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Do you know that sex not only fulfills lust but also works to keep you young and healthy, if the sexual pleasure (sex pleasure) that a woman gets during intercourse or sex activity is not only a source of comfort to the body Rather it can make any ugly person beautiful. Sexual pleasure is just a simple physiological response. In a short period of time, a woman who enjoys sexual pleasure every day has a change from the head to the nails of the feet. During sexual intercourse, there is an increase in the stimulation of the glands and at the end of this activity, there are difficult reactions and the pituitary gland secretes hormones into the blood which increase the reactions in the sex organs. Sex hormones are necessary for the desire to have sex. The pituitary gland is called the master sex gland because its hormones control the other sex glands of the body. This gland sends different hormones to different sex glands with the message that they are ready to replenish their own hormones. This sex gland, once filled with hormones itself, sends a message to the pituitary gland, now we ourselves are careful and we do not need your help. All these glands are directly related to keeping a person young and maintaining his beauty. During intercourse, the small muscles that control the veins that carry blood contract involuntarily, due to which women feel warm throughout their body. The small blood-shed veins remain calm and bring a lot of blood and warmth to the body. For this reason, sometimes there is redness in the skin of the whole body. This process works very well for the skin as it increases the blood flow to the layers of the skin and brings oil and moisture to the pores of the body, thereby giving youth and glow to the skin. Due to the accumulation of moisture inside the skin, the process of weakening of the skin stops, due to which the skin remains soft and beautiful. Apart from the skin, sexual intercourse also helps in keeping the rest of the body healthy and fit. benefits of intercourse, benefits of sex, physical benefits of sex, benefits of intercourse, should one have intercourse,

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