Step father fucked me a lot and I also enjoyed a lot

I welcome everyone kissing all the big cocks of the men with cocks and licking the pussies of all the beautiful young pussy queens. I have shared my story with all of you friends through This is my first story. You people will definitely enjoy reading this, I will say this with guarantee. My name is Siya. I live in Dehradun. I was very beautiful since childhood. Presently I am 21 years old. My mother is also no less than me. She is also an example of beauty. My father had an accident when I was young. Since childhood, I was without a father. Mother was thinking of marrying a rich man. One day a tall man helped his mother. From that day she became crazy about him. My mother had remarried. I had found a new father. My father would be such a bastard, I never thought even in my dreams. That day, seeing the beauty of my mother, I had made a place in her heart by helping her. I was 20 years old at that time. My childhood was over. My youth had come. I started looking more beautiful since childhood. Seeing my shabby body, my father also wanted to rob me of the fun of my youth. I too had become a commodity like my mother. Papa always used to stare at me. He used to have sex with his mother every night. Even today I used to sleep near him. Used to listen to the sound of chudai every night. Sometimes she used to watch some scenes too. This work was often done in the dark of night by turning off the lights. When they thought that I had fallen asleep, those people used to start. My mother used to scream for about an hour. My father used to jump on them. The whole bed used to shake every night. Seeing all this, I felt like kissing, but with whom would I do it. Somehow I was enjoying just watching. One day mom was lying with dad. Like everyday, today also his work was going to be done. Mummy: The young daughter is lying next to her. You should not do this now. Father: Yes, let me marry her too. Otherwise, all the fun of his youth will go waste. Mummy: Yes, at this age, I had got to eat cocks, I was also very happy listening to his words. I got yearning to play with cocks. I started dreaming of kissing. But what happened to me, I never thought even in my dreams. Even before my marriage, father fed his cock. My father inserted the first cock in my pussy. In friends, there was a rift between Papa and Mummy. I used to sleep late at night. Papa could not even get a chance to calm his lust. He was my step father. One day he started playing with his mother in front of me. At first I thought that they are making love normally. But their love was increasing gradually. He was rubbing both the swollen nipples of the mother. Mummy saw me watching this sight. Mom immediately pushed Dad. She was my real mother. Wanted to keep away from all these things. My father had gone mad. He got very excited while making love to his mother. I was lying quietly. Mummy interrupted me. Both the people lay down beside me. Father coaxed me with love and made me stick. His cock was just touching my waist. I was feeling the warmth of his cock on my waist. It was winter season. Everyone was lying down covered with quilts. Papa slept that day but left the yearning to see the cock inside me. I was anxious to see. That night I even touched my father’s cock with my hands. I kept scratching my pussy all night. One day mother started talking about me going to maternal uncle’s place. Papa stopped me. Mother went to maternal uncle’s house early in the morning. Was sitting at home with father. His eyes seemed very strange to me. While staring at me, they were palming my mom. Papa: Your figure will be 34 30 32! Me: Don’t know I never noticed Papa: What is your bra size?? Me (blushing): 34B Papa: Means you are going to reach near your mother Me: Papa what kind of nonsense are you talking today?? Papa: I am telling you my dear that you are young now, then Papa remembered some work and went to his work. The thirst to fuck inside me was increasing day by day. Papa came in the evening. I cooked and we ate together. Around 10 in the night we went to sleep. Papa was lying on one side of the bed and I was lying on the other side. Suddenly father slowly started moving towards me. He came to me and started making love. I started getting drunk. He used to have this kind of love with his mother. I liked his style of love very much. I was getting everything done without reacting to anything. Papa’s season had become. Me: Papa what are you doing?? Papa: Son, I am loving you. Me: Leave it, something starts happening to me. When you put your hand on my body Papa: This is what I am making you feel in your youth. Let me do as I do, then see the fun, saying this, started caressing my body. Slowly I also started getting attracted towards him. I went towards my father and started hugging him. He started kissing me lovingly by holding me in his arms. Papa: How are you feeling my love?? Me: Looks great Papa: I can give more fun but never tell mummy! Me: Isn’t it the same thing that you give to your mother everyday? Papa: Yes son, you will enjoy it even more. He was already crazy about my beauty. He got married with his mother only but wanted to celebrate the honeymoon with both of us. Wanted to enjoy honeymoon with me today. Papa: If you want to enjoy like mummy, then be like mummy too Me: Means??? Papa: Means come wearing saree like mummy! I came wearing a saree like my mother. Papa was praising me on praises. I was looking very beautiful. Papa: You are looking cool. Today you are looking more beautiful than your mother. Me: Papa made me sit on the bed with him and started enjoying. I was sitting in front of Papa dressed like a bride. Papa was circling around me like a bumble bee. Holding me tightly in his arms, looking at me from top to bottom. Papa was taking full advantage of Mummy’s absence. Today my dream of eating cock was going to be fulfilled. I had never thought that my father would feed me cock. He closed the door and started taking off his shirt. The entire