Satisfied with brother not husband

Friends, today I am going to tell you such a story, which is the reality of my life, today I will definitely tell this story to all of you because there is a burden on my heart which I want to lighten, sometimes I think That it is right and sometimes I think that it is wrong, but I did what my heart said, after all what would I do? Sex is a right, if it is not available, from which there is hope that he will fulfill it, what to do if he turns out to be impotent, perhaps you will not even have this answer, because many of you must have thrown your mouth here and there. Let me tell you my whole story, my name is Manju, I live in Delhi, I am from Haridwar, I saw Ramesh at my friend’s wedding and only then our love blossomed By behavior, I had infatuated with Ramesh, and if some girls themselves give a line to someone, then the bulb will surely light up, the same thing happened, they also became infatuated, the reason for being infatuated was my body. Walk, long hair, eyes such that anyone would think of diving, Ramesh came in the trap of my childish youth, and got married in a gap of few months, but there was a mistake, ethics doesn’t work. , we now feel that whenever someone gets married, there should be an investigation from all sides, because the cock I got was not erect at all, I came to know about this only on the night of the wedding. The bed was decorated, I was sitting on the bed wearing a veil, the whole room was smelling of flowers, my husband Dev came inside and sat on the bed and opened my veil and saw my face, I was very happy, but Ramesh had a wrinkle on his forehead. Was sweating, I thought maybe it is for the first time, because of this I started talking openly leaving a little shyness, and my lips started kissing Ramesh’s lips, Ramesh also started kissing me, I myself opened the top hook of the blouse so that my nipples could be seen, the middle part of my nipples started coming out, then my heady youth started shaking, my pussy was very hot and wet, I wanted to fuck Because my body was on fire, and I myself opened the blouse and saree was already open, was in petticoat and bra, big solid boobs were rubbing on Ramesh’s face, Ramesh was also mine. Started enjoying youth a lot. This rubbing went on for about 20 minutes, then I was completely naked, but Ramesh was wearing panties, I gave him his panties and took his cock in my hand, and started licking, Ramesh was saying ah ah ah, I was taking the cock in my mouth with great interest. Now I wanted the cock in the pussy, I went down and took Ramesh up. Then what should I tell friends, the cock was not going in my pussy, he insisted but immediately the cock would wither, shrink, I explained to Ramesh that No need to bet quickly, but he was not afraid, but his cock was not erect properly, even after trying three or four times, the cock did not enter my pussy and Ramesh was discharged, his whole sperm fell on my stomach. Went, and he fell asleep after a while, I kept waiting for him to wake up for an hour but he didn’t wake up and I also put on my clothes and slept but my pussy could not be opened, my youth kept flowing but the one who suffered from it turned out to be impotent, after fifteen days I went to my maternal home, my mother went to the temple in the joy of my arrival, my elder brother in the house who is 2 years older than me He is still single, he asked how is Manju doing, does Ramesh ji love you or not, I started crying on hearing this, and hugged my brother, I was not able to say anything, I was just crying, After a lot of patting, I became silent, after asking a lot, I clearly told everything to my brother that Ramesh could not give me the pleasure of the body, so brother took care of me and said, I know!!! I was shocked, I repeated “Know what does it mean?” So my brother, tell me sister, I lied to you about one thing!, I was surprised and then asked what is this? What are you saying, then tell my brother, before marriage, Ramesh told me that I have a problem, I may not be able to give physical pleasure to Manju, so I said that Manju loves you a lot, she is not without you. If she can stay, Ramesh ji also said that I too love Manju very much, the truth is that I ignored her problem. The truth is that I love you too, Manju, I was surprised, she said what are you saying brother, I said yes my sister, this is true, I want to have a physical relationship with you, I thought this is my chance Shouldn’t go by the hand and I didn’t tell this to anyone, what should I tell friends that day I cried whole day, mother went to Agra in the evening because she had to offer prasad to the cool deity, my grandfather’s house is in Agra, in the evening She left, brother and I were in the house, as soon as I went inside the room, my brother held me tight, and I love you my sister since long I have been dreaming of having you, I love you so much , I could not get rid of his grip, and I also started burning in the fire of his body, because I myself was burning, he put me on the bed and started pressing my tits, slowly he took off all my clothes and Started licking my pussy, I was just doing ah ah ah and enjoying a lot, you are reading this story on Both of us came in the position of 69 and I myself was licking his cock and he was licking my pussy, it was a wonderful feeling, I enjoyed life because my brother’s cock was very thick and big, I was feeling very happy, Because today I was about to fuck hard. Then what was it, I said brother, I can’t tolerate it, fuck me, make my pussy free, fuck me hard today, I just want to fuck, and then she put her fat Placed the cock on top of my pussy and pushed it hard, the whole cock which was about eight inches, got set in my pussy, and then started jerking jerks, I also lifted my ass and started licking my tits too. Was masturbating, and I was enjoying it, what should I tell friends, the happiness that my husband Dev could not give, my brother gave it, fuck all night, in different styles, my honeymoon was celebrated by brother only, today It’s been 15 days in my maternal home, I am getting fucked by my brother a lot, my life is going very smoothly, if anyone is near Delhi, then contact me, because my brother is about to get married, I have such a person I want someone who can fuck me, I don’t need money, for that my impotent husband is enough, this is even more cool!

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