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We are North Indian expat couple in Australia both working in large MNCs. In early 30s married for 3 years and know each other for a decade now. We have very good chemistry and understanding.Myself (Sameer), M 33 178 CM, 75 KG, Fit but not muscular. Wife 32 (Sharvy), 162 CM, 56 KG, Dusky complexion, Very beautiful face, 36 28 38 stats.We visited Bali couple of months back for a week’s vacation. After a spending couple of days seeing island, having beech fun and couple massages we went for Scuba diving.We took 2 days lesson package in which first day was about understanding the basics and second day for two dives with assistance. This was our first time, my wife has fear of water and can’t swim. But being a brave and adventurous girl she has a thing for trying new experiences.On the first day we were picked from Hotel and taken to a resort near the dive site, which is a sunk ship not far from the shore. We were greeted by Divemaster who was a strong looking asian middle age man, must be in his late 40s and a young asian boy around 20 years of age, with athletic body.Wife had wore a thin white single piece dress with slightly deep neck that gave a very delightful glimpse of her assets and Blue coloured Bikini under it.After initial introductions Divemaster gave us a small tour of the resort and also explained a few things about scuba diving.Then he asked other guy to explain me technicals of breathing gear and other stuff, and himself started to explain the same things to my wife separately. There was no reason for this but to have his whole focus on my wife’s body.My wife gave me a surprised look, but I just smiled at it and signalled her to continue. Don’t know why, but this actually gave me some excitement.I noticed that dive master was glancing her figure from toe to head frequently while explaining. My little guy also started feeling sensations seeing this.The other young lad was explaining me, this must not be anything new for him. After about 20 minutes of discussion and Demo, my instructor gave me dive suite to wear. But the dive master was still having chat with my wife. I told him I am done, then he replied he will take extra care for my wife as she has fear of water.I went on to change my suit, and noticed that wife was happily chatting with this guy and having laughs in between as if he is telling her a few jokes. Guess was already hitting a her, I was feeling thrilling pleasant sensations while watching all this.While I geared up, my instructor told me to go into the waters with him. I said I would wait for my wife. Then the oldie guy immediately said, I should be get going as I will get more time enjoying the dives. By now I was pretty sure that rather than mine he is more caring about his own eye pleasures . I looked at the wife, now it was her turn to give me a wink and kind of go on look.I started walking towards the shore when I heard guide telling wife to suit up. Wife asked for a change room, but he simply said no one around here she can change behind the Van.Shore was not far from the place and I could see them both, my wife taking her dress off, and the DM trying to act as if he is checking his phone when he was actually feasting on the beauty of my wife. I kind of felt proud of her having in my life as partner Wife took off her white dress, now in blue one piece bikini which was pretty deep from behind, showing her entire sexy back and stomach, pushing her boobs a bit up as well. Her legs are to die for, fleshy but firm.She tried putting on the dress but guess felt some problem as I saw from roughly 30 meters The divemaster going to her for help. He helped her putting the suite on and in the process noticed him feeling my wife from top to bottom with his hand. Noticed that wife turned towards me, I tried to keep my eyes away from her. Wanted to see her reaction.Then he put the scuba tank on her and they walked hand in hand towards the shore, as wife was feeling uncomfortable walking with 20 KG additional weight!Meanwhile I had taken a few shallow dives and lessons in breathing. My guide asked me to take one dive around 4-5 meters.Wife and DM arrived, she was having tough time entering the water and the divemaster (DM) was utilising her every slip. I saw him holding her from waist. When they reached about waist height in water, my wife had a panic attack. My guide told me not to worry as his boss is very experienced.I saw the DM removing the dive goggles and breathing gear from wife’s face and keeping his hands on her shoulder while calming her. I was assured that she is in safe hands so I continued with my dive.Next, he put his hands on her cheeks in a manner to encourage her (as wife told me later), while from the place I was looking it looked any minute he is going to kiss her. After comforting her he helped her to Learn breathing and needless to say his hands were moving all along my wife’s body, specially her round Ass, which was