Sister-in-law’s chudai: It was the brother who asked the sister-in-law to kiss me

“What are you doing Ravi” nothing sister-in-law, just getting ready to go to college, “are you getting ready for Sheetal” No sister-in-law, I am just getting ready for college, Sheetal has gone home, I have come to drop her on the train. “Sometime get ready for me too.” Am I not sexy? I am 28 years old now but not less than 18″ Why are you joking sister-in-law, “No Ravi, I am not joking, today I want to tell you one thing, your brother is impotent, today it has been three years married. But I am still a virgin. Hearing this, I was speechless. In my youth, there is rust like iron gets spoiled by staying in water, in the same way, without sex, my life is going to hell, all the dreams and dreams have become tarnished. I cannot tell this thing to anyone else. Or it is done by river but my mother-in-law is not even in my luck, God has called mother-in-law’s sister-in-law in the devastation of Uttarakhand. Now you are everything. Sister-in-law started crying as soon as I said this and I went back to college. When I came home in the evening, I found my brother at the door. Moussa ji’s ji was saying that I should stay in the hospital today, because Mousa ji has not slept for three days because she stayed awake in the hospital all night, today aunt’s health is fine, so I will stay “Okay brother, and hands After washing my face, I asked sister-in-law to make tea, in a while, sister-in-law brought tea and both of them sat together and drank tea and watched TV, then Ramesh, my friend came with a bike, “Ravi walks to play cricket” I said yes and Both of them left. Around 8 o’clock in the night the call came from sister-in-law Ramesh picked up the phone “Ravi where is it” sister-in-law Ravi had a little cricket hair on my chest, I have come to the clinic, coming home in 30 minutes. When I reached home at 8.30, the sister-in-law was waiting because she was nervous after hearing the injury, “What happened Ravi, where did you hurt?” I opened my shirt and showed it, “Hey father, what is the matter Ravi, how much have you hidden from me? Swelling has come on the chest, let’s rest and eat food first To rest again, I will do hot oil massage, sister-in-law was looking very hot that day, because it was the first day that I saw sister-in-law ready in the evening, she was looking cool in red red night suit . We both called Khana Bhaiya and inquired about Auntie’s condition, I soon went to sleep, “Ravi don’t turn off the light, I am coming to heat the oil, I will massage mustard oil, I said no sister-in-law, you only Heat the oil, I will apply it myself. Saying this much I lay on the bed, sister-in-law came 10 with hot oil, and started insisting to apply, I said “sister-in-law I will put it” please leave it.” Sister-in-law said – if If you had been your mother today, you would have said the same thing, I am sister-in-law, I will not do anything. As soon as her hand fell on my chest, she started trembling like a lifeless one, she was looking very cool that day, her big nipple was clearly visible today, because she was not wearing a bra, and her ass was also hot. Thin waist but the ass was very wide, she was looking cool, my cock started getting tight, now I thought it would be wrong, I grabbed sister-in-law’s hand and said please leave sister-in-law because we are not feeling well Said sister-in-law: We are feeling good, today For the first time it seems that I am with a man, “I understood the gesture of sister-in-law, I thought that sister-in-law will leave only Chudba today, why should I go back, there is no harm in this, if I do not do anything, then the hunger for sex will be eradicated somewhere else.” It is good that the goods of the house should remain in the house, after that I started teasing. Today you are looking very cool, “What have you seen liar? “Today your body is visible without showing it” So???????????????? / What is the intention? Celebrating the honeymoon “I said yes” He kissed my hand as soon as he said this. He also grabbed his hand and pulled it and kissed him on his cheek and started kissing.” Sometimes I, slowly, I started pressing his round chutchi and he started catching my cock. Ravi “Make me a woman today” till today I was a girl, and she started pressing her leap under both the dots. “I also saw this avatar, my cock was on the seventh sky” and she opened my barley and started sucking my cock, so my The cock stomped on.” The sister-in-law took off her clothes “oh my god” I was looking more sexy than I thought, curvy breast, blond body, low armpit hair, pink lips started going crazy” Ravi what a cock Your “ice cream has also failed” and your sister-in-law looks like marble with your body. So it doesn’t matter, you have the right on my king’s body.” I took them in their sisters, their strained nipple was sitting in my chest and she was sobbing, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssy .chod do please, populate my burrow today. I put both the legs of Lita up and put them on the bur, I pushed hard and my cock entered their burrow, she started moaning with pain and saying Lagai killed……….. my life………. Today my burr got fat……….. I slowly started to chud, sister-in-law also slowly picked up her bum and started choking, I also chuda a lot at night and after 40 minutes my semen went to her burrow and she It calmed down, we both lay quietly for about 15 minutes, then both started talking, I kissed about 4 times throughout the night, and woke up at around 10 in the morning, I said that sister-in-law, all these things brother………… ……….. “Don’t worry, your brother asked to fuck that the goods of the house should remain in the house.” Now I fuck my sister-in-law every day, with whom my brother is also supporting.

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