atmosphere of the honeymoon scene was created. Along with the kurta, he also removed his vest. In enthusiasm, he was not feeling cold even in the winter season. He himself climbed on top of me by laying me on the bed for the warmth of my body. I was buried under his heavy body. He was awakening my inner lust by sucking hard on my pink lips. I was licking my lips while sobbing. The faster he licked my lips, the more I enjoyed it. Papa had fun by drinking lip juice. I had also doubled the enjoyment of this work by giving them full support. He started kissing my neck. It felt very good to kiss me on the neck. Papa made me intoxicated. Now he would touch my whole body anywhere. I didn’t react. Papa untied my blouse. I had done all her clothes and makeup just like my mother. I was lying on the bed in front of my father in bra. I was not ashamed at all. I was hugging my father just like my mother. He started playing with my soft milk like butter. Opening my bra, he started moving his mouth towards her to suck my boobs. Started sucking by putting his mouth on the raised part of the boobs. Pulling my nipple with his lips, he started drinking it. I started feeling pain. Still it was fun. Me: Suck it easy papa! Papa starts feeling pain: Son had been watching this for a long time! Let me quench my thirst by drinking this today, saying this much, he started pulling my nipple by biting it with his teeth. “……Ai…Ai….A E……Ai….Isssss…….Uhhhhh…..Ohhhhhh….” The voice started coming out. Papa was standing by taking out his pyjama. I was lying on the bed. He spread both my hands and sat on my chest by kneeling on them. Papa: Come on son, now quickly suck my cock like a lollipop! I started shaking my father’s cock. He started inserting his cock in my mouth while putting it in my boobs. My eyes widened seeing his thick bull like cock. Insects started biting my pussy. I was excited and started sucking my father’s cock by taking more than half of it in my mouth. Papa was worried about inserting his entire cock in his mouth. He started putting his cock till my throat. I started getting breathless. I was finding it difficult to eat father’s cock. My eyes had turned red. I started requesting him with my eyes. After some time, father took out his cock from my mouth. Now I had breathed in peace that they started drinking my navel. He put his tongue inside my navel and started licking it. When father did this, I yearned to fuck. My pussy became desperate to eat his cock. He drank my navel for some time, picked up my saree and put it on my waist. Taking off my panty spread my legs. Pulling my legs, he took me to one side of the bed and saw my pussy. Papa: Wow son what a cool pussy you have! So far no one has touched a drop of its juice. Today I drink this juice and enjoy it to the fullest Me: Papa, doing anything comfortably makes me feel pain. My breath starts getting stuck, father, today he had become the devil of lust. Where were they going to listen to anything? He got engrossed in his tune and started licking my pussy with his mouth. He first started licking my pussy with his tongue. After that he started drinking by pulling my pussy wall. I started sobbing loudly “..ahhhhhhhsseeeeee….aaaaa….aha…ha ha ha”. Papa quenched his thirst by drinking all the juice of my pussy. Now to quench the thirst of his lust, he started rubbing his cock on my pussy. My pussy turned red. The saree used to slip from the waist and come on the pussy. He used to fuck my mother by slipping her saree on her waist. But by removing the saree from my waist, they opened the nada of the petticoat. Taking off both the saree and the petticoat, not a single piece of cloth was left on my body. Papa once or twice rubbed his cock on my pussy and started inserting it into the hole. His cock entered my pussy after a lot of effort. As soon as his cock entered my pussy, I said “……mummy…mummy… c c.. ha ha ha…..ooooo….oo. .Ooh…Ooh…Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo world…” she started crying loudly. Tearing my pussy, they were fucking her. Papa’s cock was coming out in the hole. For the first time, my father made me feel the pain by inserting his cock in my pussy. I was enjoying the pain too. Papa’s cock was rocking in the pussy. After some time I started getting relief from pain. I also started kissing by lifting my ass. Papa came to know that his daughter has also become in the mood. He forcefully started fucking his cock holding my legs in my pussy. I was accompanying him with screams of “….uh uh uh hun.. hun… hun..hmmmmm…ai…ai…..” Papa had made my pussy in a bad condition by tearing it. Today I came to know that how everyone gets fucked even in pain. I was also getting fucked with great pleasure. That’s why the material started coming out of my pussy. Papa drank my pussy juice. He stopped hitting me. His cock was still very hard. He bent me down and took aim at my ass hole. He tore my tight ass too. I once again loudly “Hoooooo hoooooo hoooooo….oo-oo…oo s s s s s… ha ha ha.. oh ho ho….” She started screaming. He started jerking hard in my ass. His cock also came in a position to ejaculate after a few shots. Papa made my fuck even more intense. Too many shots in my ass in no time. Eventually they too fell. Started dropping all the material in my ass. I felt something hot in my ass as soon as his cock fell. His cock started shrinking slowly. He took the cock out of my ass and put it in front of my mouth. I was not able to understand. What do I do now! Papa: Son, today you clean my cock by licking it. Taste the goods on it! That’s what I did. The thick white material on it looked very nice. I licked it clean. Gradually, father’s cock became soft from hard. As soon as it became his season, he fucked me many times that night. From that day till today, I eat my father’s cock every day whenever I get a chance. How did you like the story, do tell me and all friends keep reading non-veg story dot com for new stories. Also share your story.

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