The wife’s weird sex fantasy

 This hot sex story is about my weird sex fantasy. Hope you all will enjoy it. One night, in the midst of our love-making, Sanjay asked me, ‘Baby, tell me a fantasy that you love the most.’ At that time, we were experimenting a new position, I was riding him like a cow girl, I was on top of him, and bouncing on his hard cock, while my clit was rubbing across his pubic hair each time my ass landed on his balls. I told him, ‘Honey, I have described it to so many times.’ From down below, while holding my heavy breasts in his hands, he innocently asked, ‘Which one is it?’I shouldn’t blame him. In the last few weeks we had shared so many fantasies, he wouldn’t know which one I was referring to. I had to help him, ‘You know what I want. I like the sandwich…’Now he was tweaking my hardened nipples – he knows that it really excites me. What a nice husband he is, ‘Oh, yes. I forgot that one. You want to be fucked by two men at the same time, right?’When he said that, sheer lust subsumed my entire body and I started to fuck him vigorously pounding on his chest with my hands. Sanjay pushed me further, ‘O Baby. I would love to see you fucked by two men at the same time. Hmm… One in your pussy, and one in your asshole. Right?’This talk about getting fucked by other men was a fantasy that even my husband enjoyed. He loved to hear it from his beautiful wife’s innocent lips. When I talked explicitly, he became really hard. He immediately pushed me off of him and held me in doggie position and started to fuck furiously and aggressively. All these days, this fantasy talk was confined to the bedroom only, and that too only while we were seriously fucking. It was always a fantasy but nothing more. But this time around, I said, ‘You only say that because you want to get hard, but you don’t mean any of it.’Sanjay was pounding me harder than ever before. I was wailing in pain, no, in pleasure. Between his grunts and thrusts, he said, ‘No, baby. UNHHH… I really mean it. I would love to UNHHH… see you get fucked UNHHH… by two men at the same time….’I wanted to explore further to know if we could translate this fantasy into a reality. I turned around and asked him to fuck me in the missionary position – this way I can see him in the eye and make sure he could keep his promise. Men promise many things in the heat of the moment, but cannot be relied upon once they climax, ‘So, are you saying AAAHH… you would actually allow me HUH… to fuck two strange men?’With the way my dear hubby was fucking, I thought he would explode inside me any moment, ‘Yes, baby, UGGHH… UGHHH… HMMPH… YESS! YESS! I want you to get fucked by two strange men… YESS!’He was fucking me like a maniac. I reach for his face and held him, and gave him a deep, long, tongue-dueling kiss, and looking straight into his eyes, said, ‘Honey… then make it real for me. Make this fantasy real for me. AAAHHH… Make me fuck two men at the same time. I really want you to do it.’This excited Sanjay even more. All these days, the fantasy talks were limited to our lovemaking sessions. We talked about me fucking other men during sex, but the minute we stopped having sex, we never referred to the talk. Implicit was the agreement that it was just a fantasy, just to spice up our sex life, but not to be taken seriously in real life. However, we were now ominously close to make it real. To my delightful surprise, he said, ‘Yes, baby, even I want to see you do it.’I wanted to make sure, I asked him, ‘Honey, are you sure?’ While Sanjay continued to fuck me, he looked deep into my lust-filled eyes and asked me, ‘Baby, tell me. Do you really want to fuck two men at the same time, that too two strange men?’I knew it, it’s now or never. If I have to seize the opportunity to really live my fantasy, this is it. ‘Yes. I want to fuck two men at the same time before I die. I want to experience that feeling. Please make it happen for me,’ I pleaded with my husband.Sanjay stopped fucking me, and asked, ‘OK. Let me ask you this. You are not asking this in the heat of the moment, right? I mean once we are done with sex you are not going to change your mind?’‘No, stupid. That’s what I have been trying to tell you. That I want you to make this fantasy of mine real for me,’ I confessed to him. He slowly resumed his fucking, it was more passionate now – we were kissing each other.‘OK, then, it’s done. Before you die, I will make it happen for you. You will fuck two men at the same time, one in the pussy, one in your little asshole,’ he promised me.I am not going to get my fantasy experience when I am in 60s. I want it now, when I am in my prime age.I immediately asked him, ‘But when? I don’t want this when I am old. I want it now when I am young and active. I want the men to like me. I want to enjoy it while I am still sexy.’I could clearly see that Sanjay was in a dilemma now. He may have always fantasized his wife getting fucked by other men, but it always remained a fantasy. Now I want him to make it happen, and that too right away.Sanjay slowed down his fucking, ‘OK baby. I will work on it.’I insisted, because I didn’t want to lose this opportunity, ‘No. You promise me that you will do it,’ I squeezed his ass. He had no choice but say, ‘Yes, I promise.’Sanjay once again resumed his vigorous fucking. He closed his eyes now. He may be imagining me sandwiched between two strange me. I asked him, ‘Say that you promise. Say it.’‘I promise that I will let you enjoy the experience of fucking two men at the same. OK?’ he was now looking into my eyes while he was fucking me. His one hand was on my breast, he was mauling it.‘When?’ I asked.Sanjay: Within a year.Priyanka: Hmm… I love you so much.Sanjay: But then you have to do few things I say, and you cannot say NO. If you say NO the deal is off.Priyanka: What kind of things?Sanjay: I will ask you to wear certain dresses, hot ones. You should do it. You cannot ask any questions. I may ask you to use some sex toys. You should not complain, or hesitate. If you do all these things I ask, then I will personally arrange for you to fuck two men at the same time.Priyanka: Wow. This sounds good. I love it. I will do anything you ask.Sanjay: It also includes that you get ready to take cock in the ass.Priyanka: Of course, how else would I take two cocks at the same time, Pagla?That night we had a torrid fuck session, both of us imagining what the future holds for us in our sex lives. Just imagining the fantasy itself made me extremely horny. Sanjay fucked me hard and fast for nearly five minutes before releasing his sperm onto my belly and my breasts, after which we both hugged and slept. Our bodies slimy and sticky, with sweat, pussy juices and sperm.Thank you all very much for reading my story. 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