Sister-in-law from Lucknow said, take me, my husband is impotent

UP Sex Story, Uttar Prdesh Sex Story, Lucknow Sex Kahani, Hindi Bhabhi Sex Story, Bhabhi ki Chudai Story, What can be a better gift than this when a woman offers you sex. I got this opportunity when Lucknow’s sister-in-law herself was ready to fuck me and said fuck me but look, I will not let my ass die. I said no problem, I want your pussy (bur) to fuck. And one day it came that Bhaiya went to the village and I fucked Urmila Bhabhi whole night in different ways and satisfied her. Do you know what and how this incident happened, I am narrating it in front of you on non-veg It is about Lucknow, I used to study like this, I am from Gorakhpur. Urmila Bhabhi is a resident of Kanpur. Her husband works in a bank, she lives on the ground floor and I live on the top floor. Sister-in-law has not yet had any child while it has been ten years of marriage. I am a big fan of Bhabhi because she makes very sexy videos on songs and Tiktok. Let anyone get injured by the arrows of his nanos. Don’t know how many boys and men on Tiktok would be kissing her because whenever she poses in the video she shows her navel and she lowers her saree below the navel and after that she points at her boobs and then winks Yes. Sister-in-law used to like me a lot. She used to think that she is not having a child because her husband cannot fuck her. I was safe for them because the house was one, I used to live alone. Because ever since she started mixing more with me, her dress had changed, she started living in a modern way and used to go to beauty parlour. I used to say to her husband that what is the matter, nowadays you are very happy, you are well dressed, but you show tantrums while fucking me at night, what is the matter. I also felt that the sister-in-law who used to be quite extinguished, she becomes very happy to see me, after all, what is the reason when there was a fight in their house, then I understood that the sister-in-law has started liking me. It is a matter of one day, brother went to the village. Because he had to divide the land with his brothers. It was necessary to go. Sister-in-law was alone at home. It was around 10 in the night, I was completing project files in my room. Then someone knocked on the door, opened it was sister-in-law and came straight inside. After coming, he himself closed the door and said, I have to talk about something important. I said yes yes why not. , She said don’t tell anything to anyone, I said it’s okay. The youth of both of us were faltering. You are reading this story on Suddenly she opened the gown. Her tits were very stretched. Fair body, slim waist, pussy was cleanly haired. I was surprised to see that it seemed from the body that she was a girl of 20 years. She said you have to fuck me. And no one should know this thing, you will not tell any of your friends. This is the problem with boys. Many women can get trapped by him, but because he is afraid of getting fucked so that he does not tell anyone. I said no, this will not happen, this thing will remain between you and me. And sister-in-law spread her hand and I went ahead and hugged her body. The body heat was making me sensual. Sister-in-law herself told me to lie down, I lay down. He opened my pant and took off my panties. I myself took off the vest. She started sucking my dick. She used to spit on my cock and then comfortably take it in her mouth and lick it. Friends, she also started licking the small nipple on my chest, I started pressing her boobs, then she said that nothing will happen by sucking my nipple. I started sucking her nipple. The sound of ah ah started coming out. She started sucking my lips and I also started sucking her lips. She lay down again and spread her legs. I started looking at her pussy, then she said, what will happen if you lick it. And I immediately started licking her pussy with a fluttering tongue. She was taking out hot white foam from her pussy and I was licking she became even more sensual. My dick also got erect. I immediately set my dick on her pussy and thrust it. His screams came out. I took it out again and again pushed it hard, this time it made a sound of hi. What was it then friends, she picked up her ass and started getting fucked. I turned her pilot and fucked her. Tits pressed. Kissed pussy licking, fingered in the ass. Fucked for about an hour, then both became calm, she slept with me. She started talking keeping her head on my chest. She said now I expect you to keep fucking me as long as you are in Lucknow. Today for the first time I got satisfaction from the fuck. I said don’t worry, even then I waste everyday by fisting. If it comes in handy and you become a mother, I will be happy in it and then started caressing her boobs.

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