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Blackmailing my Mom

Hey, I’m Arun. I live in Kerala in a large house surrounded by nothing other than acres of rubber plantation. My family consists of me, my brother, my mother and dad. I and my brother were like best friends. We always told each other what we did. I was 19 and he was 18 when […]

My friend’s hot Mom

I’m Alok a 21 year old male from North India, single. I’m fair, well-groomed, like only decent sex with fine women and many of my colleagues say I’m the perfect bachelor out there. For all those wondering what this indian chudai sexy story is about, it’s about how I got a chance to fuck my […]

Mom enjoyed by Dad’s friend

Hi friends I’m Vansh today I am going to present an erotic sex story about an incident that is much more interesting. This is just a sex story but you can relate it with me and my family or even your family. Now with out wasting more time let me switch over to story. My […]