looking irresistible in that body suite.I had now no interest in dive but just seeing them, my guide noticed this and smiled at me. That was first time he did that, and I was like he also know what’s happening.After about another 20 minutes we came out of water, it was really tiring and by the time we reached at shore we were like totally out of energy. DM and other guide were like totally fine for them it is their daily routine at least 4 times a day!Part 2 The shoreDM asked to quickly remove our suits so that he will help it carry to the resort. Fucker, just wanted my wife to get out of that suite and start his visual feast again.He himself removed his suite quickly. He was wearing a short under the suite which clear carved out his buldging Pennis. It looked as if he was already having a hard on but because of tight short his pennis was still lying flat. Guys know this feeling well, it is the time when we feel horniest. He behaved normally and when my wife kind of looked at me to ask what to do, I told her take off your suit lah! It’s cool, you are not in India to hide your Bikini. She was kind of waiting for this, I saw her eyes shining. Every lady wants to flaunt off her assets and why not otherwise what are they for.She asked me to unzip her dress, I was still lying on the shore. My guide was standing next to my wife. I asked him, can you unzip her please. He was a bit shocked but gladly obliged. On this my wife gave me some tough looks, but by this time the young lad has already approached her.She wickedly turned around so that her back was towards the DM and me from that angle. This was a killing move as the boy started unzipping her suite all three of us were watching that with our mouth open. Boy also didn’t hurry, he pulled it down very smoothly till the very start of her ass curves. Then he put his hands on both shoulders and slowly pull the suit down till her elbow. Looked like he gently browsed through her boobs as well. Then in a lethal move, my wife pushed the suite down her legs bending in front so that we all can get a very good view of her round round lovely ass. I was having the hardest erection I had for my life.And unlike the other two male there I hadn’t wore a tight short under my scuba suite. So it was evidently visible as well. I quickly pulled the suite I had removed and put it over my erected pennis to cover it.Then wife turned back towards us with a swing of her hair, magical. And stand in front of us in that sexy bikini with her hands on her waist and a smile on her face. As if in next few minutes she is going to give us a complete show. But that would have been too slutty for her .DM after catching his breath said, “You have been really brave Sharvy and I must say I haven’t met many bold and beautiful lady like you. And looked towards me smiling. I returned the smile and said DM you had been wonderful too, you understood our need and helped as we desired. So, what’s next? He said nothing as it’s rather not a busy day and most of the resort is empty he would invite us to stay here and not move to hotel as he will help us take early morning dive and then a late afternoon next day as well. And we can go for a lunch together now.It was windy and we in our minimum clothes were already feeling cold. So we started to walk towards the Van which had our bags to quickly change. Wife led the procession followed by 3 of us. Her mind blowing ass was swinging like a pendulum and water droplets coming down her beautiful back were shining like pearls.I still was hard and had to cover my shorts with the wet suite. DM and the boy were also walking besides me. All three of us had our eyes on juicy backside of my wife. I was already having thought of a great session in bed as soon as possible. Actually at that moment I wanted to fuck her right there on the shore, it would have been amazing. But didn’t know what else was in store for this exciting day.After reaching the Van, DM showed us showers which were in open lawn beside the swimming pool. We grabbed our towels and went to shower. By this time, Sharvy was pretty comfortable carrying herself in the Bikini with strangers around. There were couple of European guests by the pool and some resort staff. I was reading eye of everyone, they were all full with lust.Part 3 The ShowerWe grabbed our towels and change clothes from Van and went in the showers. I suddenly thought to put some more show for my hosts. We first went into different showers adjacent to each other with no covers. Then I went into the same shower Sharvy was using. Put some soap in my hand and started rubbing her back. She was surprised and she didn’t know I was about to do that. She looked at me, with lust in my eyes I told her to relax. I moved my hand up and down on her back with people around checking us without blinking their eyes.Then I went down her legs and applied soap on all visible skin from toe to the border of bottom of her bikini. Ah, didn’t mention that her sexy bottom, exposed 