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Today I am sharing a very beautiful moment of my life to the friends of nonveg, it was the most beautiful moment of my life, and I feel like this is never going to come again, friends today I am I will tell you in details about the sex relationship I had with my sister-in-law. I hope you will like my chudai story very much. As I am writing this story now, the old memories have come fresh in my mind again. And my cock has stood up, it seems, that thing has been rewinded again, and everything is in front of my eyes…………. That rainy night……… ah…….. friends, now I come straight to the story, because I also do not want that there should be some time in this story. My name is Rajesh, it has been 1 year since my marriage, only my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law live in my in-laws’ house, my wife lives with me in Delhi, for some work I had to go to the village, why did my in-laws also go, I do not have father-in-law, he has passed away and there is no brother-in-law, so I am the only man, so my responsibility has increased in his family. My mother-in-law is not getting old, still she looks very hot. I reached the in-laws’ house around 10 in the morning, there was a conversation, both my mother-in-law and sister-in-law were very happy with my arrival. Everyone enjoyed a lot, but I got a call from my mother-in-law’s mother-in-law that her grandmother’s health is bad, so my mother-in-law said son, I need to go. You and Simar both stay here, tomorrow I will come by noon. And she went to her maternal uncle’s place. Now let me tell you about my sister-in-law. As you know the name, Simar, Simar is very beautiful, God has made it very leisurely, every part of it looks like it has been washed with milk, has given a wonderful personality to the child, now very much She is not full, she is on the threshold of youth, now she is 18 years old, friends, when my mother-in-law went to her maternal home, my intentions got spoiled, seeing her, my inner lust woke up, I felt that my wealth was someone Why should I not eat before eating first, now my eyes have changed, seeing her mother-in-law, she said as soon as mother-in-law left, I come after taking a bath, then both of us will eat to say, I said it is okay as you commanded. . After that my sister-in-law went to the bathroom. I came out of my room and reached near her bathroom, there was a sound of running tap inside, I looked through a small hole in the door and it was clearly visible to me, at first I looked behind Simar, the ass is amazing. , back funny, and pouring that mug of water and the water falling down to the bottom, ohhh I was thinking that if I had water, I would come down caressing my whole body, then she turned towards me again. Friends, I went crazy and the voice of Oh my God came out of my mouth unintentionally and then I said what a goods man………. Friends, pink lips, long neck, small boobs like lemon, brown nipples from above, small peas on it, flat stomach, clean and fair near the pussy, the thighs are fair and they pour water and put soap in their boobs. Pe on my stomach on my armpit, butt on my ass, in the area of ​​​​the pussy, what to tell friends, I took out my cock in my hand, felt that I should masturbate, but stopped, I thought that if I dropped it, it would be wrong Somehow, I have to fuck today. Then he had a bath and I came back to my room from him. Friends, when she came out, I was thinking the same thing, I wish I would have enjoyed touching her boobs with my tongue, because my whole body was coming in front of me, she came and said, I tell it, she took it out in two plates, and I did the trick Started walking, I said Simar why don’t you eat in the same plate today, both I and your sister eat together, so you will feed me here alone, so they said, in a short time you will say that Simar is your sister. If you sleep together then you will also sleep, I understood that now it has started to understand everything. I said what if you go to sleep? So Simar did not say…… I am still small… I said Simar, you are not small now. Now you have grown up, and I am not going to leave you today, Simar said, neither Baba nor I will sleep. Then sitting on the bed, both of us started watching movies in laptops, both of us started watching movies by bending our stomachs. I could see both his boobs near the neck of his tops and my cock started to stand up again, Simar’s intoxicating eyes started making me restless. And I told Simar again Simar, your lips are very pink. So why did she say that Didi’s is pink too, so I said that she sucks her every day, but this lip….. So Simar is not a good mother, so you want to take advantage of the opportunity. I said no sir. I really want you very much, I wish I could get married with you…. So Simar said, let’s assume that if I had been married with you, what would have happened, then I said that I would have kept you in my arms day and night. Friends, hearing this, maybe something started happening in her mind too, and she became silent. . I said Simar. Telling the truth, I love you very much, she kept quiet and I touched her lips with my finger. She remained silent, I kissed her lips again, then Simar said, you will not tell this to Didi, I said, what am I crazy, who will tell this thing. And I want to keep this relationship only for today, so that you can also understand everything, Simar said is fine. And on hearing this, I climbed on top of them and started sucking lips. Slowly she also became hot and then she too while holding my hair and sucking my lips, she started putting her tongue in my mouth. And I also started kissing in a wild way i.e. Emraan Hashmi’s style. Then I took off his clothes, I also opened my clothes, at first I drank a lot like his lemons, then came down and licked the pussy, his pussy was very red and no hole was visible inside, I understood that she has never kissed till date. And I said to put it in the pussy, she said slowly, and I put a little spit on my cock and put it on her virgin pussy and, after trying three or four times, I put the cock on the pussy, you this story is a non-veg story Reading on dot com, after that she cried, it hurts. It hurts, I did not take out my cock, and then I started caressing his boobs. She slowly fell silent and I started putting my cock inside out. There was blood in my cock, now she slowly started enjoying. And then what should I tell friends, sometimes from the top, sometimes from the bottom, sometimes sitting and sometimes standing, both of us started fucking like porn stars. It was raining all night and I was going to fuck Simar and enjoying the beautiful body. In 24 hours, I chuda Simar about 10 times, I blew away Simar’s virgin pussy. She was not able to walk in the morning because for the first time had enjoyed the cock, friends, this was the most beautiful sex of my life. I know that I will never forget this for the rest of my life. As if there will be some fuck in your life which you will never forget. How did you like the story, please rate it. Please. Very hot kamuk sexy story in hindi font sali ki chudai ki kahani Jija Sali Sex : Sasural me sali ki chudai ki story, virgin saali ki chudai

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