Story of unsatisfied married woman

Unsatisfied married woman sex story: Friends, today I am going to tell you my agony. I have a habit of sucking cocks. And I haven’t found any man who can fuck me for 2 hours. I am thirsty for cock, I am thirsty for fuck. I don’t understand what to do. I don’t feel like it until I fuck. G starts getting nervous and itching starts in the pussy. Today I am going to tell you my story. Husband can’t fuck, so how am I quenching my thirst with Kumar ji. And how do I force them to fuck and what do I do when they fuck me, I am going to tell you the whole story on this website i.e. My dear friends, I have been married for eight years. I am of love marriage. I don’t feel like this till marriage, that means I was not very flirtatious, but ever since I entered the world of internet, I am restless about my sex life. Ever since I got addicted to porn and started reading sex stories. Since then my pussy remains wet and wet. No one else is going to fuck. Sex is still my daily routine but I am looking for such a man who can make me happy and can fuck me. If I am not satisfied with my husband till date. I have a man just below my flat who is hot and sexy. I started going on the pretext of learning internet marketing from him, my husband also asked me to go. He has his wife here, she goes to school to study, she is not at home, she comes at four o’clock. When my husband also leaves at ten o’clock, I am also free. And Kumar ji has work from home, so he stays at home, so it all went well for me and I started going to his place to learn. Slowly the matter progressed and reached my body. This was also the reason why it didn’t take long to reach the body, that I myself was thirsty for fuck, so I should have got to suck cocks. And the heat of the pussy should have been pacified. That’s why I also came close to him soon. It is a matter of one day. My husband had gone out i.e. out of Delhi. And Kumar ji’s wife had also gone out for government work for two days. Means there was no fear that someone would come. Just this day was the best for me. When I went to his place at ten in the morning, he was still taking a bath. The door was open so I went inside. He came after taking a bath. A towel was wrapped below, there were no clothes on the body. From above I started admiring the fragrance of denim soap and in my mind I started wishing for water. He started coming closer to me and my heartbeat started getting faster. He came closer to me and started looking closely at my lips. My lips started trembling. My eyes started shaking, I was about to bow down that he started supporting my chin from below and forced me to look at him. I could not stay because I was lost in myself. I put my lips forward and closed my eyes. He grabbed my ear from behind and brought me close to him, my breathing became fast, his breathing was also fast and then took my lips in his mouth and started sucking. My pink lips were in his mouth, my breathing It got faster. Eyes were closed, I also put my hand behind his head and then started sucking his lips. In about five minutes both of us went wild. He made me lie down on the bed. He climbed up, while sucking my lips, he held the fingers of both my hands in both his hands and turned me to the back. Both of our hands were locked and were kissing me. Then he made me sit. And started taking off my clothes. I also did not say anything, he took off my kurti and also opened my bra. His towel was open, I could see his cock, it was fluttering like a snake. Thick and about eight inches long. Seeing this, I became watery. For the first time, I was seeing such a thick and long cock. Friends, I myself took off the leggings below me and also opened the tights. Milky body on which round beautiful two boobs. Black hair on white body, my pussy looked like grass had grown in the desert. Guys he started playing with my body and started kissing from my lips to my toes. Couldn’t tolerate it anymore, so he himself separated his legs, he went down and set his cock on my pussy. And pushed it hard, the whole cock went inside my pussy, this is called desi fuck friends, I was having fun, I was taking my limbs and he started pushing slowly. I was saying ah ah ah ah my lips were drying. I started enjoying the fuck. He started thrusting hard. My whole body was shaking because of his strong jerks. I was fucking, I was looking at them, I was pressing my own nipples. Friends, what was it then, as I went on saying, they kept on fucking. Sometimes from the front, sometimes from behind, sometimes standing, sometimes sitting, sometimes I am above, sometimes she is above. Friends, water has become water. He fucked a lot. Now from the second day I went to learn to take oil. As soon as they reach home, they start kissing each other in a wild way. And then reach the bed. She used to sleep in his arms all day long. It is my time and I would have come back to my house. Now his wife has also come. So they don’t get that much time, still they have to go for government work. Till the time she stays outside, I keep handing over my body to her. But friends, now I am not able to complete even that. I am looking for a man who fucks me all day long, now when does my wish come true. I am going to tell you my second story soon, till then you can read more stories on non-veg story dot com. Let’s have fun and cuddle everyday.

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