50% of her ass cheeks for lusty eyes . Excited and thrilled I inserted my fingers in under her bikini to rub almost her full ass, my tool was almost about to explode when my fingers crossed her ass parting line .DM meanwhile was lying upside down feasting on the scene about 10 meters from us. Guess he wanted to put some pressure on his dick and hide it’s erection.After enjoying her backside I stood up and started on her front. Her eyes were also full of lust by now and she gladly put her arms across my shoulders. She looked deep in my eyes and without speaking a word urged me to enjoy her body to fullest in open public view. I massaged her neck, rubbed soap under her armpits, then on her cleavage. Wanted to take out those sexy boobs out of that bikini and eat them but that would have been toooo much.Now it was my lady’s turn to up the ante and she didn’t disappoint the audience. She took the soap from me and moved it in circles on my chest, her other hand still rested on my shoulder and eyes deep in mine. We both were dying to kiss each other but not able to do that was even more exciting. She then sat down and went on putting soap on my legs, moving upwards to thighs. .My dick was hard and now I didn’t care if anybody is noticing her. She moved her both hands thrice up and down on my legs before inserting her fingers under my loose short to feel my balls. I turned to see how many eyes are on us. DM, the boy, one other couple resting by the pool, a waitress (cute fair asian girl), the driver of the van and a security guard were all enjoying the live show from various angels.I whispered in wife’s ear, “that’s it, I will cum right here. Let’s go to the room”. She replied, “Go on, I already have once”. Hope you guys would already be feeling what I did at that time. I shot all my load at that very moment inside the shorts.We finished shower in next 5 minutes and kissed there, wasn’t too long but a complete french one with exchanging saliva. Helped each other with towels to dry and feel the body again one last time in this public session. This was way more satisfying than a regular play in the bedroom.Part 4 Pre-massageDM had already ordered drinks for us (non-alcholic, as we needed to dive next day). The cute waitress brought us big mugs full of what looked like watermelon juice and fresh fruits in it. This I tell you is one of the best recipe to charge you up very fast. While Sharvy went on to change, this time in a change room. I sat there recharging on the juice and the waitress. She had wore a mini skirt and had perfect flawless white asian legs. DM started chatting, “so you guys seems to had lot of fun.” And winked. I didn’t hold back and said absolutely, in and out of the water. We laughed and knew exactly what for.Sharvy came out of the changing room after 20 good minutes, guess she may have figured herself once again. She was looking fabulous, this time in Red Bikini and her white single piece dress on it. Bikini was clearly evident in bright sunlight and thanks to her see through dress. She had put on a reflector sunglasses. DM looked at her then at me, I gave him a proud smile. He stood up and handed over the mug full of juice to her and said, you look stunning in this dress. She smiled and said thank you, gazing DMs well built upper body. She came and sit right on my lap and kissed my cheek, “this was amazing experience”. DM immediately replied, “Fun has just started, I promise you a thrilling night and morning here!”.He sat across us without shirt, and now in loose short. He told us they have a spa setup as well and Jess (the waitress) and Joe (the young lad) are well trained masseuses. He suggested that after dive we may have some cramps in body, massage will help and we will have better time tomorrow.Juice served has recharged our body and we were more than excited for the Spa experience. Wife had her eyes on Joe’s six pack Abs and I was imagining Jess’s sexy legs. We nodded and DM called reception to arrange Spa. Jess came to take the mugs back, I measured her body with my eyes, she had a sexy asian figure 34D, 26 34. My wife also glanced at her and discreetly crossed my dick, which was again getting a hard on quickly. We both thought that we knew where are we heading.DM asked wife, if he can check her body and suggest Joe what to concentrate on. This was pretty straight! Not to my surprise, wife said Yea sure and stood up. I was like, Wow this shit is going real very fast. DM asked her to sit on his bench and pulled a chair next to it. He said sometimes bubbles are formed in body after Dives, and he can check them and tell Joe where to put pressure. I thought this is crap, but was excited to see wife getting touched by someone in full public view.He started with the feet, pressed her toes, then ankles, then he held her leg from feet and put it on his thigh. From where I was sitting, I can see her Red underwear clearly after he lifted her leg. Surly he was also seeing pretty deep. He then started