My friend’s hot Mom

I’m Alok a 21 year old male from North India, single. I’m fair, well-groomed, like only decent sex with fine women and many of my colleagues say I’m the perfect bachelor out there. For all those wondering what this indian chudai sexy story is about, it’s about how I got a chance to fuck my friends hot mom!

Now coming to this story which is about one my friend Jignesh’s mom Bharti aged 40. To describe her a bit, she’s nothing short of being angelic. Nobody, not even those who know her can say her age is 40. She never looked more than 30. Nobody would say she’s the mom of a son aged the same as me.

She had maintained her so well even after so many days after marriage and childbirth. It was a view to see her jogging every morning sharp at 6 towards the gym nearby. The boys of our locality would wake up and perch themselves on their terraces. Just to watch her perfect ass jiggle with every step. My friends hot mom has big chuche!

Her deadly waistline behind a short T-shirt ending 2 inches above her navel showing the deep beauty spot and hips. I’m sure she was the shag material for almost all boys there including me. I used to shag at least 3-4 times a week seeing her pictures.

Despite being so sexy and modern, she was a very traditional woman back at home. Whenever I visited her home she would always be in saree draped conservatively around her full body. Rarely though I could see her in a transparent saree or a backless or short blouse. It used to be my shag material for the next many days.

Her husband was a rich businessman. She herself being well educated chose to be a housewife to support her family. Her husband used to stay out of the station most times as usual. Jignesh despite being a rich kid was a nerdy jerk. I doubt if he was atleast potent. He used to talk only about kiddish stuff or studies.

I doubt he even knew the boys ogling at his bombshell mother. I used to go to his house mainly for helping him in the study. Whereas my purpose was to be close with my friends hot mom, Bharti as much as possible. I’d steal glances at whatever was visible of her body.

Her cleavage showed when she bent a little or her curvy waist while working or rarely even her fully exposed navel. She used to be in sarees most of the time I visited. She spoke very nicely and closely like a friend to me. So I too developed that closeness with her.

She used to hate being called ‘Aunty’ which I used to call in beginning. She insisted to call her by name which I soon started and enjoyed calling. This continued until this incident happened. I was having preparatory exams in a few weeks and wanted to borrow some books from Jignesh.

I called him but his phone was off. So I directly went to his house which was two blocks away. It was around 10 am and I was in my t-shirt and pajama and rang the doorbell. It took 10 minutes to answer and I was mesmerized to see my friends hot mom, Bharti at the door. I looked at her from top to bottom.

She was in a white translucent which was the first time I was seeing her in. She probably had got up just now so her eyes were sleepy and hair messed up. My animal instinct was to fuck her there only. But I controlled and asked her where is he?

She told he had gone to one of his relative’s house and would be back only after 3 days. I told I needed some books as it was urgent. She told no problem come in. My devilish mind started making plans. As soon as I went in she told me, “You keep looking beta. Do you mind if I come back after taking a bath?”

I told, “No problem Aunty. Sorry, Bharti.” The thing was her room was deep inside and one had to cross Jignesh’s room to reach her. Both rooms were connected by a small passage like thing and she went to her room. As soon as she rushed to bath my heart was pounding.

I wanted to try my luck to see if the bedroom door is open because I knew she would definitely lock her bathroom door no matter what but exploring her bedroom gave me shivers. I slowly tiptoed and peeped through the keyhole once to confirm my friends hot mom is inside.

I slowly unlocked the door and my luck was only closed not locked. I went inside her bedroom my heart racing like hell. The bedroom smelt of her perfume and also her womanly odor intermixed. I found a few hairs on her pillow and my eyes were searching for something.