The brother who was thirsty for a long time gave the gift of Bhaiya Dooj

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Tell yourself how do you extinguish the fire of your lust? In earlier times, marriage used to happen early. The girls’ nipples started showing that they got married. But now you know. Tits are smaller and bigger and bigger, the ass thinner then thick and then thicker. You yourself think that his body has become fit to kiss and he is not getting the cock, how will he feel? My name is Rekha I am 18 years old. I love reading stories on nonveg and love watching sexy movies, erotic serials. I also like to press my nipples by myself and I like to take water out of the pussy by caressing the pussy and then lick that water with my finger. It is very nice to stare at the boys and then caress the pussy in their memory. But to end the hunger of the body, I wanted a cock, but today my dream has come true. I got a cock, my pussy was seen for the first time and I made my cousin’s cock a lot of dip in my pussy. Now let me tell you in detail how it happened. I live in Delhi. And I belong from the village but I cannot write the name of my village here. I study in a college and live alone with my room. My brother came to me this morning to get Bhai Dooj tika. I had kept coconut balls, sweet kumkum thread and rice in the plate for my brother. It was ready in the morning because he lives in Gurgaon, he is doing engineering. So he came around eight in the morning. I got ready after taking a bath. And then tied the thread with tilak and fed sweets by giving coconut balls. And then he hugged me. My heart fluttered as soon as he hugged her. I couldn’t control myself and kept on clinging. The matter had come to the lips, had closed her eyes and had completely surrendered herself. But he was a little nervous because after all the relationship was over. But how long can wax last in front of fire? It started melting, and I started melting it. And it completely melted and then what was it, he placed his lips on my lips, both of them were breathing hot. She was taking long, long breaths again and again. He began to caress my ass while caressing my back, my ass is full and has emerged, so he was enjoying a lot in catching. Now he was putting his tongue in my mouth and I also started sucking his tongue, then I was putting my tongue in his mouth and then he sucks on my tongue, in such a situation both of us became even more sensual. He grabbed my boobs and started mashing. My hair follicles had blossomed, the pussy was itching, it seemed that now he licks my pussy? But he was only engaged in sucking my lips and pressing the nipples and caressing the ass, if I wanted to lick my pussy, then I told him to walk on the bed. He has come. I sat on the bed and took off my jeans and top, I was in a pink color stylist bra and panty, yesterday I had taken sexy bra and panty from the market. He was stunned to see my body and teared his mouth and said, I did not know that you are so sexy and solid. Your body is amazing, I want to put you in sugar syrup and lick your whole body. So I said if I want to lick my pussy, there will be no need for sugar syrup, because sugar syrup has come in my pussy, it is not sweet, it is salty. And lay down. He took off my panty and sat between my two legs and lifting my legs started licking my pussy. He started talking, it feels amazing, this salty sugar syrup and he would lick the water of my pussy with his tongue, only then I would leave more water in my pussy as I would take the finger, my pussy would get wet and as soon as he felt the tongue on my pussy, then only I Took a dress. Friends, both of us were very hot. Now I wanted a lauda, ​​so I said that you have been licking for ten minutes and you are burning the flame of my body, give me my cock I am thirsty for a long time. I don’t need the gift of Bhai Dooj, please make me happy today, this is my gift by making me happy. And she took out her cock, friends, what should I tell, she was happy to see the fat long cock and also started feeling a little scared, it seemed that my pussy should not be torn by such a thick cock. Friends, talking to him, he slowly entered my pussy. It was hurting too but I was enjoying it a lot. Then he started kissing me. He put both my feet on his shoulder and started pushing hard in my pussy. The more I pushed my nipples, the more shaking. I had opened my bra by myself so that he did not have any problem, he was also rubbing, drinking, pressing the nipple with his teeth. He started choking loudly, now I opened my mouth and started breathing and started making the sound of ah ah, my lips were getting dry, so I would lick it again and again with my tongue and then lift my ass and help him. Then she came down and climbed up. Left like this for about 10 minutes, again making me a bitch and started licking my pussy from behind. Friends, it was fun that he was holding my hair and was inserting a lauda in my pussy. I was tired because I had fallen three times but he was going to fuck me. Friends are reading your story on non-veg Friends, after about 1 hour of sex, both of us fell asleep and both of them slept holding each other. Then after about two hours got up and started kissing again. Today I have kissed 3 times, he will stay with me tonight and will go in the morning. I told him today you have given me the best gift of Bhai Dooj, today you have quenched my thirst which I had for many years. I hope you like this story of mine. Soon I will present the second story in front of you through non-veg

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