moving his hand from ankle towards Sharvy’s sexy thighs, feeling the whole circumference. My wife still had reflectors on and I was seeing DM’s face in them. She was seeing him and he was seeing her. He went up right up to the penty’s border and again came down. Then he pointed to Joe that he will have to work on the calf muscle, upper thigh and inner thighs just below the panty line. He pressed his finger at every point, and twice on the inner thighs. My wife almost moaned.He then moved on to the next leg and this time put Sharvy’s leg on her shoulder. There was no chance of hiding anything, her panty and swollen pussy with camel toe was visible to all four of us around there (Me, DM, Joe and Jess). Sharvy wasn’t able to hide any of her feelings, all of us heard her clear “Ahhhh!” And she turned her face on side because of shyness.DM said you need to be worked on in this position it will help relaxing your tight spots. I nodded in appreciation (out of excitement). Now I could see Joe covering his dick, and DM’s tool fully erect and making a tent out of his shorts. He would have loved to wildly fuck Sharvy right there. Then he movies his hand in same fashion as he did on the first leg but this time much slowly. Pressing his fingers at every inch of her meaty legs. Then he pointed to Joe towards back of the thigh very close to her asshole, near her knee and her toes. He then asked Sharvy if she can take off her dress, she looked at me and on my nod removed it. DM gently give her a push to lie down again. He then placed his hand on top of her panty, but didn’t keep it there for long. Felt her stomach’s full surface area, and then turned towards me while moving his hand towards the bra. Asked, “Is it fine, I said yea yea, you are professional”. He smiled said thanks and signalled Jess to move towards me. I was like it’s gonna be double fun now. He gently pressed my wife’s boobs, she didn’t shy to moan this time, “mmm…” And DM pointed to Joe by pressing her finger just above Sharvy’s right Boob’s nipple. He then moved to the left boob, and pointed at the base. Joe was taking notes by this time.Jess came behind me and started massaging my shoulders. She moved her hands on my chest up and down.He then held her hands and felt from fingers to armpits and then pressed her fingers in both armpits for Joe to mark. He gently pulled Sharvy’s hand to make her sit. She was sweating and breathing heavily with excitement. She removed her reflectors and smiled at both of us. Then DM asked her to turn around and lie down again. She followed his instruction. He parted her legs further by putting his hands near her cunt. And swiped her fingers on the border of her panty. Then he moved his hands in circular motion over my wife’s beautiful globes. And swiped with one finger between her ass cheeks. He pointed couple of spots to Joe. He then moved up on the back and felt it fully.After this fore-play of massage he told us to go with Jess and Joe to the Spa room.Part 5 The SpaSpa room had two tables next to each other with a thin curtain between them. Jess took me to the second table and asked me if I want something to drink. I asked for some warm water. Joe took Sharvy to the first table and served her warm water. Then Jess pulled the curtain between the two tables. I could still see through it, it was there just for the namesake I guess. Jess asked me to remove my short and put on a disposable short.I removed my pant, Jess’s eye was waiting for my tool to come out and then she passed a smile to me and handed over other short. It was bit small for me but I still put it on. After too long hard ons my little guy wasn’t in any mood to play immediately until provokedI could see Sharvy removing her bra and then panty. She wasn’t given anything to wear but she wrapped the towel and lie down on her stomach.I also lie down on my stomach and was waiting for massage to start and feel Jess’s soft hands.For our surprise, entered DM with his heavy voice, “So guys ready for your massage, I will be here to oversee if you are treated well. Let me know if you want me to leave.” How could he have missed Sharvy’s naked body!We both said “it’s fine”.He placed a chair between both tables towards our legs and sat there.I saw Jess removing her shirt and Skirt. She was wearing a sexy bra and small penty underneath. Meanwhile Joe was already sitting on top of my wife (knees on table) and massaging her neck. I knew as most ladies that’s her most favoured Spot. At the same-time, felt Jess’s soft hands moving up my legs. In a long stroke she gently moved her hands upto the shorts I was wearing. I felt her touch on my balls.DM was sitting and watching both of us, he must be having best view, Jess’s sexy white ass in laced white panty, Sharvy’s bare legs up-till her Ass cheeks and may be glimpse of her juicy pussy as well.My Dick was getting a hard on already. I closed my eyes to feel the complete pleasure of the massage. Jess finished my legs in about 10 mins, her