come to my house with Kabir. My mother had gone to a friend’s house in the neighborhood. My young amazing beautiful sister was alone at home and there was no one at home. I asked Ishita to make tea. In some time, she made tea for everyone and brought it. Then I asked her to bring a glass of water for Kabir. And quickly I spooned some anesthesia pills into Ishita’s cup of tea. All three of us started drinking tea sitting on the sofa and my beautiful sister fainted while drinking tea. Ishita was wearing a light green top and jeans. I picked him up and brought him to my bedroom and laid him on the bed. “Le Kabir!!….You can fuck my sister to the fullest, but give me money for liquor!!” I said drunkenly that I wanted to watch my beautiful sister get fucked. So I sat on the same chair. My friend Kabir was very happy today. For how many days he wanted to fuck my beautiful sister. Today Kabir’s dream was about to be fulfilled. He took off his T-shirt. Then he started opening the leather belt of his jeans. Then he removed his jeans, then he also removed his underwear. I could clearly see his desperation. Today my friend Kabir wanted to rub and fuck my sister. He lay down on Ishita and started sucking her juicy lips. Ishita was very beautiful and young. Many boys wanted to befriend her and wanted to fuck her, but today only Kabir got this beautiful opportunity. Ishita was not fully conscious. She was half unconscious. Kabir had wrapped her in his arms holding her with both hands and was sucking her juicy lips. Ishita’s lips were very fresh and pink. Kabir was sucking her lips again and again and was enjoying. He also wanted to suck his 8″ dick from my sister’s fresh pink lips. Ishita got drunk. He had no idea what was happening to him. She was not able to know that my friend was sucking her juicy lips and was going to rub and fuck her today. Kabir kept sucking Ishita’s lips for a long time, then he removed her top and jeans. Ishita was wearing a blue colored bra and panty. The blue colored bra and panties were very flattering on the white smooth body. Then Kabir removed that too and in my own house my sister became naked in front of my friend. Now both Kabir and Ishita were naked. I could see the fire of lust burning and blazing in Kabir’s eyes. He lay down on Ishita and started pressing her milk with his hand. My sister Ishita’s breasts were very soft, soft, big and full. Kabir’s face was telling that today he has got hold of Aladdin’s treasure. Kabir’s penis stood erect on seeing my young sister. He put his hands on Ishita’s boobs and started pressing hard. Ishita was drunk, but she understood that her boyfriend was suppressing her milk. So he caught hold of Kabir with both hands and hugged him tightly to his chest. Kabir was very happy. He started pressing my sister’s 34″ boobs very fast. Then started drinking with mouth closed. “Yaar Sagar…..I have fucked many beautiful girls till date, but your sister is very beautiful. I have never seen a beauty like this till date. Kabir said, I am very happy to hear this. Then he started drinking my sister Ishita’s milk. He was sucking Ishita’s mom by moving his mouth as if he has got some sweet mango to suck. I was feeling great too. I opened my jeans and started fisting with cock in hand. Kabir kept drinking Ishita’s round milk with his mouth for a long time. Ishita’s fair body was shining like a diamond. Her breasts were milky and full which was killing Kabir with her beauty. Ishita’s slim body was looking very sexy and sexy. Her hair was open and my sister had very black and long hair. She was looking more sexy and sexy to Kabir in open hair. Ishita’s face was long and her features were very sharp and beautiful. It was really beautiful and amazing stuff. My friend was sucking her full tits like crazy. Seeing all this my mood also got spoiled and I started fisting fast. After that Kabir came on the lower part of Ishita’s body. And started kissing her slim and sexy belly. Friends, seeing all this, my mind got spoiled and I felt like fucking my sister myself. Kabir was sucking Ishita’s belly, and navel. My sister with slim body was looking very sexy. Kabir kept sucking Ishita’s sexy navel for a long time. Then he started drinking her pelvis. Slowly Kabir came on my sister’s lap. When he saw Ishita’s pussy, he felt as if he had seen God today. For some time he kept seeing Ishita’s bachelor Bhosde. Ishita’s bosom was very beautiful. When she herself was so beautiful and sexy then why isn’t her pussy beautiful. Then my friend Kabir lay down and opened both Ishita’s legs and started drinking her ass. She was having a lot of fun. “Aau….Aau….hmmmmm ahhhhhh….cc c c c.. ha ha ha..” Ishita was making noises. She was only half unconscious. Kabir got excited and started drinking Ishita’s anger more loudly. Kabir had got heaven today itself. For many years he had only one dream that one day he would bite my sister’s teeth with his tongue and today his dream was fulfilled. My rich friend was licking Ishita’s ass by moving his tongue like a dog. After that Kabir now untied both legs of Ishita and placing his 8″ thick cock on the grain of her pussy started moving up and down and quickly Started rubbing. “…um um um um.. um… um. Hmmmmm ahhhhhh.. Ai…Ai….Ai……” Ishita started crying as she was half unconscious. Kabir kept on rubbing and teasing the grain of my sister’s pussy with his thick pestle like cock for several minutes. Then he gave a forceful push and his 8″ cock entered Ishita’s bosom and her seal was broken.” Hmmmmm ahhhhhh..Ai…Ai….Ai……” shouted Ishita. Kabir’s thick cock had penetrated inside my sister’s juicy pussy. He slowly started fucking my sister. Ishita understood that her boyfriend is in love with her so she wrapped Kabir in her arms and started kissing his face. She was still drunk and could not open her eyes even if she wanted to. Kabir was slowly fucking Ishita’s virgin pussy and he was enjoying it a lot. Kabir’s penis was 3 inches thick. My sister’s pussy was about to burst. Kabir slowly started increasing his speed and started licking my beautiful sister. His dick was going down to Ishita’s bosom till full 8″. I enjoyed seeing all this. Ishita “…..hee hee hee….ahhhhhhh uhhhhhhh…. She was making sounds of U U U..” After some time, Kabir started rocking and playing my sister Ishita while drinking her milk. Kabir’s dick started coming out very quickly in Ishita’s bosom. My sister was fucking and having fun. Today his seal was broken and now his virginity was over. My sister’s tight pussy was torn today. In the same way, Kabir kept playing my sister for one hour lying down. He fucked my sister twice in front of me. After that he gave me a green note of 500 and we both sat together and bought a bottle of whiskey and 100 hot cashews and some namkeen and drank alcohol together. The next day my sister came to know that I had got her fucked by my friend Kabir. But Ishita did not say anything. Perhaps she too had started liking Kabir. Now when money is needed, I get my young sister fucked by Kabir and drink alcohol with the money. How did you like the story, do give your comments on non veg story dot com.

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