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Friends, I am Kunal telling you my story in my own words. This is my first story on nonvegstory.com, I used to study in 12th those days. I used to study in Ballia. My class was very boring anyway. But the studies were very good. Gayatri Mantra was the first thing in the morning, then there was prayer. There used to be very tight studies. All of them were gents teachers. Friends, all the boys and girls used to talk only about studies from morning to evening. In this way we were living a very lonely life. Then after a few days, our computer teacher got a permanent government job somewhere. In her place, a new Hema Miss came to teach computer to the students of class 12th. Guys, what an amazing stuff. Always wore a transparent chiffon or net saree with a sleeveless blouse. Friends, I think I was most attached to my Hema madam. My penis used to stand erect on seeing her. I used to get out of control. Their blouses were deep in the front and back. I used to just feel that if I meet Hema madam alone, then fuck her tightly. Some boys of my 12th class were crazy after him, but probably I was the most crazy. On seeing her for the first time, as soon as I came home, I closed my room door and closed my eyes and while concentrating on madam, I fisted. Friends, this is how I started thinking about Hema madam day and night. I was completely infatuated with him. Every day my attraction for him started increasing. Friends, one day I hid in the girls toilet of my school and started watching every girl peeing. But just luckily one day I got caught. I was presented before the principal. The girl whom I had seen urinating naked made a written complaint to my principal. My mother was called to the school. Sister!! Your boy has fallen into bad company. He secretly watches the girls of the class in the toilet. We’ve got to kill it! Otherwise, our school will get a big bad name because of this! The principal told my mother that my mother started crying. She folded hands and started talking about not taking me out of the school. I was very ashamed of my work. That’s why Hema madam came there and saved me. Sir, children do this when they are teenagers because hormones are formed in their body. Kunal will not do this from now on!! Hema madam told the principal and saved me that day. Now I have become more of his devotee. Now day and night I used to hit the road remembering him. One day my mother spoke to Hema Miss on the phone. He was offered 5 thousand every month and Hema Miss started coming home to give me tuition. Friends, now my five fingers are covered in ghee. The young intoxicated woman whom I used to hit on the road while thinking, today that beautiful woman was teaching sitting just a few inches away from me. For a week, I could not believe whether it was real or a dream. Before Hema madam came, I used to polish my face a lot with soap to make me look handsome. One day my hand touched his hand. It was very hot. Madam!! Do you have fever?? I didn’t ask Kunal! A woman’s body gets so hot!! Madam. She said. Then one day I found her alone and held her hand. Even today Madam was wearing a yellow chiffon saree. Her blouse was very dark from front and back. Her gold mangalsutra was stuck in the middle of her cleavage. The tight and tight cheeks were peeping out from inside the light yellow transparent blouse. Madam’s aanchal used to blow away in between when the fan blows, then her fair smooth waist, her flat thin stomach and her extremely intoxicating navel were visible. Friends, I swear by God that I just wanted to knock him down once and fuck him, even if he goes to jail. Just friends, in this dilemma, I held the hand of madam. What is this Kunal?? Hema madam asked, madam, I like you very much. I want to marry you!! I said the very next moment I got a sharp slap on my cheek. Madam went home without saying anything. That night I knew that Hema madam would never come to teach me again. When she did not come to teach at my house for the next 7 days, my mother called her. Hema Miss said that I should go to her house and study. Being scared, I went to his house the next day at 5 pm. the door was open. I went in. Even today Hema Madam was wearing a cream colored chiffon saree. Friends, she was looking like an angel. Even today it was the same sleeveless blouse and deep neck in front. Understand that the back was completely bare. What a chiseled cut that was peeking out from her blouse. Once again my cock was erect. But I controlled myself. I was scared of madam. After some time madam herself held my hand. I started trembling. Don’t be afraid Kunal!! come come to me!! He hugged me like his child. I was surprised. I wanted to fuck her, then why is she considering me as her child?? I started thinking. Look Kunal!! do not fear! What you wanted to do at your home, you can do here?? Hema madam said. Friends, I could not believe it. Madam herself took my hand and kept it on her chest. It was a very hot chest, friends. Then Hema madam removed his aanchal from his chest. I started seeing triangular milky samosas. With great courage, I turned my face towards Hema madam. She was looking at me with meaningful eyes. With great difficulty, I made eye contact with Hema madam, a woman 10-15 years older than me. She was fucking me in the eyes. So I also started fucking her in the eyes. I don’t remember when I hugged him. We both hugged each other. Perhaps this day was the most beautiful and memorable day of my life. We both wanted to satisfy our physical needs. We had caught each other. Maybe madam would not have been fucked for many days, that’s why she was giving me a chance. Her husband also used to