The milkman choked my milk in his stable

Desi Kahani : Hi friends, you are welcome to non-veg story dot com. I read its sexy stories everyday and enjoy it. I will also tell you people to read the sexy and juicy stories here. Today for the first time I am telling you my erotic story. For many days I was thinking of writing. Please forgive me if there is any mistake on my part. My name is Pallavi Singh. I am a resident of Chandigarh. I am a married woman and very beautiful. I have a girl named Sanjana. My husband is very colorful and happy person and keeps me happy in every way. At night he fucks me in new poses and his cock is also 11″. My husband has a very big cock. Despite this, if I get a chance to fuck with a new cock, I do. Friends, my youth is such that what should I do. The more I have sex, the more I fuck, the more my sex drive increases. Just a few days ago, I got kissed by the milkman. I am telling you the whole story. Hearing my story, all the boys’ cocks will stand erect and all the chutwalis’ pussies will get wet, I am sure. My milkman Chhotu was delivering milk to my house for the last 4 years. Now I had become well acquainted with him. By the way, Chhotu used to come to my house every day at 8 in the morning with a box of milk to give milk. But he did not come that day. Milk ran out in my kitchen and it was necessary to make tea for my husband. That’s why I went to his stable and also took the milk box. I was stunned by what I saw that day. There were many cows and buffaloes in his stable, but a lot of grass was lying inside. Chhotu was just a boy and he was fucking a neighbor’s woman in a huff. That day I saw a 26 year old boy Chhotu’s fat bull cock. What a thick and long cock he had. Totally pink. I hid behind the wall and was watching the dhaka pele chudai of that woman. Chhotu also licked her pussy for some time. Then kicked her ass. That woman was a woman from a respectable family in the neighborhood and here in the stable she was having fun with Chhotu. After that she quickly put on her saree and straightened her clothes. After that she went away with milk. Then my milk boy Chhotu also put on his clothes. ′′ Why son!!! Here in the stable he is doing Rasleela!! That’s why didn’t you bring milk today?? I bent my waist and grabbed my braid and shook it round and round and said, Chhotu got upset after listening to me because no one used to go to his stable. Then he started making fun of it. ′′ Hey wife!! You guys are married. I am a bachelor. After all, I also feel like having sex. So sometimes I entertain!! Chotu started speaking only after doing it. “Son!! If I talk about that woman’s sex with her husband, he will beat you up and make you a fool.” I said, Chhotu started laughing again. Then he started measuring milk in my box with a liter. ′′ Bibi ji!! Why would you say such a thing to anyone? If you ask, I will serve you as well. Chotu said “yes yes of course. I want your service” I said, after that she went home with milk. After a few days my husband went to Chennai for his office work. Now there was no one at home. It was the right time to fuck my milkman. I thought that if I invite Chhotu to the house, then the neighbors will see. It would be best to go to his stable with a box of milk. I took 2 condoms from my husband’s dressing table and dressed nicely in a saree blouse and went to Chhotu’s stable. Seeing me, he started smiling. There were 10-20 buffaloes on his stable. There was cow dung everywhere and it was very dirty too, but today I had to fuck him. “small !! Here I come!! Now tell me where will you lie down and fuck me?? “Over there on the grass!” I said. Chhotu said that the grass in the stable was used to feed the buffaloes. I went and sat on it and Chhotu also came. He came and sat near me. I started touching his paint. Then her dick started caressing. Chhotu lay down on the grass with his paint open. Then I removed his underwear, then his cock started fluttering like a crop. I caught Chotu’s cock and started shaking it. Friends, what a wonderful return he had. No answer. Was 2 inches taller than my husband and a full 12″. I started shaking and bursting. Then she started licking with her tongue. “” I am, I amo, I am…. Fat and fat it… ha ha ha.. oh ho ho….” Chotu started saying. I was already very choosy. Getting fucked by other men was not a big deal for me. That’s why I started enjoying freely. Beating the fat with her sexy hands made the milkman’s cock erect. And now he was looking like a red lollipop. How big, how sexy and how fabulous. The top of Chhotu’s cock was so colorful and pink. I started kissing her. Then took it in her mouth and started sucking it. He started crying. Once I got into color, I didn’t stop. Quickly started sucking up to the throat. Chotu kept enjoying. I also gave him a lot of fun by giving hand to fist and made him happy. At the same time he opened my blouse while sitting and also took off the bra. Now my cock started rubbing and rubbing in my cool nipple. Me “……mummy…mummy…..c c c c.. ha ha ha …..ooooo ….oo. .Uh…Uh…Uhuuuuuuuuuh…. My breasts were 36″ big, juicy and drenched with the nectar of youth. My figure was 36, 30, 38. That’s why I was a very sexy woman. My white milk was like marble and was very hard and pleasure. ′′ Bibi ji!! Brother, don’t you take???” Chotu said, “Let’s take it!! But I often get fucked by new cocks. You won’t be able to understand the pleasure of eating new cocks” I said, then I took off my blouse and lay down on the green grass. Come on Chotu!! You sell milk everyday. Come suck my milk today!!” I said Chhotu Chodu and quickly took off my shirt. Then lay on the grass on top of me and today started sucking my milk. My cool oranges were being pressed with my hand and “It’s cool!! Mast hai” was speaking. I can’t tell how much fun I got when he started sucking my juicy boobs in his mouth. The milkman started sucking my milk. Everyday he used to extract milk from a four-legged buffalo, today he was extracting milk from a two-legged buffalo. He kept