son today you celebrate honeymoon with me

My dear friend, today I am telling you a story, which is from my wedding day, because of a tantrik, I celebrated honeymoon with my mother-in-law, but it was good, before that I had never enjoyed pussy and that The day such an opportunity came that on the day of honeymoon, I had sex with my own mother-in-law. And the other day I had my wife but believe me the truth, my friend, I had a lot of fun in fucking my mother-in-law, her pussy was tight even today. His cheek is tight and round, the color is fair and the lips are pink, when it moves, the bum moves in such a way that the cock king is also seen standing and saluting, it has been fifteen years since the death of my father-in-law, my wife-in-law’s father-in-law’s There is only one child, there is no dearth of wealth, mother-in-law brought up with great love, never let there be any shortage of anything, my wife is very beautiful and modern to look at, don’t ask for a long sex part, man , she is 22 years old, my mother-in-law is 40 years old but my mother-in-law and wife look the same. But my parents were not ready for this. Got married, I used to live in a rented house and my mother-in-law has her own flat in Vasant Kunj, I went to her place. Now I come to the real story, I used to read other’s story everyday on non-veg but Today I felt that I should also post my story which is in front of you, got married in the court around 2 o’clock in the day, then came to the temple and took rounds, the marriage was done in a very secret way, in the evening we were together Had dinner in a five star hotel and left for home, suddenly my wife’s health deteriorated, she fainted, immediately took her to the hospital, she fainted while reaching the hospital, the doctor said that this unconsciousness lasted for about 12 hours. Will stay, got admitted in ICU, my mother-in-law and I were very restless, the doctor said that now you can not meet people till eight in the morning, so mother-in-law said son, let’s go home, don’t even stay here We are giving, can’t even meet, the house was only 200 meters away from him, so we came home. Mother-in-law said what has happened, today was the happiest day of your life, who should be able to have a honeymoon. I could bring my son and started crying, as soon as I proceeded to keep quiet, he clung to me and started crying, I kept on explaining but she was crying, I had stuck to my chest, half of her nipples stick to my chest My mother-in-law also felt this feeling, I did not know what she would think, but the opposite happened. She started kissing my cheek and then kissing my lips. It started, she put it near my cock in place of her pussy, it made me shudder even more, then she started caressing my back, she was going on kissing, I could not even stay and I also included her in the kiss It’s done, now kissing and caressing started from both sides, suddenly she turned around, her ass came near my cock, I put the cock in her ass, she took hold of my hand from the front and took it to the breast and, To press it, I started putting a finger in his navel while pressing the nipple, then I started caressing the pussy from the top of the sari. as well as Convince Hagrat, she took me by the hand and took me to the bed room, and took off my clothes and lay down herself I started licking the armpit hair with my tongue, then he himself opened the bra hook from behind ohhhhhhhh my god, the big big round round tight nipple started waving in the air, I got excited and drink both of his nipples again and again. Felt, aaah aaaah uffff, drink it son, aaah aaah hi she was making a sound like this, I fell down the slide and started putting my tongue in her navel, she was shivering, saying and laughing with blooms I was saying move no please tickling is happening, I went down again and opened the belly of the petticoat Ohhhh, I started smelling the black colored panty, she was laughing again, I took off the panty, she Hid the pussy with my hand, said my gift of honey, I had taken a gold chain for my wife, I wore it, then I removed her hand from the pussy and separated the legs, there were few hairs, the pussy He touched his hand, it was sticky, I started licking his pussy, then mother-in-law said do not torture me for about 5 minutes, I also want to take your cock in my mouth, but I can not leave his pussy right now. Had to lick, I was feeling very good, then I remembered that I used to read on nonveg, 69 positions in which cock is in partner’s mouth and pussy in other partner’s me, just I turned around, my cock was in their mouth and mine Mouth just near their pussy, both of them started licking each other, this witch took a deep breath and banging, my mother-in-law broke down, then my mother-in-law started sucking my cocks loudly and I also fell. Now my mother-in-law got up and brought grapes from the fridge, both of them started eating grapes together, both were naked, holding each other lying down, then slowly started to caress my cock chef stood up now Raised both the legs of mother-in-law and put the cock in the middle and inserted, mother-in-law’s scream came out, she said slowly, I am not less than a virgin, take it easy, then where did I stop And he said to stop, he lifted the ass and I started pushing from above, he started to ouch ah ah ah ah ah uf uff uff uff ouch ouch, then what was I newly learned and my mother-in-law experienced me in different poses Started kissing, in this way both of us kept on having sex all night, now my wife has also come home, all three of us are leading a happy married life,

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