teach B.Tech students in a private university in Patna. He used to come to Ballia every 15 days to fuck madam. Maybe madam would be 25-26 now, she was very strong, she was too young, wanted to get fucked more, that’s why she gave me this golden chance. Friends, this is what I have come to the conclusion. I started kissing madam on the neck, mouth, lips, everywhere quickly. Madam was fully co-operating. My confidence increased. I started kissing madam on her lips. Oh how different was the smell of his breath. settled in my nose. I opened the clip attached to madam. Silky black hair disheveled. I became thirsty for his youth. Unprecedented beauty!! Bop Ray!! Such beauty, such intoxication, smelling slim body, no fat at all, I hugged Hema madam. He looked at his lips and hit his lips with hers 1 2 3 times, then began to drink his lips. Madam must also be thinking that she has got a cool bumblebee who is drinking every drop of her dew with full enthusiasm. Dude, I will never forget this scene in my life. I started drinking his lips with my mouth full. We both got hot. Madam! Not having fun like this!! Take out the saree!! I said, Madam removed her saree in front of me. My college itself was ruined. A new young beauty was feeding me the juice of her youth. When madam came near, I shivered. He went running and closed the door outside. The room we were in was also properly locked. I didn’t want anyone to even get wind of it. I again got very excited and started kissing and licking them. We both came on the sofa. Madam sat on the sofa and lay down leaning back. I started kissing and licking them everywhere. My hands started going over their chiseled beaks. Bop Ray!! Lest I die from his youth. I thought. I unbuttoned madam’s blouse. fired him. Was in white bra. Now I made her lie on the sofa because it was impossible to drink her milk while sitting. Hema madam was lying on the sofa, I lifted her white bra slightly from the front and milky triangular samosas emerged. Without any delay, I stuffed the samosa in my mouth and started drinking. Ufff!! It tasted so sweet. Fresh tender beef, soft creamy pieces of meat like chicken tikka or malai tikka. I wanted to bite it off with my teeth and separate it. Then Hema madam’s second maternal uncle also drank. Till then Madam herself untied the bra hook by putting her hand in her slim smooth back. I started drinking her breasts comfortably. If he drinks with one hand, then with the other hand he presses and caresses her breasts. During this, both of us became very cuddly. I opened the slogan of madam’s petticoat and removed it. Even though she was 32-34, but even today she did not look less than a chhamiya. Young girls from my school also failed in front of him. I kept looking at the very smooth marble feet of Madam. Bop Ray!! Absolutely white like milk. I took off the petticoat. Removed the panties too. When I put my hand on madam’s pussy, the hair of the jhantons started forming. In fact, they had made the jhante a few days back, that’s why the light pegged jhante came out. I started moving my hands on her pussy again and again and started enjoying by caressing the pegged jhants. Then I started drinking their booze. Bur was torn. Maybe her husband must have fucked her. I started drinking their bad with tension and true passion. Hema started drinking madam’s pussy by moving his tongue round and round. Then she became completely hot. I took off the clothes and slid the cock in his burrow. Lund easily entered their burrow. I started fucking my madam. I had wooed many girls before this. Now there is a different pleasure in fucking a woman older than myself. You get the feeling that you are able to take even older women very well, you can handle them too. The pleasure of getting my Hema madam naked and fucking her on the sofa in her own house was unprecedented. The vault of his form was open in front of me. I was robbing them of all the treasure of beauty, all the gold. It was a memorable day in my life. My penis was very thick 7 8 inches. I was going to see the madam. Madam did not meet my eyes. Eyes were closed. Maybe she was shy. You are reading this story on nonvegstory.com, then the moment came when I fell in her vagina. As soon as I removed the cock, some material went inside, some immediately came out. Madam cleaned her ass with her panty. Ufff!! What a creamy burr she had. Madam now sat up on the sofa and started sucking my cock. I also sucked a lot. After some time I got up again. I made madam lie on the sofa on her stomach. 2 4 soft pillows were stuffed under his waist. Hema madam’s backyard emerged in front of me. At first I played a lot with both of their soft rubber balls. I licked her ass too. Then I pushed the cocks into their holes again. Hema madam’s bust was looking more beautiful in the middle of her round full buttocks from behind. Friends, there is more tension in taking from behind like this. I started fucking her while caressing her smooth back. It was a great experience. Then slowly my cock caught the speed. I caught both the bangle filled hands of madam and started driving the horse. Many bangles of her hand, her wedding dress were broken. Ufff!! I got a lot of tightness in fucking my madam from behind. Felt like I was fucking a new maid. After half an hour’s hard work, I left the goods in their burrow. Being a teacher older than me, I respected her. His ass was not killed. After a few days she told me that she is going to be the mother of my child. She didn’t tell anything about me to her husband. Told him that this child is his only. Teacher Sex, Teacher Ki Chudai, Sex with Madam, Madam Sex, School Sex Story

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