Real story

Friends, my name is Neha, I am 19 years old. Today I am going to tell you a true story. This story is not the truth. Today I am going to tell this story of you too. First of all let me tell you this that I am also a fan of non veg So today I am sharing my story with you guys. This thing is not very old, it is only yesterday. I am going to tell you how my real brother has kissed me. And the truth is that this fuck has become a misunderstanding, but what to do for what happened, now it has become a story. My brother got married on January 1. And my sister-in-law is the same age as me. There is not even the slightest difference in height. Friends, I am very fond of becoming a bride since childhood. I always used to play bride and groom in the house. And I love being a bride. When I saw my sister-in-law, I felt like becoming a bride again. That’s why I said to my sister-in-law, in the evening, my brother is going to the party, and maybe he does not return in the night, so this time I want to be true to make you a bride this evening. You want me to wear your clothes and jewelry too, I want to wear your red wedding saree. You adorn me well So sister-in-law is right, my time will also be cut because if your brother is not there, then I will not feel like it too. So friends, when my brother went away in the evening, I agreed to become a bride and sister-in-law gave me her clothes and did everything like that, you understand that I had not only applied vermilion, was adorned like a bride. When the decoration was done, then sister-in-law’s father came. He had come without telling, he said that he had to give a surprise, so he came without saying. So the sister-in-law was very happy for this. And she has a set of rooms next to the house to talk to her father, where the guest stays, she left because it was night time, so there was no problem, she sat there and started talking to Papa. I was waiting for him. That when she comes, then I will take off all the clothes, I was taking selfie. Was taking photos. Then the light went out. I lit a candle and then went to close the main gate so that the dog would not come. Then brother came. As soon as he came in, he grabbed me and his mouth smelled of alcohol. He was drinking. Maybe he hadn’t gone to Mama’s place yet. I asked if you were going to go to maternal uncle’s place, then he said man, I am going to leave in just fifteen minutes, a friend gave a party, so he was late. She grabbed me, I was saying again and again, leave me, I am but they did not listen to me. He covered my mouth. And dragged me into the room and made me lie on the bed and opened the pinti on top of the saree. I was trying to escape but couldn’t. He separated my legs and took out his lauda and thrust it into my chute, now I was kissed. Maybe they didn’t know that I am. He thought that sister-in-law was because he was fucking me and was saying Shalu, you are becoming more and more young every day. Today your pussy is looking very tight. They were fucking and I was chud. He was pushing hard and his lauda was being absorbed in my pussy. Slowly I started liking it too and I calmed down and I also started supporting me in sex. Because it was dark all around, a light light was burning on the verandah. He untied the hook of my blouse and put the bra up and started pressing my nipples. Then he started kissing me. He kept on kissing me again and again. Friends, I was having fun. Now I was also pushing from below. He was getting even more sexist. He was saying that today you are also in the mood, are you not hurting much, I did not say anything. I was just enjoying the fuck. The smell of alcohol was coming from his mouth. Friends, after that I was turned upside down and from behind I started pelting my lauda in my pussy. They were pushing hard by holding my bum and I was chugging. I was feeling great and his lauda was completely turning inside out. My pussy had become very wet and I started pressing my own nipples because I had become very sexy. My hairs were going crazy. I was hot. He straightened me again and this time started banging even harder. Friends, now their speed had increased and I was getting wired because Lauda was going inside due to his push. I was having a lot of fun kissing Lele. And he kissing my lips while pressing hard on my nipples. Laughing loudly inside. A voice came out loud and put all the goods in my pussy. Now I was calm, it seemed how tired I was. I was lying unconscious, I could not even move anymore. I had calmed down. He immediately put on his jeans and zipped, put on his jacket and once gave me a light slap and said, go to sleep, I am going to uncle’s place, I will come in the morning. I couldn’t live without sex, so I came home once so that I can still fuck you today. Even then I was silent. He left immediately. He did not even know that he had given me chud at the place of sister-in-law. Friends, today I am writing to you daughter-in-law because this incident happened only yesterday. What will happen next, what will happen to sister-in-law, will it be secret, I will tell you everything in my second story on nonveg Till then thank you for it.

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