Sex After Marriage, what is the importance of sex after marriage, why it is important

Sex After Marriage: After marriage, two people connect with each other not only by feelings but also physically. Which also helps them to increase their love by coming closer to each other. But most of the people believe that as the time passes after marriage, the pleasure remains in their sex life. Because after having children, they are not able to give that much time to each other. Or because of being in the midst of household responsibilities, the enjoyment of their sex life gradually decreases. When two people get married, it becomes legal for them to have sex after that. Also, there is no scope for shame between them in making physical relations. But many men think that after marriage, only a woman is there to make a relationship, so there is a way for women to get the love of their husband. Whereas sex after marriage means bringing you closer to each other not only physically but also emotionally. Now the question also comes in the mind of people that without sex can your married life be imagined to be happy? Now if the answer is seen, then it happens that after marriage everything is not sex and without sex your married life can also get spoiled. Because this is also the way of expressing the love of both men and women towards each other. That is why you can say that sex is necessary for a happy married life. Many consultants believe that sex life after honeymoon is not the same. Because only those two want to spend that time with each other, but after that, as time goes by, their sex life starts getting worse. It is not necessary that this should happen to everyone. But where for women sex is to be mentally attached to the husband, sometimes for men it is only sex. So let us now know that sex is necessary after marriage. Marriage and sex The importance of sex after marriage is more because through sex two people come closer to each other not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. And it also helps them to stay close to each other and maintain the love between them. Sex life does not depend only on one partner but on both. Because unless both the partners do not give full support to each other, then your sex life cannot be good. And if even one partner is not interested in sex life, then due to this many times your relationship starts deteriorating and even starts getting eager to make illicit relationship. That is why if it is said after marriage that it is necessary to have a good sex life to make married life happy, then it will not be wrong. That is why both the partners should also improve their sex life to increase the love in their relationship. One remains fit not only physically but also mentally. If you get up in the morning and make a relationship, then it works as an exercise for you. This helps in increasing the love in your married life. Husband and wife get to spend time with each other. It also enhances the beauty of the woman. It is believed that a better sex life also increases your age. Building a relationship helps you to come closer to each other emotionally as well. Having a better sex life after marriage helps in increasing and strengthening the love between you over time. So if you are also going to get married, or you are married and you feel that there is no love between you. So you and your partner should think about your sex life, because this is the reason for the bitterness between most relationships. That is why after marriage, along with giving importance to everything, husband and wife should also try to improve sex life to keep love in their relationship.

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