playing for a long time and made both the oranges soft by pressing them with his hands. ′′ Bibi ji!! you are cool!! Your youth remains even after having children!! The milkman Chhotu said, “I only drink your milk!” I said after that he whipped his cock with his hand and made it hard. He put his 11” dick in the middle of my 36” big soft milk and held both my boobs and pressed them towards the cock. After that sitting on my waist started fucking my sexy boobs. “Hoooooo hoooooo hoooooo ….oo-oo…oo c-c-c-c… ha ha ha.. oh ho ho….” Started shouting. Chotu was fucking my soft soft milky pigeon with his dangerous cock. My condition had become exactly like that of Sunny Leone. Was enjoying muscling my sexy boobs. I was also getting a lot of happiness. My husband had never done this to me. Chhotu got very sexy boy. Shaking his hips, he kept on rubbing my rubber like teats, then he also threw away the goods. My oranges were bathed in its white water. ′′ Come on Bibi! Suck it!!” Milkman Chhotu said, now as soon as I opened my mouth, he inserted his cock in my mouth. I started sucking and holding and fisting. His cock was very cool. Quite fat and fit. I was masturbating and sucking with pleasure, she took off my saree along with the petticoat. I got naked Then Chotu lay down on the grass next to me. Both of us came in the pose of 69. Chotu started checking my pussy. Then started licking with his tongue. I said “U U U U U…… Aaaa Aaaaa… C C C C….. Ooh…Ooh…Ooh….” Started doing I also caught hold of his cock and started masturbating. Today both of us came in the pose of 69 and started enjoying youth to the fullest. I was enjoying a lot. Friends, my husband had completely forgotten to make new poses. They used to fuck in the traditional way by lying down. That’s why today she was plucking flowers with her milkman. My husband had torn my pussy by fucking it. Now Chhotu inserted his four fingers in my bosom. My life has dried up. Chhotu repeatedly put his hand inside and took it out. ““….um um um um…um… what is Chotu doing!! Will it take life?? I said in pain “Nothing will happen BBG!! Your bosom is so torn that even a truck can go inside” he said and then used to insert 4 fingers together. We both lay on the grass in 69 and had fun. Chhotu put his hand in my bosom so many times and took it out that I fell down and showered my goods on his face. Chhotu’s mouth got wet with my juice. After that we both separated and he made me lie flat on the grass. Opened my legs and inserted into sucking cock. Now Chhotu started licking me. Heat started rising in my body and it was a very sweet feeling. He started banging me with his 11” dick. Started fucking me by pressing. ““Come….Come….hmmmmm ahhhhhh…cc c c c..ha ha ha-fuck son!! And fuck me!!” I started saying Chhotu also got into fun and he started beating me, what should I tell you. He started fucking me like a drunk man. He was rubbing his finger on the grain of my pussy. I was in agony saying ai ai. Chhotu’s dick was running at the speed of 100 in the juicy tunnel of my pussy. I was enjoying youth and sex to the fullest. Chotu’s balls were now very hard and looked like laddoos, which were hitting my ass hole quickly. Now the pussy was again starting to release its juices. Chhotu was engaged in sexual intercourse by opening his mouth strangely. He played my pussy very well. Had made a mattress by digging my pussy with his 11” dick. “Ohh ahh…si si… keep doing it son!! Don’t stop! And chod chotu. Fuck like this son!!” I kept saying that the milkman Chhotu Josh kept on doing bad things by giving me strong jerks. When I looked down, he had torn my pussy even more. My pussy was now visible in the same way as the pussy of prostitutes. There was a big hole in my stomach. Then Chhotu took out the cock after some time. Due to the heat of the fuck, my pink colored pussy began to flutter, “Saali teri chut toh mast hai kutti kamini!!” He said and then started licking the juice by touching his mouth, I also got excited. Chhotu was looking like a cuddly dog. In the same way, by moving the tongue, he was extracting the sauce from the pussy. After few minutes again he inserted his 11” tool in my hole and this time put both my sexy white and smooth legs on his shoulders. Again started destroying me with strong blows. “Ai…..Ai….Ai… ahhhhhhh… c c….ha ha ha…” He fell down while speaking. Friends, this is how I had my first sex with my milkman. My husband had not yet returned from Chennai and was still with me for 2 days. Now I was in the mood to get my ass fucked. So I called him the next day at night. I fed my daughter and put her to sleep in another room and Chhotu was again present in my service today. ′′ Why wife!! Now today you will not tell my words to anyone in the colony?? He started asking “Son!! You didn’t even put your cock in my ass. First serve me well and then I will not talk to anyone about you” I winked at him and said that day I did special make-up only and only for Chhotu. Applied kajal on the eyes and set the eye brows. I applied nail polish on my hand which was of cherry red colour. Then applied dark lipstick of the same color on the lips, then decorated it with lip liner. I cleaned my pussy well by applying cream and I waxed the hair of both hands and feet. After that, when she came in front of her milkman in a black nightie like a heroine, she was shocked. ′′ Bibi ji!! You are seeing Miss Word today!!” Chotu said with tears in his eyes, “Today this missword is just your love!!” I said after that I took Chhotu to my bedroom. I switched off all the lights and lit scented candles all around which made the evening very romantic. Come on son!! Fuck my ass today!” I winked at him again like a stray, slowly Chhotu took off my black nightie and made me naked. Then inserted his 11” cock in the tight ass hole and hit my ass. He enjoyed a lot. How did you like the story, do tell me and all friends keep reading non-veg story dot com for new stories. You also share the story.

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