Sister gave sex training to brother, know why and how

My name is Poonam I am 25 years old. I am divorced. And the reason for getting divorced was that my husband was not able to satisfy me in sex, so I separated after three months of marriage. Friends, what to do when married with the desire of life and the same is not being fulfilled? What should be done? Now you tell me. So I want my brother who is three years younger than me and he is about to get married. She is getting married soon because she is mentally weak. When there is an attack and the girl has been found for marriage, then father and mother have thought that they should get married as soon as possible. You would know friends, nowadays the right boy is not even married, who will marry the boy who is having a stroke. Today I am going to tell you my story on nonveg I trained my younger brother in sex and I taught so that he can fuck and please his wife so that his wife also does not leave running. Through this story I am going to tell you that how I trained him and taught him how to fuck and then how he is fucking me these days. I am going to tell you all that. Friends, I am currently living in my maternal home, both my father and mother are teachers. They both leave together in the morning and come around four o’clock. Till then my brother and I stay at home. Brother’s name is Raja. When the conversation with the girl was completed that the marriage is to be done in April. One day the king told me sister, tell me one thing, are marriages done only for sex? So I did not say no, no such thing, marriage is done so that the lineage increases. And you find a good friend who takes care of you. Papa Mummy will not be there forever. You cannot do all those things to Papa Mummy or me that you can do to your wife. Hearing this, he became sad. I asked what’s the matter? He said why would she be friends with me, no one is friends with me. So I said to love you a lot, then he said that I do not even know how to love. Friends, I felt that I should play a role and teach it, then how will you keep your wife happy. I said, let’s do one thing, this evening mom and dad are going to Lucknow for a wedding for three days. We both will be here and I will teach you to love me in three days. And I will also tell you how to keep your wife happy. He became very happy after hearing this friends. But I was wondering if this was the right thing to do. Then I thought maybe I will do a noble deed for this boy. Mom and dad went to Lucknow. We both brothers and sisters were at home. At around nine o’clock in the night, he said, Didi is teaching today, isn’t it? I bid but do not say this to anyone. He said, I will not say at all. I started sucking on his lips on the same hold. I said, now you suck me like this. He also started sucking in the same way. I started sucking on him again. He started putting his tongue in his mouth. Then he started doing the same. Friends, as soon as he did this, he became wild. He scattered my hair and started kissing me loudly, I said to him on the lips, he turned the lips red and was kissing hard on the cheek on the neck on the shoulder. I grabbed her hand and placed her on my nipples and I started pressing her hands. Now he started pressing my nipples. As soon as he did this, his loaf became thick and it seemed as if a tent had been set in the paint. I grabbed his lad, he was shocked. I said that she will also catch you like this, but you will not open it and give it in her hand. He immediately opened his paint and put his laoda in my hands, I started moving his laoda back and forth. Then she sat down and took it in the mouth, now she started holding my head and getting it inside out. I started having fun too. Then I myself took off my T-shirt and took off my bra, took it with me to the bedroom. And lay down. I told him now you lick my pussy, he started licking my pussy. I separated both the legs so that he does not have any problem. He started licking my pussy with his tongue. I started getting drunk. Because I had come after breaking the marriage due to not getting the cock myself. Now I was getting young cock and fat cock, so I was going to take advantage of this opportunity. I started kissing him, he also started kissing me. Now he was mashing my nipples and my ass too. He was also licking my pussy, he was also caressing me. Friends, I came to know today that the person should have power, just the fuck comes automatically, my crazy brother was loving me with great love. I was surprised he was doing what I love. Now he went downstairs to separate my legs and then put his lauda on my pussy and rammed it hard. I groaned. Because his loin was very thick and the hole of my pussy was thin. I groaned but he felt me ​​banging hard. I too started enjoying now, he started licking my pussy while mashing my nipples. If I would have pushed from the bottom, then the whole Lauda would get absorbed in my pussy. And he would also push from above. Friends, now he was fucking like a porn star. But I was telling him in the middle that let’s do this to our wife so that she feels that I am learning. But friends, as he was fucking me, I myself was learning from him. In this way, whenever he wanted me day and night, he kissed me, both of us were happy. But this fuck had made his confidence level quite high. He says that I will fuck my wife a lot. And I am also sure that he will make his wife very happy when I became happy in three days. Friends, I am going to write my second story soon on non-veg, request you to visit daily.

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