Son-in-law pregnant his mother-in-law, now both mother and daughter are going to become mothers.

Son-in-law and mother-in-law sex story, Damad aur Saas Sexstory, Ghar Jamai Sex Story Friends my name is Shanti I am 38 years old. (Hindi Mother in Law and Son in Law Chudai ki Kahani) I have married my daughter last year. There is no one else in this world except the daughter. Husband passed away ten years ago. Found a nice boy who hails from Pune and works in my daughter’s office. My daughter was in love with him and then got married and after marriage my son-in-law started living as a ghar jamai. We all live in Gurugram. If I have my own flat, then I will be told that whatever is mine, now it will belong to the daughter and if the house is made jamai, the son-in-law will also get the son. But friends, what they thought did not happen, the son was not found, the husband was found. Yes, friends, I can say that due to the mistake of both of them i.e. my and son-in-law, now I am going to become a mother and my daughter does not know this. Today I am going to share my story with you on this website i.e. nonveg Because I have read the story of many sisters on this website. That’s why I am writing here for you. This is my true story, now I will tell you directly in detail. Ever since my husband left, my life was lonely. My daughter was so young that I got married immediately. So that I can be free and remain stress free. But friends, you know that if the heat of the body does not come out, if the fire of lust is not quenched, then a person can never live in peace. Because until the fire of the pussy is not extinguished, it will not work. See for yourself what do you do when you don’t give a fuck you don’t get a pussy? You too, whether by reading stories on nonveg or watching adult movies or watching Tiktok or Likee. Same was the case with me too at night, I always used to sleep alone after reading stories, used to caress the pussy, used to press the nipples and then used to sleep after drinking water because it was not doing anything, I should have gone back. Friends, since the daughter got married, the sound of chudai and ah ah ah and chodo started coming more because my daughter makes a lot of noise when she chuts, the sound comes out of her room even if she does not go out of the flat to my room. But I listen when she has sex. Now think for yourself that sex is happening in a room and dryness in one room means nothing, only the support of hands did not last long. One night when my son-in-law was going to the bathroom to clean my daughter’s loin outside, he saw me naked and fingering my pussy. My daughter fell asleep immediately. He came straight to my room and said mother, what are you like. I hurriedly put the bedsheet on top of me. Came and sat on my bed and said mother, what is the matter? If you want, I can fulfill your wish. I quote but this is wrong, you are my son-in-law and son-in-law is like a son, how can I keep this relationship with you. So he said, see, you are not too old yet and support is needed to cut life. You are not sixty years old, life is very big. I know you have been living this life for many years but it is not good for you. And to be honest, it’s not good for me either. Tomorrow, my mother-in-law is said to be heartbroken on someone and if that person is not found right, then who will be in trouble. Friends, son-in-law’s words had merit. So I think I wanted to kiss. But due to the fear of the society, she always pulled her feet back. But now it was happening out of tolerance and I would definitely have a relationship with someone today or tomorrow. I agreed and took his hand. I said shut the door. He picked up and closed the door and came back closer to me. My heartbeat was getting faster. He came close to me and looking into my eyes, he placed his lips on my lips. My trembling lips and hands started working within a few seconds, I started kissing my son-in-law. She immediately took off my bedsheet and placed her hand on my teat. My nipples are big round round fertile masts. Seeing him, he said, mother, this does not happen even to a twenty-year-old girl. I quote it’s just for you now. Now he climbed up on me and stuck his finger in the finger of my hands and raised both the hands. Now my hand was up, the nipples were tight. My armpit hair was black and I had not saved it. Son-in-law started licking my armpits. Friends, my body was on fire. I was taking cicadas. Was shaking. Lips were dry. The pussy was getting wet. After many years someone was teasing me. Friends, after that he came down sucking my lips and then started pressing the boobs and pressing the nipple with his teeth. My pussy got hot and started releasing water. I started groping his whole body. Spread both the legs, now they went down and then started licking my pussy. I have a lot of hair in my pussy, he started licking my hair too. I started to ah ah ah ah. After that, turned me around and then started kissing on the back. While caressing my ass, he started rolling his tongue on my bum. I started going crazy and with one stroke turned again. I said, just don’t be late, fuck me. After that friends put their lauda on my pussy and rammed it hard. Lauda was very fat as soon as he went inside, he got good luck and then lifted his ass and started kissing. She also started pushing loudly, the sound of ah ah ah was coming out in the room. Then he was rubbing my nipples while choking, biting the nipples, sucking the lips, someone was licking the armpits. This is just what I needed guys. The young man returned And got it. Fucked me twice that night. And then friends this cycle continued, now I am on stomach for two months. And my daughter is also from stomach now. Now I am thinking whether to tell my daughter or get an abortion. But whatever it is, friends, I have become addicted to my son-in-law’s cock, no one can stop me from kissing, not even my daughter. My salutations to all of you friends who come to nonveg to read new stories daily!

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