‘Son! Give me off the debt of Chodke milk’ my mother said and how she got me kissed

I Jatin Pasi welcomes all of you very much to Non Veg Story.com. My father Shri Dayal Pasi had gone to Orissa from his office for 3 months. Papa was an engineer. A new mining project of his company was going on in Odisha. Papa had gone in that connection. My mother was still very young. She was glued to the phone and TV all day. At first I didn’t pay much attention. But later it was found that on her phone she watches porn chudai videos on the porn chudai website all day. Not only this, mother had also opened dirty dirty channels in TV. I caught several books with chudai story in his room. One day when mother did not cook food, I got very angry. Mother!! What is this after all?? You always watch chudai videos on the internet. You read dirty stories. You should be ashamed Mother You are married, mother of a young child. Have some shame!’ I reprimanded my mother very loudly. Mother started crying. She became very serious. ‘Son Jatin! When your father was there, he used to feed me every night. No night was to go without Chode. But since he has gone to Odisha, there is no one to quench my thirst. Son! You keep on studying while sitting in your room, but you can’t know how it feels to eat gourd in your back. Looks like you haven’t eaten today. So son Jatin!! I would say that now you have taken the responsibility of your father. By choking me in my hot hot pussy, you quench the thirst of my body and pay off the debt of my milk’ my mother said ‘son! If you were a girl, you would have known how a woman can spend the night without kissing. How difficult is this? Men throw their goods with their fists, but what should the poor woman do? Somehow I put carrots, radishes, brinjal in my pussy and give my fist, but I get peace by going. That’s why son Jatin, I will once again tell you that till your father does not come, you have paid me the debt of Chod and my milk’ mother said friends, after hearing this, I stopped speaking. I became aware of my mother’s condition. Now it is clear to me that why does the mother watch that fuck videos on the internet. At night I went to my mother’s room. Took a shower from my mother due to it being very hot. Now at 10 o’clock she was in her room. She was naked, completely naked. Standing naked in front of the dressing table, the mother was combing her long hair. His body was very smooth and muscular. Mother’s 2 children were very beautiful and full. As happens with most Indian women that when they become a mother, their breasts hang down, it was not with my mother. His urns were perfectly toned even today. On the top of the chest were big beautiful dark black chocolate-like circles. Mother’s hair was wet and water was dripping from her hair on her smooth bare body and setting it on fire. Hey son! You came??’ Mother said. He stopped combing after seeing me. She was looking absolutely top-notch stuff. What a cool stuff it looked like. Mother!! I understand your compulsion. I am ready to fuck you. Mother!! I am ready to put my fat looda in your pussy,’ I said. All I had to say was that he threw the comb and he hugged me in front of the long mirror of the dressing table. I also hugged my young chubby mother ‘Oh son!! how good are you I did the best job by producing you. Son !! Today, how can you fuck me and pay off your milk debt?’ Mother said. Then we both hugged. I took my mother in my arms. My hands were on his smooth back. I started kissing my mother. She had become too chubby. How did you want to kiss me? Mother started licking me kissing from place to place. She started kissing me everywhere on my cheeks, lips, nose, throat. I also started loving my mother with full devotion here. Mother was like a fire in her wet and wet body. I would definitely kill his pussy and how would I kill it, I had thought. Then my real mother put her beautiful balls on my red lips and started drinking my lips. I also took the smell of his breath and started drinking on his lips. I was drinking his mouth by sticking his tongue to tongue, putting my tongue in his mouth. On the other hand, mother was also doing the same. Putting her tongue in my mouth, she kept sucking on me. Both of us mother and son were drinking each other’s mouth legally. Mother’s hair was still wet. Drops of water were dripping from his hair like nectar. As soon as I drank my mother’s mouth, I moved my hands on her bitter cheek. My mother was getting very chubby at this time. Her boobs were so cool that if someone had seen my mother naked, she would have stayed with her. I started caressing his boobs. Mother had amazing beautiful boobs. It was doom. Then mother hugged me. I put a finger in his pussy. She kept clasping me, I kept pointing fingers in her pussy while standing. ‘Son !! Standing like this, you will neither be able to have fun with me nor will you be able to fuck me. Come on son, take me to bed and rub it son!! You have to pay off the debt of my milk,’ she said naively. I picked up my ultra spoiled and chubby mother in my arms and took her to bed. I took off my clothes. Like mother, I also got naked. We both started falling in love as husband and wife. I started drinking mom’s boobs. His boobs were round, tight and tight. Seeing this my mind was getting spoiled. I had stuffed my cheeky mother’s breasts in my mouth and was chewing and drinking. Mother was walking on the bed like a bitch. Today I had to fuck this stray bitch by rubbing it. ‘Drink it son! Yellow! In childhood, you used to drink my cool chest like this. Drink my milk in the same way today!!’ Mother said. My Lauda stood up loudly. I slapped 3-4 slaps on my cheeky mother’s cheek. ‘Yeah, Randy!! Today you will kiss your own boy! Today I will feed you so much that you will never see dirty pictures of sex on the internet again’ I said and again slapped my mother on her cheek. Then started drinking his mangoes. I started pressing his cool mango with my hands vigorously and started squeezing it. Mother started feeling pain. ‘Relax son!! Looks like ‘ mother said. I raised my lauda and placed the lauda in the middle of my mother’s soft soft cotton. Then by pressing both the chuchi with the hand, he started chosing the mother’s mangoes. Mother ui ui ui mother mother cc si aa aa !! started doing I got a great sexual excitement. I got hooked. Only and only lust fill my eyes. I wanted to bang my mother immediately and at the same time. I could not see anything except the pussy of this chhinal. I just had to lick my stray mother’s pussy. This scoundrel had to be so fucked that again this chhinal should not read any dirty book. Friends, today I had to tear my real mother off her burrows and put her well in her pussy. I felt very happy when my stray mother started coming loudly. I loudly bit my mother’s black tingling nipples like an animal. Mother’s mother sucked. ‘Son Aram drank my chest! If I die then you will fuck someone!’ Mother said. I became the same. ‘whore!! I won’t let you die! Before you die, take a kiss from your real son! Otherwise, what would you tell God that you were such a big changer and could not even eat your son’s lauda. If you kiss me then take it!!’ I said and beat my mother with 5-6 slaps. My paw got printed on his cool cheek. Then I came on my mother’s stomach. The mother had a big blonde soft stomach. The navel was very small, the navel of the mother was very deep. I knew that my father would fuck her every night. Because the navel becomes deeper only by kissing more friends. I put my tongue in the mother’s small navel. Sensation ran in the body of the mother. She started shaking. With her own hands she started pressing her big nipples. ‘Fuck it son!! fuck me now! Son fucks me tightly by licking my hot pussy!’ Mother said. I didn’t pay any attention to them. I was tormenting my mother more and more. Then I came on mother’s pussy. Light whispers were spread all over the mother’s pussy. Mother’s pussy was very beautiful guys. I kept seeing mother’s pussy for a long time. I could not believe that I was born from this pussy. I opened the clefts of mother’s pussy. It was a completely torn pussy. I knew that my father would fuck my mother every night. Would not let you sleep at night at all. I put my lips on the mother’s pussy and started drinking after leaping. What a cool red red pussy. I started rubbing the grain of mother’s pussy with my thumb. Due to this the mother started to chuckle very loudly. Sweet waves started running in his whole body. I started rubbing the grain of mother’s pussy vigorously. Mother’s pussy’s mother got sucked. Then I started drinking mother’s pussy by putting my mouth. Friends, mother had a big sweet pussy. I also started caressing the piercing hole of my mother. Mother started lifting the ass. She was raising her waist up to a height of 10 inches. It was known from this that the mother was having a lot of fun. ‘Chod son fuck!! Otherwise don’t go anywhere in the morning! Son, this night should not pass’ Mother started worrying. I put a lauda on my mother’s pussy and hit hard. My lauda entered the mother’s pussy. Then I started kissing my mother. Mother raised both her legs like a flag in the air. I started eating banged mother. I started hitting. ‘Son!! You are fucking me very slowly. Son ! Have some shame. Your father used to beat me so hard. Don’t cut your nose, son! Pail loud!’ Mother said. The man inside me woke up. I thought she was following me. I began to fuck my mother. ‘Take it!! Take the pick, push hard!! You are a big splinter. Slowly you do not enjoy. That’s why take it loudly!’ I said and holding her waist, started eating her mother loudly. I looked like a mother’s pussy and found that I was banging wonderfully. My fat 9 inch ladoo was very fat fresh and was choking my mother’s pussy tightly. I also found that even the whole bullet of my Lauda was able to penetrate into the mother’s pussy. I was fucking my real mother like a scoundrel. Mother was pressing vigorously with her cream-like balls. My chubby mother had big nails which were piercing her cream balls. Truly my mother was an indulgent foodie. My heart was trying to call my friends and how should I kiss my stray mother. Then I started paying full attention to fucking my mother. If there was a shortage, then this scoundrel would start taunting me. I was hurting my mother by hopping. With great diligence and diligence, he was fucking his real mother and was paying off the debt of her milk. Then I started banging very hard. Mother’s nipples started shaking. Which was looking very attractive. I was very happy to see this. I started to fuck my mother. It was too late, but still the mother raised both her legs like the flag of Pakistan. I was churning the flag of Pakistan with my strong Hindustani ladde. Then after some time I fell and ejaculated in real mother’s real pussy. ‘Son!! Didn’t enjoy anything. Fuck me one more time!’ My vagabond mother said immediately. Seeing this, my Lauda stood up again. ‘Okay lolly! Take it and kiss it,’ I said. I lay down with my head at the edge of the bed. I made my stray mother sit on my door. ‘Chal chod sister-in-law!’ I abused my real mother. She liked it very much. Mother started sitting up on my lad like a student. Mother was enjoying a lot in such a posture. Mother got up and started sitting on my lad with fun. Then she got into the rhythm and started kissing very loudly. Mother put her big fingernailed fingers on my chest. Mother’s nails started burning on my chest and blood started coming out. But down there, I was beating my mother. I was having a lot of fun. Because of this I was having a lot of fun. My chubby mother turned out to be a number one tramp. She jumped like a horse and started kissing. Friends, I made my mother sit on the lode for more than 1 hour and then fell in her pussy. For 3 months my father worked in Odisha. For 3 months, I paid off the debt of her milk by choading my mother. Then father returned from Odisha. Now he only fucks my alter mother every night. You are reading this story on nonveg story.com.

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