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Shadi sex story: Friends, first of all my greetings to you, you have read many of my stories on non-veg, but first I want to apologize to you, because I have not been able to write any story for a long time, I hope this story which That is completely new and quite hot, friends, this is my true story, it is nothing artificial. I am presenting to you the true story of my chudai, my name is Gaurav, I am from Uttar Pradesh, live in Delhi, I design website, I often post my story on this website, why I am very chodu nature, and I am very smart to look, so I always take someone or the other, and make my cock a victim, my penis is also 9 inches, then anyone likes it. . When she kisses me again and again, I feel like kissing her again and again, and friends, I do not refuse, now I come straight to my story. I had just gone to the village, in a wedding, married my brother-in-law’s daughter The house was very small, and it was getting very hot, the condition was getting worse in the village due to the heat, somehow the heat would cut through the day and there would be some relief at night, because sleeping on the roof, not electricity was equal. It is a matter of a day before the wedding, the ladies were singing songs, everyone had fallen asleep, the tired man who slept once would wake up only in the morning, used to sleep like this, my wife came and said in the next house Inverter is installed, I will go to sleep in the same room, all the ladies are sleeping in one room, it is good to sleep there, I said okay brother, you have arranged, come on, I am fine on the terrace, she left, and I fell asleep, at about three o’clock in the night my sleep was dark, some other children and women were also sleeping, from a line, I was in the last, there was a huge carpet lying on it, everyone had their own bedsheet I was sleeping on the bed, friends, I was surprised, a woman was sleeping next to me, wearing a sari, the sari was in disarray, the knee was raised, the glow of the anklet was shining in the moonlit night and the gore gore on her body, The sari was wrapped around the mouth, two big nipples were stretched from the blouse, and the cleavage was visible from above, the stomach was wide, seeing the navel, it seemed that I should put my lauda in it. The red chudiya on the round black, used to breathe in sleep, then her nipples were going up and down, she was a wonderful woman, what a beautiful, ohhh, my mind was blown, my breathing started moving fast. I was sitting and looking at her body, then she took her side and slid further to my side, now her back was visible, and the wide ass was on my side. I went back to sleep but I had lost my sleep, I took my LND in my hand and started moving. I did not recognize that woman, but she was very young, she would have been about 30 years old, after that I turned around like her and started moving my cock with my hand. Then she slid again towards me, now she was stuck in me, my cock was stuck in her bum, the smell of deodorant was coming from her body, I started getting even more intoxicated. I thought that whatever happens, today I will not leave this beauty, today I will put the juice of my penis in the pussy of this beautiful drunk woman, and then what was it, I put my hand on her arm, and slowly started caressing. After that she turned again and became straight again, her mouth was covered with the sari’s lap, but everything else was in front of me, her blouse was in front of my eyes, wide belly, thick thick thighs, I put my hand on her nipple But kept it, kept it like this for a while and then started caressing. And then started pressing. And then untied the hook of the blouse, and started pressing hard on her chest. Friends, what should I tell then I put her sari up, she was not wearing panties inside, caressing the thick fat blonde thighs, when I put my hand on her pussy, I felt a different heat, there was thick hair on the pussy , and the pussy was wet, and the heat of the pussy was clearly visible. Then she turned back again, then the ass had come towards me, I could not stay away from me, lifted the sari full, round round bum Looked very cool, I caressed, and then finger in the pussy, because the pussy is wet and smooth, the finger went inside, then I took out my penis, and lift his leg and put it on myself and and one of my feet Putting both his legs in the middle, putting the penis on the hole of the pussy, gave it inside The cock went inside her pussy, then the sound came out of her mouth Ah, , I kiss my tits Drunk, was enjoying sex to the fullest, but couldn’t fuck for long, because I was very hot, and within about 10 minutes I was ecstatic, but she was not satisfied, because The sound of uh came out of her mouth, I was shocked, I fell asleep, when I woke up, she could not be seen, many women had come to the wedding. But tried to identify her throughout the day but could not find it. The next day she slept again at night, and then came around two o’clock in the night, and then lay down with me. Then what was it, started groping her body, opened the hook of the blouse, and this time also opened the hook of the bra, and put the thong coat up, but she kept covering her mouth, tried to remove it but she did not Removed, this time climbed on top of him, and started banging loudly. For about half an hour a lot of chuda, sometimes from behind, sometimes from above, sometimes from above and sometimes used to drink with it in his mouth, today was very satisfied, she grabbed me and chudied a lot, I also did not bet too quickly and satisfied her , then she got up and left. The next day she did not come to sleep, maybe she went back, she came to the wedding. And then on the second day we also left from him. But with a beautiful memory. Friends, this is my true story, it is a humble request to you to rate my story on non-veg story. How did you like this story. 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