Saying the train is late, the brother fucks in the guest house for 12 hours

Train Bhai Bahan Sex : When I was going home from Delhi with my brother, brother did not take me home immediately, he fucked me for 12 hours in Patna’s guest house i.e. in a hotel. When the family member used to get a call asking where he had reached, he used to say that the train is late and will reach after 12 hours. This was the excuse he made and then dropped me at Patna station and brought me to the bye guest house and fucked me all night and then caught the local in the morning to reach home. Friends, this is my true story, I am writing my story to you on non-veg So that you also know that many times people say and do something else, they are brothers but they do not maintain the relationship of brothers. My name is Divya, my brother’s name is Anil, my brother is 2 years older than me. He had brought me from Delhi, I had to take the exam, my center was of SSC. On the way back, such a scandal happened that he took me to Patna, imagine how his lust flared up. Hu r u that one day we gave the paper while staying in Delhi and the next day there was a train from there. Only one ticket was confirmed and one was on the waiting list. So both of us had come on the same bed i.e. sitting and lying down on the same berth. When the train opened from Delhi and reached across Ghaziabad. Till then nothing had happened, both of us were sitting comfortably, there was a side berth. You also know that it becomes difficult to sit on a berth, when you spread your legs, then the person in front will collide. And when a girl and a boy are sitting, the collision changes. He said sorry once or twice but then his legs came near my thigh and started touching. And once like my leg accidentally went towards him and my leg got stuck in his cock. I was surprised that his cock was very tight. Friends, his mind was already bad, his intention was not good, but as soon as I touched his cock, my intention also started getting spoiled. Now I also used to remove my leg from his cock. Now he used to bring his leg between my two thighs and touch it slowly means you understand. He was touching his cock again and again near my pussy. Brother had closed the curtain on my seat so that people outside could not see what comes and goes. Because we were going through air-conditioned. Slowly the talk progressed and he lay down keeping his head on my lap. Slowly he started touching my nipples. Slowly I also started caressing her. Then we both went ahead. He put his hand inside my top and bra. And started rubbing my nipple while kneading my nipples. Friends, my body was on fire. My pussy was getting wet. Started taking sobs. After that I lay down on her lap and put the blanket on top. Now my brother put my top up and opened it from below and started pressing my nipples with both hands and started rubbing. I started taking sobs and started taking fingers. The train was running headlong. So there was no fear of such a sound coming out of his mouth. She was making the sound of Holle Holle Aaaaaa Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh, but only my brother could hear this sound, it was not audible to the outsider. My brother touched my lips and said how pink your lips are. For so many days I was seeing you as my sister. But today my point of view has become something else that’s why you are looking absolutely sexy and hot. This is true, if the answers of friends are in a relationship, then keeping in mind the dignity of that relationship, they speak and see something. And when this limit is broken, then the point of view changes, you see it from a different point of view, you will also know this. Slowly he started caressing my body, untangled my hair and started untangling my hair. Friends, as his lips came on mine, both of us started kissing each other’s lips and started kissing. She took out her tongue and I started sucking her tongue. When I stuck out my tongue he started sucking my tongue. Love and lust both started rising. We kept doing this for 2:30 to 3 hours. But the uncle in front probably got an inkling. That both of us are doing something because he used to peep again and again but nothing was visible from outside, both of us were watching that uncle. He started going to toilet again and again and when he came back Began to see I understood that he probably came to know about the handiwork of both of us. Then we both calmed down, it was late at night. Now the lust of both of us had flared up. But what would the cruel world, the enemy who was sitting outside, repeatedly trying to understand what we both were doing, then doing anything in such a situation could have been risky. That’s why we both sat down comfortably. Brother thought of a solution, he said let’s do this work, both of us stay overnight in Patna and say at home that the train is running late. This is what happened friends, I got a call from home, he said that the train is late, it will be late from 12:00 to 15 hours. My parents are very simple, they don’t know much about the country and the world, they don’t even watch TV. He spends a lot of time in the fields, so he doesn’t even know much about what is happening in the country and the world. He said no problem. If you guys will not be there at night, then get down at Patna station and stay there at the station and come in the morning comfortably, don’t come again at night. My brother took me to the hotel, to a guest house. Then friends, as soon as we closed the door of the hotel, the room in which both of us fell on each other cannot be described in words. Took off all my clothes in 2 minutes, I also took off his clothes immediately. He started playing with my big tits in his hands, started sucking my nipples, pressing them, rubbing them with two fingers. I lay down on the bed, climbed on my mouth, but sitting between my two legs started licking my pussy, friends started licking my hole. I started taking sobs, started giving hugs, the fire inside me was kindled, friends. The pussy was watery. He immediately put his tongue in my pussy and started taking it out. I felt very good, current was running in my whole body. He put one finger in my pussy, put two fingers inside and out, then started inside and out. I immediately hold his cock and let me suck it. His land was thick and long, I took it in my mouth. And started sucking his cock. But he wanted to fuck me as soon as possible. He immediately separated both my legs and pushed me hard in the middle of the burrow and inserted the whole cock into my burrow. We both started hiccups, we both started kissing and caressing each other. My brother used to tell me that you call me husband, I also used to call him husband at times. He also used to say that you are my wife, you are so beautiful, your eyes are so beautiful, your tits are so big and tight, you are so sexy, you are my love, my wife, you are my wife, you are my girlfriend, you are so beautiful, your pussy is so tight. Is. I also used to tell him that this time I will keep Teej fast for you, I will keep Karva Chauth fast, you are my husband, you take care of me so much. From above she was giving her cock in her burrow by turning her ass round and round from below. Friends were having great fun, it seemed that both of us were made for each other only, made only to calm each other’s lust. We both made each other happy, didn’t stop for anything, I was letting my brother do whatever he wanted, I was not stopping him. We both fucked the whole night. Waking up early in the morning, after taking bath once again, we both had sex while standing. Then both of us left for our village by taking a local train from Patna Junction. I will probably never be able to forget this memorable moment of having a lot of fun in the hotel on the pretext of train being late. It was a special day of my life. Today our relationship has become different, friends. My warm greetings to the readers of and Pyaare To Aur Bhi Mast Hai!

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