hands were good she knew her art well. Then she moved to back. At this moment I opened my eyes and Wah! DM was also standing next to my wife. Joe was massaging her thighs and the horny DM was massaging her bare back. Her towel was already left folded only to cover her ass. She was having four hand massage and me only two, but seeing her was a better pleasure for me at that moment. I can see her side Boobs, her face was in opposite direction so couldn’t see her reaction. But imagined that she must be enjoying it a lot.Was already imagining an orgie soon, but wasn’t sure about it. I am sure my wife would also be having similar thoughts. We have never discussed this and never imagined all of this to happen on Diving trip. It was way too sudden for us. DM was moving his hands on wife’s curved back and love handles swiftly. Putting right amount of pressure, I was not able to see his face as well but he must have very horny look. I could see Joe, he was enjoying every moment of it and giving wicked smile to DM. Joe has moved his hands towards inner thighs of my wife. And I saw wife spreading her legs on her own.And Jess, she was doing her own magic around my Ass. She has folder my shorts below and was massaging my bottom. She was also moving her finger in my ass crack in between three-four stroke. The whole scene as you would have imagined was very erotic, at least for me. I was having mixed feeling of jealousy, horniness and pleasure.DM removed the towel from my wife’s ass, that was only piece of cloth on her. She turned her head towards me on this, but I closed my eyes. Not sure if she can see my face as the only night bulb was on her side of room. DM now started caressing her ass cheeks, I can see her face now. She was having time of her life. Two strong athelatic men seeing her nude and enjoying her body in front of her hubby. DM signalled Joe to move towards the head side of Sharvy. He himself then moved further down where he can massage her thighs and see her cunt. He tried fingering my wife’s pussy on this Sharvy stopped him and signalled not now, He oblidged. Joe was moving his hands from her lower back to upper neck. DM then stopped turned around and came to my side, he asked if I am feeling relaxed. I acted as if I am sleeping. He whispered to Jess to take care of me gently and went back after pulling the curtain back.He then climbed on to the table over my wife sitting around her thighs, wife again tried to check if I am seeing her. But I guess she could not figure out my face in dim light on my side. Joe was already erect and his dick was now touching wife’s head in pendulum motion. DM started his work again, this time Sharvy didn’t stop him. He went down and put his tongue on Sharvy’s ass cheek and licked all around it. Show was finally starting, I still acted as if I am sleeping. Jess must also be seeing all this as I felt that only one of her hand is on me now and other around her own panty. Sharvy crossed her hands around Joe’s ass now with her face towards his dick. She her self lowered his short to take his dick out and started playing with it. Joe’s hands now were playing with her cute face. DMs tongue now was tasting her cunt already.I couldn’t resist any more, I turned around and found Jess fingering herself. I signalled her to be silent and put her hand on my dick. She bowed down and started sucking it.My wife was by now sucking Joe’s dick, DM sucking my wife’s pussy and Jess taking my dick in her mouth. I wanted to feel Jess fully too so I went up and started removing her bra. She put a finger on my mouth and dragged me towards another door. I turned back to see my wife. She was facing the ceiling now, mouth full of Joe’s dick and DM sucking her boobs her hands were moving on DM’s bald head.Jess pulled me out, it was a attached shower room with no roof but covered from all sides. I wasted no time and removed her clothes went down my knees to enjoy my favourite part of asian girls, creamy white legs. The scene inside has already made me horny, couldn’t wait any longer. Put on the condom and lifted her one leg and placed my tool in her pussy.Inside the room my wife now had realised that I am no longer there so she also felt free and enjoyed both DM and Joe. First DM took her in doggy position and she sucked Joe (as she later told me) and then Joe gave her pleasure in missionary position and she licked DMs balls.Out in the shower I could not last too long but was satisfied totally, Jess stopped me when I was about to cum and sucked me raw and took the cum over her face and boobs.After finishing this, I first wanted to check what’s the status inside so I stopped Jess to open the door and sneaked from keyhole. That’s when I saw Joe taking my wife in missionary position and she licking DM’s balls. Jess understood that I didn’t want to disturb my wife so took me out from back door. I went to the pool side and waited for my wife.Continue Reading

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