The father-in-law and the husband together made the bad conduct of the daughter-in-law overnight.

I am narrating the story myself, I am telling my own bad conduct. It is for you to decide whether I am bad or right. If I am caught having sex with the neighborhood boy at night, then whose fault is it? Is it my fault or that of the hapless husband or that of the mischievous father-in-law. You decide yourself. I will tell you one thing here, what happened that night. How did I call that boy to fuck and then I was caught, then why did my father and son together fuck me overnight and what happened. I will tell you all on non veg It is a matter of 1 day that both my husband and my father-in-law had gone to Bathinda, I live in Delhi, because they had some land and property work, then it became necessary to go. There is no one else in my house except me because my husband is the only child and there is no mother-in-law. You are the only woman in the house who takes care of the house. But what should I tell friends, whom should I tell in my agony, my husband is unable to do anything to me since I got married, my husband is unable to fuck me, he cannot do anything to me. You tell yourself that there is a hunger for sex and if the hunger will not be satisfied, then what will that person do if he is killed here and there, whether a man or a woman, sex is needed in life, but it is such a thing that people tell anyone not can. That’s why my mind started wandering here and there, I started looking for someone who can make me happy, who can fuck me. A boy lives in my neighborhood, he is quite handsome, goes to the gym, hits style and happy good, so I started getting attracted towards him and took him into possession. The sex relation with him was made twice before that but yes every day I used to do it if I wanted to, on WhatsApp, a lot of things had opened between both of us, we had also shared our pictures to each other, I told them many many things. Naked pictures were sent. When I used to go to bath then he also used to take bath and only then I used to video call you he could see my whole body I could see his whole body his cock used to stand then i like it very much and my nipples are big When he saw the elder, he used to sigh. It all seemed very good, all this process was going on, but friends, one day I wanted to get her fucked openly and not out of fear. The plan was made that I already knew that both my husband and father-in-law were going to leave, so I told you in advance. But he had gone out for some work, so the matter did not work out. In the evening, on the second third day, I got a call from that boy, today I am free, your father-in-law and husband are at home, can you tell, those people are coming by bus, they will reach by morning because they have left from there. So let me give him time that it is okay that you come at 9:00 in the night. Because I knew that both my father-in-law and my husband would reach Delhi by morning, I was not afraid, so I gave you the time of 9:00 and he also came at 9:00. When I came in, I closed the door and we both started kissing around each other’s neck, he would press my nipples, I kept on holding his cock. I didn’t want to be in haste because there was time, so I thought that first I should get my body sprayed enough so that. Get hot after that I can have sex comfortably so that I can also be happy knowing that I too can be satisfied and also get satisfaction, because of this both of us were dancing naked to each other. Slowly both of us woke up and we both started licking each other’s lips touching each other. I had become hot, that too had become very hot, his cock had become thick, had become very wet on my pussy, now it was out of tolerance. He told me to take it now or else I will leave. Because I was sucking his cock for half an hour, he was pressing friends, he was fingering my ass, was fingering my pussy, so friends, you yourself think which such man will suffer so much. Now I also wanted a cock in my pussy, so I gave him in the bedroom, he lay down, first he again took the pussy uncle and then took out his and set it on my pussy and then gave it loudly. There was no place for my happiness because I was getting a fat cock, I was very relieved, it seemed that I am in heaven, I used to think that you used to run into electricity in my body. I was too much work was lifting the ass. The ass was lifted and it was around 10:30 in the night. Then the bell of my house rang, I wondered who would come this night, I knew that my husband and father-in-law were going to come because they were coming by bus. I thought if someone would go from outside the gate, then I just put the nightie on top, did not wear anything inside and then went to the door as the door opened, I was stunned both of them were standing outside. I said you guys and at this time it was right outside saying yes yes the open door came quickly and did not come by bus. Because the people of Yamuna market were coming by their car, they were alone, so we both came along with them, so we reached early. And had left from there also 2 hours ago. The ground had slipped under my feet, when that boy also got up from the room and came near the gate. The door opened where I am, that boy immediately came out and left. My father-in-law and my husband understood the whole matter because my bra and panties were there, they fell on the floor. And the condom packet was lying on the table, I am your friend, on Wednesday, first I saw my bra and panty and then showed the condom packet. Then what was it, both of them started abusing me and started speaking inappropriately. Were about to kill, by the way, tell me why are you doing all this because you can’t fuck me, you can’t make me happy. Had to do this when I am hungry for sex and you are not fulfilling me what will I do. On hearing this, both of them became even more enraged and closed the song and together they brought me to the bedroom and both of them opened their clothes and said today we end the heat of this sister-in-law. It needs a cock, it needs a fat cock. He is hungry for pussy, today I tear his ass, today I tear his pussy and both together start fucking me. If you were like friends, they were not fucking, I wanted to fuck like this. I was happy, I was not angry, but now you were angry, I had a lot of fun with them, you were fucking me in reverse and I was enjoying it. Relationships go to hell, relationships go to hell. Whether father-in-law or someone else had to kiss me today, I had to kiss. To be honest, like those people were saying that today I end the heat of your pussy. And if I kill your pussy, I kill your ass, then it was really my dream that someone should do the same thing, tore my pussy tore my ass but make me happy. The whole night both could not fuck but together we both made me happy sometimes. For the first time in life, I was satisfied because my husband was also challenged with manhood, so he was going to his cock first, in my pussy and father-in-law had not got a pussy for a long time, so his wish also got fulfilled and To be honest, the wish of all three of us has been fulfilled, all three of us also wanted the same. My husband wanted me to be able to satisfy him, my father-in-law had not got exemption for a long time and I had never got such a land and no such person had satisfied me, so today that too is complete, friends. Enjoy a lot, now I kiss every day whether it is husband or father-in-law. Sometimes the wrong thing turns out to be right as it happened to me. Now I am satisfied. I’m enjoying the fuck. Both of them are also happy, both of them do not have any wet complaint from me. All three are living happily. Yeh Meri Kahani Kahani Hai on Will post another story soon.

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