The birthday party dance again created the mood and the brother kept the sister for the whole night

My real brother had sex with me on my eighteenth birthday I am sharing my full story with you, how it happened and what happened that we both crossed that Lakshman Rekha which a sister brother does not. I will tell you the full story on nonveg, what happened and how it all happened and I fell in love with my own sage bhaiya and he also fucked me fiercely. My name is Sakhi and my brother’s name is Kunal. We are both very open minded. We both stay cool. Live in Delhi are residents of Lucknow. Both my mother and father are doctors, so nowadays due to corona, duty is done day and night, no less time is available. So this task became even easier. How all this was possible, now she is telling. It is a Saturday, that day was my birthday. I had turned eighteen. My tits and pussy were on the boom of youth. My round chubby ass can fascinate anyone. My fans are from a young age to old age, who keep staring at me, so I am the queen of the neighborhood, whenever I go out in the evening, everyone definitely stares at me. So I am hot and sexy to look at, then you also know that sex has no boundaries, so anyone can see and bake their eyes, the same thing happened. Brother’s eyes were on me. So I was staring at me for a long time, probably waiting for me to turn eighteen. On the day of my birthday, I called my friend. Had a lot of party, danced and ate food. Mom and dad had gone to their hospital only at four o’clock in the evening. So at home I was the only brother and sister. The friend came after cutting the cake and then ate the food and they all left, it was about twelve o’clock in the night. Then my brother said friend, you did not dance well with me. So I said that I will dance with you. So he said not that sexy dance. So I said what is sexy dance, then she said in small clothes and like Africans do, shaking the body from the bottom up. So I understood what he wants and what kind of dance he wants. I said no problem, I immediately put on an English song and I opened the top of the top and wore an inside vest which was a lanyard over the shoulder, so my nipples were big and half coming out of it. . As soon as I took off the top, he said, this is the way I want to dance and I went to another room and wore it. Now my round round ass and thick thighs were visible from above, round round big nipples coming outwards and sexy waist would make anyone crazy. It seemed that saliva was dripping from my brother’s mouth, looking at my body. The dance started. I started dancing in a sexy way, sometimes I would shake the nipples, sometimes the ass would sometimes move the ass round and then bow down and shake the nipples. After that my brother went mad seeing my youth. He stood up silently and his breathing began to accelerate. I stopped and did not understand what happened to him. I asked what happened? He didn’t say anything again. Tell me what’s right? He grabbed my hair and placed his lips on my lips. Started kissing His grip was tight, I started trying to get rid of it but could not get rid of it, he started sucking my lip and one of his hands came on my boob and started rubbing. I was unable to do anything. I got sweaty. His cock was sticking in my thigh. It was thick and tight. Then something started happening inside me too. And I became loose and his grip also became loose. Now I myself grabbed his hair and started kissing him. He was pressing my boob and I was caressing his cock. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyaaaaaa is immediately, my lips were immediately wet and my lips started drying up. I had come all the way towards him now. I was now in his clutches even though I didn’t want to, now I myself started supporting my brother. After that he took off all my clothes. He himself got naked. Seeing my big white nipples, he went crazy and I was so attracted towards him and forgot all the relationships and got lost in him. He told me to lie down on the bed, I lay down, he sat in the middle of my legs and started licking my pussy with his tongue and started fingering. I started going crazy, now I spread my legs and the nipples started to box themselves. After that I was on seventh heaven. I was ready to kiss the gesture, now fuck me and did the same, he set his cock on my pussy and gave it hard, the whole cock got absorbed in my pussy and also from here the real game of sex started. He was drinking my eighteenth youth. I was having fun, he would push, my nipples would move and his cock would go deep inside my pussy. I was ah ah ah and he was banging loudly. was kissing me. We both had sex and were loudly helping each other in sex. For two hours, for the first time in different ways, then in every two hour gap, the whole night kept on being fucked. and slept in his arms. It was fun Now I am going to tell you another story soon on nonveg

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