Sardar ji fucked my mother in front of me

Sardar Sex Story My house is in Panipat. Nowadays the farmer’s movement is going on. So all the farmers are hot, they have closed the road. Last night my mother got fucked by her old friend i.e. Sardar ji. Those who were going to Delhi were coming from Amritsar. Today I am going to tell you the whole story of my mother and Sardarji. We used to live in Amritsar earlier. My father left my mother because of this Sardarji, after that we came to Panipat. Because there was a sexual relationship between mother and Sardar ji and father did not like it, he first forbade mother about many things but when she did not agree, he left mother. My mother was the only daughter in the house, so she went to Panipat with grandmother. Have come. I was nine years old at that time so did not know much. I just knew that everyday there used to be a fight and father used to scold mother and mother used to fight. Me and my mother both came to Panipat and my grandmother passed away four years ago, so me and my mother settled here. Mother had stopped talking to Sardarji in between. But here again from one year she started talking to Sardarji. She would take her mobile to the bathroom at night and talk with the door closed. One day I listened to what she was talking about, then came to know that she shows her body by making video calls on WhatsApp and on the other side Sardarji He beats his mother by looking at her, because once the speaker of the mobile remained on, then Sardar ji was saying that he will fall later, now show your pussy a little more and keep pressing your tits. I understood what was going on inside. I didn’t say anything. I felt that mother has her own life as I live. Am I free to do what I want, I myself am in love with an uncle and daily non-veg But by reading stories, I calm the heat of my pussy. Friends, now I come straight to the story. My mother’s name is Prabhjot. My name is Meenu. I have turned 18 and my mother is 36 now. My mom is hot and sexy. My father was not a very strong person, he was very small in height and weak, he could neither please my mother in sex nor in earning. That’s why mother had fallen in love with Sardarji because he used to keep my mother close. Mother used to get happy when Sardarji used to fuck. So yesterday Sardarji was coming to Delhi. So my house is in Panipat only. So there was talk with mother. And my mother did not tell me that Balbinder uncle is going to come. After eating food early, she also told me to go to sleep early today and she herself also went to sleep early. But I said to sleep soon. I buried my face in the quilt and started reading hot sexy stories on my mobile. By opening non-veg story dot com. Mummy felt that she had fallen asleep. Then only one bell rang on mummy’s mobile and mummy woke up. Ask mummy where did you reach. So Thalle C said from there. I understood there is someone. Mummy said Tussi come up quietly. My heartbeat became fast that who came at twelve o’clock in the last night. Mummy slowly opened the door, I was surprised to see with half closed eyes. Sardarji was So used to fuck mummy. Mummy called inside, closed the door and took her to the inner room. The door was not locked from inside. They just sheep the door. I remained silent. After about half an hour my mom started going ah ah ah uh uh uh uh off ofoffo uff ah ah ah. I ran to the door. So she was surprised. All my mother’s clothes were on the ground and Sardarji was also naked. And mother was on the bed, Sardarji was downstairs and both of them kept mother’s leg on their shoulder and were pushing hard. I also saw mother’s body for the first time. Round wide ass. Round big big tight tits. Gol Gol Jang. Ohhh what can I tell friends, I myself was surprised that mother has such a nice body. And the sardar who was getting inside and out of mother’s pussy with a thick about 9 inch cock. Sometimes he used to grab my mother’s nipples and sometimes he used to finger my mother’s ass. My mother was also going crazy. The ass was taking the cock in her pussy by twisting it. And was saying. I will die without you I always want this cock, I even left my husband because of this cock. Don’t go leaving me no matter what the world is, I love you. And Sardar who then made mummy a mare and then put spit in her ass and started inserting cocks in her ass. Mother started feeling pain. So Sardar who said that why is there pain, earlier he used to go comfortably. So mother said, it has become tight in so many days. If you put the cock in the ass two to four times, it will go again comfortably. And then he put the whole cock in the mother’s ass and then started fucking the ass vigorously. Friends, my pussy was wet. I myself also became sensual after seeing it. I myself started pressing my nipples. On the other hand my mother was crying ah ah ah. And Sardar who was fucking loudly in reverse. Then after about an hour both of them became calm and I immediately ran to my quilt. Both kept talking for about two hours. Then Sardar who left the house at around two o’clock in the night. Friends, today I saw my mother very happy. But they didn’t do me any good by showing me how to fuck, now I feel like fucking too. Sardar Sex Story: Sardar Ji fucked my mother in front of me at night during Kisan Andolan Sex Story

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